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Dren from 'Splice'
Produced by Sideshow Collectibles

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Item Description:
Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present Dren, the eerie part human hybrid introduced in the sci-fi thriller, Splice. Sideshow's portrayal captures Dren as a newborn; crafted in 1:1 scale, she stands approximately 11 inches tall, and measures 10 inches from head to tail. Depicting the unsettling result of a controversial genetic experiment, the Dren statue makes a singularly unique addition to any collection.
Conceived in the minds of boundary-pushing, genetic engineers, Dren is first born in a laboratory, meant to be nothing more than an experimental specimen. With her creators working outside of their employers knowledge and human ethical limits, Dren is a secret they cant afford to let out.

But, the hybrid formed from the combination of human and other animals DNA turns out to be so much more than scientists Clive Nicoli and Elsa Kast ever could have fathomed. Appearing aggressive and deformed in her early developmental stage, Dren not only survives, but emerges from the shell of her own seemingly-dead carcass as the true hybrid.

Displaying growth and learning rates inconceivable for humans, Dren establishes a bond with her adoptive mother and also soon realizes her own status as an outsider. Learning to communicate, she proves to be cunning and even deadly with a lethal combination of genetic-code mash-ups and growing frustration at being confined to a secret life.

Eventually Dren exhibits dissatisfaction towards her surrogate parents, who she perceives as both caregivers and captors, all the while learning carnivorous traits along with other pleasures of the flesh. She also continues to evolve, changing her body and behavior rapidly in shocking and disturbing ways. Finally, it is clear that human-like Dren is monstrous and must be killed, but with a will of her own, the creature has become a fatal opponent.

Added on: 04-22-2012

Height: 11" High
Width: 13" W x 10" L
Weight: 8 lbs
Company: Sideshow Collectibles
Sculptor: Nathan Mansfield

Availability: Pre-Order
Lead Time: October, 2012

Price: $199.99 USD

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