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Predator Costume Sales

May 25th, 2013

Hi Everyone!  Over the last 8 months, I have received 423 emails asking how a person could go about getting a Predator suit.  And, 423 times, I’ve had to tell folks, sorry but I can’t find a reputable producer.  Virtually everyone that I have come across, heard about or been told about tended to be a little…let’s see, how do I say this,  bit of a crook.  I have heard horror story after horror story about people who have sent off thousands of dollars and never gotten anything in return.   Emails and calls that were never returned.  Well, I may be a bit old-fashioned (well the old part is true) but I believe that people need to stand by their word and their product.

So, I set off in search of an artist who has the skills to craft a realistic suit (and btw, they are suits, not costumes!) paint the suit and deliver it in a timely fashion for a fair price.  I almost gave up.  I would hear about someone, get all charged up about their abilities and then find out that they had a ‘delivery problem’.  Well, good news folks, we finally found one:

and check out this P1 suit:


Not only do they offer the P1, they are also making the P2:


and the Wolf:

with more to come.  As I’m sure you know, these suits are custom made to order. In other words we do not have a bunch of them sitting around waiting to be bought.  Please be aware of the following:  They take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to build and paint.  They are not cheap, they run anywhere from $3500-4000+ depending on what you want (cannons, wrist computer with lights etc. are options). and you will want to pick out the perfect Bio-Helmet from our big selection.  Because of their size, shipping is higher than usual and international shipping (outside the USA) will run several hundred dollars.  Now that the bad news is out of the way, these suits are beautiful! They are made by a very talented artist group here in the US who will actually deliver your suit not just take your money and run.  If you are interested in pursuing this or for more details, please contact me to work out the arrangements.


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321 Responses to “ Predator Costume Sales ”

  1. Predator Costumes, Models, Kits and Collectibles - Predator Stuff! » Brand NEW Photos of our Predator 1 Costume and the HT Battle Damaged Predator 2 Announced! Says:

    [...] suits are now shipping and available for order, so if you want a P1 or AvP costume, check out our costume sales page for all the information! All of our costumes are custom build-to-order suits, hand made by Kre8-FX [...]

  2. dominic Says:

    that’s FUCKING AWSOME, DUDE!!!!!!!

  3. steven Says:

    i promise when i hit the lottery i will be buying a fully functional suit.

  4. Christian Says:

    hmm.. cost about much as a new motorcyckle.. maybe il get one later .. becuse i’d really want one .. i wanna collect movie clothing

    is there anyhow you can buy things seperate?? since it stands you pay before creation… and is the predator staff included?? becuse it would be awesome to have one, but i have not seen any reproduction of them…

  5. Christian Says:

    Hey, i wonder, Do you guys make the weapons too ?? becuse i’d also want a metal staff and that throwing blade too.. just wondering if you sell that too

    i’m seriously thinking about geting one of thease now

  6. willie perry Says:

    how much is the animatronic mask with bio helmet? is it still $850 i guess not ha,ha,ha

  7. willie perry Says:

    how much is the animatronic mask with bio helmet?

  8. Master Matoro Says:

    This would be like the awsome-est thing to have! To bad its thousands of bucks ;;;>.>

  9. KSpred Says:

    Emailed you the other day not realizing the P1 2nd gen was still under construction. The P1 I’m still interested in though, so whenever you have a chance shoot me a line. Thanks Dan!

  10. Justin Says:

    Do u make suits that conceal the skin on your body including hands and feet

  11. Buckley Says:

    ive got a Q if u could email me the answer that would be fine

    could u line the suit with “filler” to make a skinny guy look bigger? for an additional fee?

  12. Jonathan J. Says:

    Still waiting for a reply from you guys. Still definately interested in buying the new Predator 1 suit. I included some questions in my original e-mails.

    Also, I’ve noticed that some other predator heads that people have made, that the mouth opens and closes via a jaw mechanism that is probably connected to the performers chin, when their mouth moves, the costume head opens the mouth. Does yours work the same way, or is it just animatronics?

    Thanks!! Look forward to reply soon. :)

  13. Gutter Says:

    Incredible work. I was hoping a full suit was closer to $1500.00, but I will be getting one next year.

  14. Predator Costumes, Models, Kits and Collectibles - Predator Stuff! » Bargain AvP and P1 Costumes up for grabs, Costume Sale Page Update, AvP-R “Making Of” Book, My AvP-R Review and a Shop Pre-Order Update! Says:

    [...] costumes for sale made by Joe Evans. These are NOT the costumes that I sell with Kre8-FX (You can read about those costumes here). These were made by my friend Joe and they are in his shop in the USA. He wants to sell these [...]

  15. Ryan R Says:

    i was just wondering if you sold the mask seperatly because Ive been hoping to find a good one on ebay or something but they all suck and I have NO idea how to paint latex !

  16. willie perry Says:

    hi dan i looked and i cant find an address to wear i can send the money order to i seen paypal and credit card but nothing on wear to send the M.O.i went under danrichard/ pixel2life/predatorstuff/ i see it help me out thanx

  17. willie perry Says:

    hi dan i looked and i cant find an address to wear i can send the money order to i seen paypal and credit card but nothing on wear to send the M.O.i went under danrichard/ pixel2life/predatorstuff/ i dont see it help me out thanx

  18. Predator Costumes, Models, Kits and Collectibles - Predator Stuff! » New Hybrid Predalien Kit Photos Posted and New P1 Suit Video Footage! Says:

    [...] I’ve posted a couple of new short videos in the video portfolio area of the costume sales page: [...]

  19. Brandon Says:

    im 14, could i wear the suit right?

  20. john Says:

    im 12 years old and im 5 in a half tall can i wear the suit right

  21. Medardo Barrera Says:

    I want just the helmet of predator 1, can you sale it (just the helmet) ?

  22. spence Says:

    will there be a avp-r line of suites?the dual plasma cannons would be so sick

  23. James Norman Says:

    Firstly……..OMG. The suits look f***in awesome. Much respect to u guys for recreating the movie suits perfectly.

    Am gettin the funds together as we speak but wanted to check how much in total (suit and shipping) the predator one suit will be to the United Kingdom??

    Looking to make a fan film upon which Kre8 FX Productions and will have a MASSIVE mention in the titles!!

  24. Kyle Geraghty Says:

    Do very much want, but it’d be best for me to wait a few years (hopefully you’ll still be going on with this) till I can
    a) afford it
    b)stopped growing,im 17 :(

    Much respect for you guys and please keep it going for me ;)

  25. LuCas Says:

    Dude this is the best costume iv ever seen i wish i could get one but ill never have that kinda money
    I looked on ebay and everything that junk is like nothing compared to this stuff good job guys

  26. Aidan Says:

    WOW these costumes look amazing!!! shame about the price tag :P very expensive but would be a good haloween costume XD

  27. Zekk Says:

    Bloody Hell… Well, I know what I’m getting instead of a car! XD But, honestly now… I would like to get the 2nd Generation Scar costume, I simply need to get the money, and this 6’3″ teenager will have the greatest Predator outfit on Earth. XD Now, I must know… This is completely painted and and like when it’s shipped, ne?

  28. ed 209 Says:

    Can you please tell me ,I heard or read somewhere that you will not be making any more suits . Hope this is not true as I plan to order one shortly . ed uk

  29. ed 209 Says:

    please could you tell me if you are still making suits as Iheard you are going to stop,hope this is not true as I intend to order one shortly thanks ed

  30. DJ Says:

    Hi could you tell me when your going to be taking orders again?
    Also are you going to be makeing an AvP R Wolf costume and what price would this be around if your going to.

  31. Ricky C Says:

    This is such a cool Idea. I wonder if they have decided to do more PREDATOR suits other than the original, and the AvP design?.
    Personally, I would like to have a P2 Elder suit… that would be cool. It would really be cool if one could design their own (for the artistically inclined), and have it made by these talented lot. Plus, it would probably turn out looking like it belonged in a PRED film… just like S.E.E.D., or Deadend!!! HA!!

    Truly awesome!!!

  32. LUKAS Says:


  33. vijith Says:

    Wow!!!! I have been looking for the Predator costume for a long time.I love that creature.The price is a bit bulky.
    I would like to know whether the PREDATOR VOCALS could be incorporated into the mask dude.It will be fantastic ya know.Vocals such as the “Predator Roar, Want some candy, Any time” lines. Without the Predators roar the Predator is never complete.

    Looking forward to your reply dude.Adios

  34. David McLaughlin Says:

    to order a full predator suit, and have it delivered to the uk

    how much roughly would that be in british pounds?

    been wanting a decent pred outfit for AGES! lol

  35. Adam Says:

    Thanks for your response earlier.
    I was wondering if your costumes were also available in kits. I would rather assemble my costume my self and save a bit of money then buy a finished suit.

  36. Kalashnikov Says:

    are these for sale?

  37. enver azize Says:

    wow ! you guy’s are selling the suit that is great. Im a huge predator fan. I want one and i know you guy’s will be around quite awhile which will give me time to save for it. One thing can you make an elder pred suit or a pred that looks like he has a worn battle look like the first predatort. T.Y. keep up the great work. Chupa//

  38. Hector Medina Says:


    I was wondering if you were now starting to get orders. I was interested in the avp suit (scar helmet)


  39. Dylan Says:

    I have hunted this source down and am considering the purchase, but I was curious about the visibility, maneuverability, and weight of the suits. Are the suits aesthetic, or are they somewhat functional?

  40. Randy Says:

    How much is the your lowest price for a costume?

  41. Buddy Says:

    All of your costumes are great. I was curious if you could Design a Wolf Predator Costume. If so What would the cost be and how long before it is completed?

  42. MARK Says:


  43. Steve Says:

    is there a way to sync the shoulder cannon to the laser like in the movie?

  44. Justin Causey Says:

    when and how soon can i get one…….i need it now seriously its awesome

  45. Cetanu Says:

    Ok guys, I will spare for one costume and one day I will really buy a Predator suit. It comes the day when I have to choose a new car or an Pred-outfit … I will buy the outfit ;)

  46. Jason Says:


    I would like to know if there is an estimated timeframe on when the animatronics will be available again?…

    Best Regards,

  47. Rick Says:

    I think that the next big production Movie ” Predator 3″ should have ” Big Red” in it. and this time the Predator Lives through the whole movie, and Makes it home. So we have 4 Movies that have Predators in them, and in all 4 movies the Main casted Predator dies. Its time to Break the trend and Big Red is the Pred for the Job. Lets go Dan, make it happen. haha. To bad i didnt see your update on the final day of sale for the Big red bio helm, I would snatched that up.

  48. Jake Elliott Says:

    I’ve left a message looking for info. on a full AVP suit yesterday.
    As of now, my wife is also looking to possibly purchase a full female version if it can be drummed up. She saw a pic of a statuette, ( I think it was the pred Queen, but not sure…) so we may actually be purchasing two full suits. We want to go as a hit-squad.
    Any info would be most appreciated!
    May 27, 2008

  49. hoss Says:

    why do the costumes cost so much? i know they are hand painted and everything, but i really want a costume. i can’t afford it,and my parents say NO.:(

  50. Csaba Salamon Says:

    Firstly I congratulation,this a nice work!I’m interested in the custome!I’m a special fun of the Predators for years!I would like buy a complete custome!I haven’t enough money,but it will!I hope that I can buy in after years!(1-2)Thank You!

  51. Csaba Salamon Says:

    Hello!I again!
    I watch this website every day!I’m absolutely smitten with Predator customes!I’m 19 years old student,but I search Predator custome for years!I found now!!!I don’t believe!!!I live in Hungary,unfortunately it not be got here!:(
    Thank You again!Goodbye:Csabi

  52. David Schneider Says:

    Can you still leave the pics posted, they are good insperation for fan made costumes?

  53. Faken Says:

    All the photos are still in the gallery at :)

  54. niall Says:

    how much fer the 2nd gen p1?

  55. vijith Says:

    Hey Dan,

    Do you mean that u guys are no longer taking any more new orders for predator costumes once u are done with the old orders..hey come on man..thats not fair..ive been waiting for that order placement..i want one of the predator 1 costume very badly..come on Dan dont do this..there are loads of Predator fans out there including me who dream to get one costume.Please dont dissapoint us friend….

  56. MATTOE Says:


  57. DanB Says:

    I sure hope you guys will still take some orders.
    Please email me if you are, i have been looking for a good predator costume for 3 years now.


  58. Ryan Says:

    i feel this is a jerk move esp someone like me that has been waiting until the back orders were filled and now your saying your not taking any orders esp from some one like me that has money and willing to pay a little more to get one. I feel Kre-8 should sell direct then.

  59. Faken Says:

    Ryan, that’s a pretty strong statement for someone that has no idea what the circumstances are behind this move. You’re assuming that it was MY decision to no longer sell the suits, as opposed to Kre8-FX no longer willing to make them.

    If there was some way I could still sell the suits, I would. I still might get suits to sell in the future, but I can no longer take pre-orders.

  60. josh Says:

    i know a couple websites with predator costumes with moving mandibles lasers on your bio mask moving shoulder cannon animatronic wrist computer and even smart disc with lights and in n out wristblades. just go on and and they make costumized predator costumes too. just for those people who a dissapointed about them not selling predator costumes anymore i was dissapointed too.

  61. Faken Says:

    As far as I know, Grusderk does not produce costumes in bulk, and doesn’t seem to be a valid website?

  62. josh Says:

    some of grusderks foamized costumes seem they dont have bulk but his latex costumes do its on his photo bucket website his latex isnt painted yet.

  63. gregory boirie Says:

    hi my name is greg I’m french and I loved the fanfilm seed
    I’ll be interested in a costume “blades” predator is it possible that you are making me so yes I can know its price and the shipping thank you.

  64. Jared Korlak Says:


    I’m a film-maker looking for an impressive suit. this has truly blown my mind. My film in the works is “Boba Fett VS Predator”. I have a high quality Boba Fett just completed but still need to get a predator. If you could please let me know whats goin on I’d be most grateful. thanks.

  65. emanuel cheatham Says:

    hi guys i’m emanuel i have been serching for this website for a long time. and it’s nothing like i had in mind. so i’m here to make and meet new friends

  66. emanuel cheatham Says:

    so heres the thing theres a guy that i know from a camp called camp witcomb mason.and he directed me here. so here i am i don’t remember his name but he mite remember me

  67. emanuel cheatham Says:

    o and another thing how much is the wolf mask because i am saving up all of my money to try and get the full costume.

  68. Nathan Webb Says:

    Where can I buy a predator costume at now that you arn’t takeing any new orders?

  69. gregory boirie Says:

    hello Is that you make the costume of wolf predator I would be interested.

  70. Kyle Says:

    Does this mean that no more costumes will be for sale?…Of any kind?….

  71. Faken Says:

    I am no longer accepting pre-orders for costumes. Any suits we have for sale in the future will be items already in stock and in the shop :)


  72. MaJiNWaR Says:

    Greetings staff of, I’m going to keep this request short and sweet, Im interested in buying a full predator costume, avp, or predator 1, what ever can be made available. Im curious to learn more of the animatronics that you possess, so please email me with more information. Thank You.

  73. rafael vilaso Says:

    hi adam,id like to buy a full costume,its posible?excuseme for my bad english.thanks

  74. troy gopal Says:

    hey my name is troy and i want a full costume of predeter possible the original one.

    thank you

  75. Kenneth Says:

    O Boy thanks for returning the message for direct website link to the Notice … Should your company decide to re-instate the manufacturing of Pred Outfits please E-Mail us A.S.A.P. . I personlly would love to order , thanks a bunch gang and best of holidays to all of guys for sharing your hard work efforts twords customer satifaction :-) !!!

  76. Robert Downey Says:

    I was curious about this costume “Predator or Iron Man” Are you going to be making them again if so how much are they…if not…do you someone else who makes them still that look as good as these…

    Please reply ASAP thanks

  77. Dan Says:

    So alot of ppl just had their dreams crushed I just found your site and now ou don’t even make the suits anymore. Why would you want to stop a bussiness that alot of ppl still want??? Sond like one of you guys should make a side bussiness at this. If anyone can help direct me to a full suit with all the gear email me at

  78. emanuel cheatham Says:

    whats up guys my name is emanuel i’m kinda new to this website so if you guys and girls just give me some info about the website so i can get to no you all.

  79. James Robertson Says:

    Hi there im lookin to buy a full predator costume, thought id post here because i can not find a price, just wondered if anyone could help me find and buy a suit, unless ones available on here,

  80. Alexander Says:

    Hi! And warm greetings the staff of
    I’m a part of a amature movie maker crew. And we have already begun planning on making a Predator movie. The story is written and the characters and actors and locations are in place. But as we all know a decent Predator suit is VERY hard to come by. I have been searching for a movie-ready Pred suit, and i must say your suits are AMAZING, and we are higly interessted in at least one of your costumes, wich
    seems to be the ultimate key to get this movie done!
    Please e-mail me if you get your suits up for sale again! (

    The movie will be entitled: Predator: The Lost Hunters.

  81. Samet Says:

    Ahhhh money ahhhh :( :D

  82. paul Says:

    HI guys, I’ve looked on your website for a price for a full AVP predator costume with animatronic mask,if possible, can anyone help?? I’ve just recovered from a serious illness and am looking to find one,or even purchase a second hand or damaged one!! this is to be used for special/guest appearances at different functions to raise funds for children’s charities and Cancer research here in the UK, as this is sincerely something that is close to my heart after losing a loved one through cancer at a very early age. I’ve tried making one on and off for over three years now and had to give up unfortunately, can anyone assist? well guys A BIG WOW ON YOUR TOTALLY AMAZING WORK,keep it up!!!!!!! Paul

  83. greg Says:

    hello pete mander you go make a costume of wolf predator I would be interested good holiday season.

  84. vince Says:

    Hello. I understand that pre-orders for the predator suit are no longer being taken, but are the costumes still being made? And are they for sale?

  85. vince Says:

    And i forgot to mention….are they being made often or just periodically? Any info would be great.

  86. louis sartain Says:

    is there a predator 3 movie i just need to knooooooooow!!!

  87. nam76wolves Says:

    suits are amazing, can you e-mail me the price ov a avp celtic costume without animatronics in british courency plz for shipment to the uk.oh keep u the good work man suits are outa this fucking world!!!!!!

  88. christian Says:

    is the dark hunter plus 2 a suit or a statue

  89. greg Says:

    Hello pete for the costume of predator wolf you sell pieces of the costume?
    Is what you sell the costume complete later.

  90. greg Says:

    hello I want to know the price of the full costume big bad wolf and the postage. Would it be possible to know the parties animatronic costume thank you.

  91. Will Says:

    Just wondering price and availability for the suit with helmet. Thanks

  92. Steven Says:

    2 Things,…
    1) How much does a full suit usually cost (Im guessing a couple thousand)
    2) What are the measurments for a suit (because Im a tall skinny guy)
    If anyone can help me with these questions that would be great!

  93. jesse Says:

    whats the price on the wolf costume

  94. david Says:

    can i get on the size 11-12 with skin helmet movable face and feet hand head amour

  95. andy Says:

    can i get a suit by the end of the year

  96. axel Says:

    oman i relly wan’t a scar costium

  97. stuart Says:

    Hey, is there still a wait on the costumes? I am very interested in the P1 but have just found this site.

  98. joe bauer Says:

    ive been wanting one of these costumes sence i saw the movies and now i know were to get one you can bet ill be saveing till i can get one im hoping they make more movies it looks good the way avpr ended they might but well have to wate and see

  99. Adriano Suguiama Says:

    Hi, im from Brasil.
    whats the price on the predator 1 costume?


  100. ben plant Says:


  101. Faken Says:

    Sorry Ben, I’m afraid the suits are really not available anymore.

  102. Anil Says:

    how much is a predator costume and when would it be avabale

  103. mike church Says:

    WOW!!1 of these awsome costumes is on its way to england,wicked!!!

  104. Alexander Says:

    OMG so darn cool
    How is the P1 suit with the mask? :P
    Omg once again so damn cool suits, it looks so real

  105. ademir bittencourt Says:

    Dear friend, I live in Brazil, I’m a fan of the predator and his work is extraordinary! Congratulations!
    I would like to know the value of the armor finished version of the old suits and predator wolf predator mask and the deadline to Brazil? thanks.

  106. arild davidsen Says:

    i want a predator costume whit all weapons if you make it offcurse i watch the films evry days and i wonder if you make one to my son to

  107. Aitor Says:

    i want a predator costume with all weapons,a complete mask and absolutly all that you can .Im from Spain any problem to send to me here??.

    I love your amazing work dude!

  108. TJ Says:

    I just want to say I love your work it looks incredible and was curious how much it would cost to have a suit made up for myself with everything you could do to the suit and what the break down would be

  109. DJ Says:

    I was jus wonderin if you still sell parts individually like da bio helmets, plasma cannon, arm computer and wrist blades? i would really love to own an animatronic

  110. emilio Says:

    awesome product BUT too much hassle, wait time, and trouble to get around to actually buy one. Work on your sales division and make it easier for the public to buy and everyone wins.

  111. Faken Says:

    Ummm we stopped selling the costumes a year and a half ago lol!

  112. James McKinnon Says:

    do you know a place that sells them fully animatranic and painted

  113. corey Says:

    how much is the animatronic mask with bio helmet? in British pounds please and thank you

  114. Elias Says:

    That sucks that you don’t take preorders anymore. I would have bought one of these in a heartbeat.

  115. dreadator187 Says:

    i have loved these movies since they first came out. i have dreads and its all because of them. if there is a possibility of owning a suit i would love to know what i have to do to make it happen.

  116. world cup 2010 betting tips Says:

    Thanks for sharing this great article, This board is very good! I will visit again.

  117. shane Says:

    can you send me just the wepeons and the mask and armor

  118. shane Says:

    and maybe hair plese if you can how much will it be
    all togethrer

  119. Lalo Barrera Says:

    How much do I need to pay to get just the mask of the predator from the first movie ? The Jungle Hunter… just the mask from the costume .

  120. Truninja2000 Says:

    How much are these suits running for?? Any ball park figure??

  121. Grant Denton Says:

    i was looking for a real life mask or costume. i dont want a cheap 80 dollar suit ill be willing to spend 1500 dollars if need to if you could let me know a price range that would be grat.thanks

  122. Vince Says:

    They dont do these anymore guys. They have not made them for a long time.

  123. Vince Says:

    Try ebay. Thats the only place you will probably get a suit quickly. They pop up from time to time.

  124. Nello Scgnamiglio Says:

    tell me when you have a predator costume ready and what is the price. thank you..

  125. Bastian Klausing Says:

    i will teh newslater place im from germany


  126. mike Says:

    i want to buy a predator costume any will do p1 p2 or avp let me know when one comes up

  127. Kenny Says:

    I interest to buy the predator full costume, is that really to buy? I want to buy one, how much is it? how can I make the payment? Thank you

  128. Vince Says:

    please read the rest of the comments. These are not for sale anymore.

  129. Eddie Says:

    Can you buy this in Hong Kong?

  130. klingon Says:

    Excelent work!!I am big Predator fan and i will be happy if i could have that costume!!

  131. ricardo Says:

    How much is the predator full costume with all accessories please let the price I can buy as I await your prompt response thanks

  132. Mike Says:

    How much is the First Predator and does the second one come with a laser in the helmet?

  133. emily Says:

    could you guys sell me one in a teenager size :)

  134. VINCE Says:


  135. Henry Says:

    6’3″ 300lbs large frame need a suit.

  136. Fallon Says:

    Is it possible to get a mask.?(Just the mask)If soo how much.

  137. Shiela Nathan Says:

    i heard a lot just about this topic in the last few days and i think it might be true. Eventhough i believe everyone is responsible for himself. No Offense, Just my opinion…

  138. Johnathan Says:

    Hi, since I was little I have always been a huge Predator fan and always wanted a full scale costume. If the full scale costume is available again how much would it cost?

  139. orlando Says:

    Will you ever do more full costumes?

  140. Rob Says:

    hey I’d to know how much one of these costumes are. could you please email me and let me know how much and how to buy. I cant find it anywhere on this site.

  141. Rob Says:

    oh never mind i just read all the previous comments.. no more costumes huh? thats bogus..

  142. pad Says:

    i would like to buy th whole preditor costume how much would it cost and what size would i need to get im a large in my top and a 32 32 in trousers could you let us know

  143. Stevo Says:

    I plan to buy at least one of every kind… there is no limit to the joy of wearing a full authentic predator suit…. Ahhh the sweet sweet power of the predators… Halloween is gonna be awesome this year…. so is Any conventions.

  144. david terzich Says:

    cant seem to find a good predator costume please help 907-775-3936

  145. Jordan Says:

    how much would 1 costume be?

  146. VINCENT Says:

    Ebay. Please try Ebay. Please. These are no longer made . Very RARELY will you find one of these Kre8-fx costumes here. There was one on Ebay recently , and it was very expensive.

  147. lesioba stefano Says:

    Hello I write you from italy! I wanted to know if you can buy a mask of Predator 1 + bio helmet I wanted to know the total price of the two objects + shipping! hello thanks stefano

  148. Edwards Says:

    hola me llamo Edwards y quisiera saber como logro comprar un traje Kre8-FX suit

  149. Dorothée Says:

    Hello, i write you from france, i would like to buy a costum of predator, these of your website are beautiful but i don’t know the price, could you please give me this, it’s for a men, and besides is it possible to buy just the mask or anything else in KIT.
    thanks in advance,

  150. Grey Setterson Says:

    yes I can exactly afford it!

  151. ROCALEON Says:

    Hello, I would like to know if you have for sale SCAR, WOLF or ELDER PREDATOR COSTUMES and how much would be the cost. Thanks

  152. jesse lee Says:

    hello, i was wondering selling predator outfits still? what do they come with? im looking to buy a full outfit

  153. RezonNeo Says:

    You should continue production. They look amazing. Others suit on the web are crap.

  154. DeadlyNinjaJosh Says:

    Is there any possibility that there will be more made?

  155. Nick T Says:

    Hey I was just wondering if i could get the payment information for ordering a suit, i wanna be the talk of the town for halloweens and conventions to come, hope u get back to me soon, take care


  156. Nicolas R Says:

    Hey happy new year! i’ve finally saved enough for a Full costume, but im wondering if any of you have a special site to buy it, im desperately looking for it to be functional. thanks a lot for all help.

  157. S.A.Scheller Says:

    Hello everyone just wanted to know an idea of a bout how long does it take to get a suit available to buy? Would also like an idea of how much one of your suits cost? THANKS alot for your time!!

  158. mortalkombat411 Says:

    Dear Pete,
    Can you please make a predator mask with moving fangs and is NOT, i repeat NOT ridiculousely expensive

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  160. tyler L Says:

    hey just wonderin how much would it cost to just get animatronic wrist blades if i can

  161. monster cable beats Says:

    This is a excellent posting, I located your website browsing aol for a related topic and arrived to this. I couldn’t get to much other details on this piece.

  162. Rich Says:

    As far as I know, no one is making them anymore. Too expensive and time consuming

  163. luis Says:

    hola quiero saber cuanto cuestan los trajes completos con las dos mascaras es importante saber ahora porque si sale muy caro tendria que guardar dinero

  164. Rich Says:

    We are the largest and most respected producer of Predator suits in the world. These suits (NOT costumes) are hand made, hand painted works of art  The suits start at $3600 and can go higher depending on the options you want.  In deciding what type of suit you want think about the following:

    1. Which model – P1, Wolf, elder, P2 etc.?  We can make virtually any character suit you’d like
    2. Do you want a bio helmet, what style?  See the selection at:
    3. LED/laser in helmet?  We can only put LEDs in not lasers.  Homeland security rules…
    4. Wrist gauntlet, with or without extended blades?
    5. Wrist gauntlet computer that opens?  With lights?
    6. Very cool dagger to be strapped to your leg

    Every suit is handmade custom to your requests, we do not maintain an inventory of pre-produced suits.  They take 4-8 weeks to produce and since they are heavy, shipping is not inexpensive.  We do ship to almost any address in the world.  

    As you can see there is a lot to think about as a real Predator suit represents a sizable investment of money.  If you have any interest or further questions, please feel free to contact me.


  165. Mario Suarez jr Says:

    I was looking for the berserker suit …..hell yea!!!!! Do u guys make this suit also what do I need to order where do I go ….I went to the order list but I see nothing on there

  166. Rich Says:

    We do not currently offer the Berserker suit, only P1, P2, Wolf, Celtic and Elder.

  167. liliana Says:

    hi, i was wondering if you are still selling this costume, and if so for how much? nd how long does it take? and does it come with all the accessories? and do you take credit card? please email me at :

  168. liliana Says:

    for the wolf how much? and does it come with all the accessories? do you take credit card?

  169. Jamie Conner Says:

    I want a wolf suit. hit me up. seriously

  170. Timothy Says:

    That is so cool i really want it.

  171. JohnSabala Says:

    I would LOVE to purchase AVP animatronic suit, How much Rich, I am 5’10, 165 pounds. PLEASE G mail

  172. brian Says:

    I would like a wolf or P2….contact me please

  173. elbert Says:

    thanks for the info i like what i see in the pictures it would be awesome to have i invested lots of my money with sideshow this year starting with this darth Maul coming out soon.but time to start saving.

  174. Vince Says:

    Hi Rich,

    Thank you very much for the dedication that you’ve shown and provided. Finally, the get one of the suits will surely be the hit of my crowd. I will wait until next year to request a suit as it is really close to halloween now and I don’t want to be disappointed by my own over ambitious nature to have it NOW! :-) Thanks again and keep up the great work.

  175. Anonymous Says:

    Can you make 11 year old sizes

  176. Predator Costumes, Models, Kits and Collectibles – Predator Stuff! » Halloween is Coming Fast!!! Says:

    [...] if you want to see some examples of the quality work we have available click here and if you want more details, contact me.  But move quickly, you don’t want to be stuck in [...]

  177. nath Says:

    Hey guys suits look really good im really intrested in the wolf suit please emaip me back on a price

  178. BrianM Says:

    Wow!! Please contact me…. I’m willing to get one right now!

  179. joseph Says:

    How do you put in on? with a zipper or someting? and how hot is it when you have put it on. is it possible to wear the suit multiple times. can you still breath with the mask and helmet on ?
    great work, keep it up.

  180. Aaron Says:

    Email me info on the wolf suit. Thx!

  181. Anonymous Says:

    ALoha Rich

    Very Cool predator costume
    i am very interested in a predator costume for nextyear halloween bash..Heres my email,……please fill me in on details on how to get one of those costumes



  182. kyster369 Says:

    wa weapons r available seriously wanna buy all this stuff :L

  183. Silver-Back1971 Says:

    Where is this company located (USA)? Can they make custom suits. I would like to take a drive to this location if it’s in the US. I’m interested in the P1 or the Wolf suit..

  184. Kevin McGregor Says:

    Hi, check out Genes predators, they are very good.
    I have one, a Pred 1

  185. Melissa Says:

    I was wondering if it could be possible to get a female predator costume made.

  186. Derek Says:

    I am saving up for a long time to get a custom bio suit but i wanted to know what is your quote on a price for a person who is 5’5? email me please!

  187. grant Says:

    How is the visibility and range of motion inside these suits? They look awesome but could you run, bend, or crouch ect. In them?

  188. Allen Says:

    Could you build like a barbarian predator?

  189. ariah Says:

    how do I get to kre8

  190. steven Says:

    What if we just want a suit with gauntlets and that’s it like the hole body and just gauntlets what would that be priced

  191. Anonymous Says:

    Hi there just wanted too know if the predator full suits are still on sail . I have the cash but worrying about ordering right now …wld like more info of you pleas ..thx

  192. Anonymous Says:

    can i have one

  193. Mattt Says:

    if your stil make them. i’m in need off one. please get back to me asap. and god damn it looks soo cool! i’d be after the one in the 2nd photo :)

  194. patrick Says:

    very interested in a custom suit please get back to me

  195. Gilly Says:

    i am very interested in one of these costumes, please e mail me with prices so we can possible make arraingments..thank you

  196. Paul Bromall Says:

    Im interested please email me

  197. stef Says:

    Will be interested by a suit and an animatronic mask. Could you contact me for more information and price ?

  198. Henri Says:

    Are these costumes still available. And most important for me: If yes, how long will they still be offered? (I’m only 15 yrs old, so I can’t get that much money yet ^^)

  199. Henri Says:

    Are these costumes still available. And most important for me: If yes, how long will they still be offered? (I’m only 15 yrs old, so I can’t get that much money yet ^^) Please email me ;)

  200. Rich Says:

    They sure are available, contact me for details

  201. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome armor!

  202. Matthew Helms Says:

    how much is each suit?

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  204. greg luna Says:

    I’m most def interested in purchasing one,,,,please email me the sizes cus on over 220lbs,,,,,,,,,,,I also want the prices too,,,,,,thanks guyz!!!

  205. Henri Says:

    One other thing: Are the masks that can be purchased on this website wearable on the predator head?

  206. brandon Says:

    awsome costumes are there any in preteen size

  207. Anonymous Says:

    its a crap

  208. wil wilks Says:

    I’m interested in getting a helmet omly like in P1 or p4 . I’ve put together most of the other stuff just need a head. Please let me know cost and where to contact someone .

  209. brandy Says:

    do you do anything for woman nothing big or fancy just the head and something for the body not armor thou just a skin suit if so how my do you think it will run?

  210. Enver Says:

    Bad news! you call that amount bad news, when I see such Time, work, spray painting and what about the Ausome Weapons.IM sorry if it came between having a Camaro and a suit, Spoiler Alert the Suit. When I was turnd on to this sight I was in joycassume, The Predators are the big boy on the block and this Suit, I am getting in the near future Because of the High Quality in the suits Weapons also and it looks like a Predator beleave me have you seen the cheap ones out there “Lamo” so be men and lets put fear in those humans out there, lol. P.S. keep up the good work Guys sign Chupa//

  211. Christina Says:

    Can they make a costume of a P1 that will fit on a woman? I want one so much to wear for conventions and Halloween. I saw two different versions while at Dragon Con the other year and have wanted one ever since. Yet being a woman I don’t know if one could be made to fit the proportions and still appear to be a male p1. Never seen a female predator anyway.

  212. Rich Says:

    It is not an issue of sex (male vs. female) as much as it is size. If you are of average height and weight the sauit will fit. We do not make a female Predator suit…yet.

  213. Autumn Says:

    So I have been looking around for ways to make a mask and thenjustpaint my own body a female predator, was curious if dugout guys make armor and gadgets that would attach to my body. Just curious.

  214. JC Says:

    what can I get with 4000$ for u guys??

  215. ray mccullough Says:

    I have been viewing your site with great interest. I have over the last few years won quite a few Halloween Competitions wearing a predator costume which has been 70% home made.My only problem is that i purchased a latex predator head piece inclusive of bio mask and unfortunately the bio mask was stolen.I have found it hard to replace this as it was of a light plastic material which i cannot purchase. I would be grateful if you could advise me or recommend a site which has this product .

    thanking you ray. Belfast N. Ireland.

    I can send you images of this suit which is quite spectacular being home made

  216. Sebastian Says:

    People are stupid I like the suit how much is it for that

  217. rojger Says:

    to expensive

  218. tanner Says:

    is there a helmet?or claws? if so can i buy it? if so how much

  219. lokko Says:

    wow I’ve been searching for at least an hour on the internet and have found only the crappy ones then I just click here a walla! im so going to buy this but im probs going to need to save another 3000 or so

  220. Lolza Says:

    How much for just a mask?

  221. alex sloan Says:

    How much for mask?

  222. John Says:

    according to my calculations, it will take me about 7 years befeore i can afford one of these.

  223. jj hernandez Says:

    Hello was wonder if the mask and face plate can be sold Alone..can’t afford body yet..please email me back.

  224. Matt P Says:

    Hey guys,

    these look amazing… Im wondering if there are any connections you may have in Melbourne Australia that are willing to hire out the “wolf” suit. There are a lot of crappy ones on the internet. Im attending a Halloween party and want to impress.

    Please let me know.

  225. Laura Says:

    Do you know of any place where they Predator characters for hire in the Los Angeles area for birthday parties?

  226. johnathan Says:

    that costume is badass

  227. Scott Says:

    Hiya how much would a p1 cost and postage to the uk ? Thanks

  228. Anonymous Says:

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  229. Enver Azize Says:

    Hi, i remember my Brother telling me about this Sight, only because we are Big time “Predator Fan’s” I always wanted a suit. It is said to hear about people having difficulty in communication or email problems and money being sent and nothing happens that’s sad. It is true to having someone who can produce a Realistic suit and the weapons so that you feel like the Hunter himself, When things start to get running well aqain let me know I will buy one.

  230. anthony Says:

    great looking suits, im 6’2” and about 270, i really love the wolf predator how much would that run me and do you different bio mask options? really interested get back to me.

  231. Precio Chaqueta Belstaff Says:

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I to find It truly useful & it helped me out much.
    I’m hoping to present one thing back and help others like you helped me.

  232. Alexa Says:

    what about female predators? can you make a female one?

  233. Alexa Says:

    what about female predators? can you make a female one? the price is kinda crazy but i think it is worth it honestly…… awesome suits dude.

  234. dave Says:

    What dose a full costume cost ?????

  235. Henry Says:

    Hello, its me again. I’m not expecting you to remember but I asked you a few months ago if u could include animetronics to the suit. Anyway, no longer a necessity but I now am wondering if I could place an order for just the full set of a predator’s skin (mask included not bio helmet) and how much it would cost. Again, I look forward to hearing a response. Thank you.

  236. Art Says:

    What is your current pricing and options, do you offer other versions such as the Celtic Predator?

  237. Anonymous Says:

    Is there more

  238. faisal Says:

    i saw the suits. you work is great. Now please tell me the procedure of getting the suit. Eg, the selection of the suit. what options do you have, the measurements, and the price. I already have the helmet. Now interested in suit. waiting for your reply.


  239. faisal Says:

    i saw the suits. your work is great. Now please tell me the procedure of getting the suit. Eg, the selection of the suit. what options do you have, the measurements, and the price. I already have the helmet. Now interested in suit. waiting for your reply.


  240. jam Says:

    Oh my God! this is what I am looking for.. I am going collect all those predator costumes :) .

  241. Evan Says:

    How did you make the skin? Is it latex? Or something else? Please help me.

  242. Evan Says:

    How much would a berserker predator suit be?

  243. Predator Costumes, Models, Kits and Collectibles – Predator Stuff! » Predator Clans Says:

    [...] are organizing themselves into ‘Clans‘.  This is basically a group of fans who have Predator suits and get together on a regular basis to do all things Predator.  As you can see from these photos [...]

  244. Anonymous Says:


  245. Anonymous Says:

    dude look. I would like a costume, the cheapest one u got. I am 10 and i would like a totally boss costume like the p1 but VERY cheap.

  246. Henri Says:

    @comment 245: It’s said that they are made in average size so I don’t think they would fit a 10 year old. No offense :o

  247. james Says:

    UK PREDATOR PROPS makes amazing predator suits. I have bought stuff from him and always on time. Very good stuff.

  248. jessie west Says:

    what sizes do they come in and how much will it be because i am 12 years old and i like predator

  249. alin Says:

    i want to know watt price have you on this costums predators 2 leave the number on the facebook you will find me if you look for the name alin stoica laurentiu alin

  250. Mario Says:


    Are you still making / selling these? I’m interested in a costume. Please email me back. Thanks.

  251. Scott Penhollow Says:

    Interested in the wolf costume.

  252. Dries de Klerk Says:

    what is the price for one.

  253. Deanna Says:

    I had just bought an Alien suit and was wanting to buy a legit Predator as well. I am very interested in finding this artist! Please email me about it whenever you can. Thank you!

  254. Garry Says:

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  255. joshua Says:

    r u retarded no one is going to pay that much i wanted to get it but its over my 60 dollar limit

  256. Hank Says:

    @joshua: Alright either this is a joke or you don’t really seem to get that these aren’t some cheap halloween COSTUMES, these are professional hand craftet suits, for filming or let’s say professional cosplaying. :/

  257. joshua Says:

    ya but still i just cant find a predator costume that is under 100 dollars even thought the ones that i found look like shit they were over 100 dollars

  258. Hank Says:

    Yeah, I’ve seen ‘em too. Guess the only alternative would be making one yourself. There are some tutorials on YT. ;)

  259. Num Says:

    Im interested in the suit.

  260. Fred Masquin Says:

    Wow what an amazing costume!

  261. joshua Says:

    i just want to find one like that and is 100 dollars or less

  262. Zach Says:

    Would really love to have one of these done in the near future. Noticed the comments started in 07 i really hope you’re still able to do these services to this day. Im keeping an eye here for my next potential cosplay.

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    Will there be a part 2?

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  285. Diesel Says:

    Wish I could have on I’m a big fan of the franchise but I’m in South Africa and 4000 dollars here is 35000 rand here and that’s a lot of money :(

  286. Diesel Says:

    It’s sorta unfair on the people who don’t live in the US because of exchange rates so I now can never afford it.untill I’m 26 or something around 12 years :( sucks for me I can’t afford it :(

  287. Diesel Says:

    It’s sorta unfair on the people who don’t live in the US because of exchange rates so I now can never afford it.untill I’m 26 or something around 12 years :( sucks for me I can’t afford it

  288. Diesel Says:

    But I see it takes talent to make these :(

  289. Diesel Says:

    If u actually reply back many I could. Make some sort of deal I hope :)

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  291. Anonymous Says:

    Insanely expensive the original from the film has just sold for 4.8K who would pay almost that for a copy?

  292. Caleb Says:

    Do you still sell the wolf costume and if so how much would it be for everything shown in the picture above.

  293. Austin Says:

    How Long will these be available for

  294. luis Says:

    I have $1000 for any predators suit.

  295. Jock Says:

    Hi — how long will you guys make these for ? is this an on going project ? id love to buy one but it’s gonna take me a year ( or more ) to save the cash up.

  296. Anonymous Says:

    stupid bitch

  297. Oskar Says:

    What land Will it come from

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  299. Dwayne perkes Says:

    this is heath perkes I am 9 years old and I am a very big fan of yours I love this Website

  300. isidro Says:

    I want to buy a predator costume complet (first film).can the masck open his smouth and his jaws?
    I can buy for250 euros. I’m spanish.

  301. isidro Says:

    Missing meshes,If there isn’t meshes i
    I will not buy anything

  302. isidro Says:

    I can go up to 500 but no more

  303. isidro Says:

    can it be tailored ,or is one size?

  304. Talisen Says:

    Hi what is the website I can get these off of I may want to buy one.

  305. Elijah Says:

    O my gawd it’s the greatest things I’ve ever seen its a predator suit that looks like it came right out of the movie do you make predator 2 and wolf predator and how much would they be

  306. Iran Says:

    Shared interests me a full suit of predator, what are the steps? The price shown is $ 3500 to $ 4000 is today? where I can find?

  307. Robert Says:

    These suits look amazing!! please tell me you guys are still doing this I plan on getting one in a couple years.

  308. The PREDATOR Roams The Highway On A CUSTOM CHOPPER!NO Car NO Fun! Muscle Cars and Power Cars! | NO Car NO Fun! Muscle Cars and Power Cars! Says:

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  309. Max Says:

    Hi. How much the third pic predator costume (the last)? :)

  310. wolf Says:

    its to expinsive ive seen ones from the movies that are 765$! im mad

  311. Anonymous Says:

    I think this costume will be my dream thank you

  312. lily Says:

    hey, I love the predator movies, I have every single movie and soon when I have enough money im going to get the suit and every gadget from the movie AVPR and I don’t care how much it costs im going to get it. even if it cost $5000 or more I will get it and I want the helmet and every thing the sword bomb, lasers and everything its almost like im obsessed with the movie
    when I do get the outfit in future reference, the first thing im going to do is walk around the shops and see what people say and do!
    I am gonna get the suit no matter what
    I just love, I even watch one movie every night
    OMG its really exciting

  313. lily Says:

    I also want to get the wolf suit because its my favourite
    if I also have enough money im gonna get the alien suit as well for a friend
    then we can go shopping in malls together with our suits on
    that would be a dream come true!!!! :)

  314. Eric Couture Says:

    I have $30 grand how much for the real costumes like with the real knives and the visibility and vision in cluding

  315. Dipl. Ing. ?ubomír Masár Says:

    I am a great enthusiast and fan of Predators. I have a serious interest in complete mask and costume, as shown in Figure Wolf:
    Also with all the facilities (cannons, wrist computer with lights, spear, Bio – Helmet etc.). Bio-Helms must be removable under it I want to latex mask.
    What would be the price with transportation to Slovakia, terms of delivery and payment method ??

  316. Mighty Says:

    Check: Dragon Studios UK.
    Cool Predator stuff.
    For fair prises.

  317. jb king Says:

    I currently am saving some money how much longer will these be for sale im am what you would call a predator fanboy but it could be a couple years before i get the money how much will it be for a fully decked out suit with all add ons and the bio helmet attachable and detachable to the mask plz get back to me. Thanks so much im very interested.

  318. Raymond mcullough Says:

    I have always made my own costumes for Halloween and actually constructed a predator outfit quite successfully , I wore this to quite a few outings on Halloween venues and actually won quite a few competitions so it definitely hit the mark, I would gladly share my construction ideas with whoever would like to follow my example as everything was built from household items and sprayed quite successfully with aerosols for reality , it definitely shocks all who have seen it , I can also show you photos of quite a few changes over the years as every year got much better with more ideas and materials the head , mask , and hands are the only items bought in 2008

  319. Jesus Santoyo Says:

    I’m interested in getting the wolf suit please email me as soon as possible

  320. chris kowalewski Says:

    im looking to buy a p1 or a wolf costume i just have a few questions please email me thank u

  321. Michael f Says:

    Interested in a wolf costume. Please email.

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