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New Predator Figures from Hottoys and Cinemaquette Alien is Shipping!

June 28th, 2006

Hey all!

Hope everyone has been doing well, and as promised I am starting to get back into this site and updating like it should. It today’s update, I wanted to bring to your attention some new products that are coming up, or have recently been released.

For those of you following along with the highly anticipated 1:4 maquettes from Cinemaquette, they officially announced the sale of their Alien Maquette yesterday! You can check it all out at and order your very own for the low price of $1500! Personally I’m waiting to see how their Predator comes out… so far there’s been no sneak peek pics of the pred, so we’ll see what happens this fall.

Next up, Hottoys has released a follow up to their 1:6 scale 14″ AvP snap kit Scar and Celtic predators with new Chopper and Elder preds! You can expect these to be at the same price point because they sold like hot cakes, and will be a limited edition issue as usual. They are currently listed on the Blister site (Chopper and Elder) and for those of you that are into the aliens, there’s also an alien figure in this series that you can check out here.

Sideshow has also shipped their famed Predator Maquettes and I can tell you that this piece is completely AWESOME! I haven’t had a chance to haul mine in front of the camera yet for some photo goodness, but you can check out the gallery for a hundred pics I collected from the net of people receiving theirs! This will give you some idea of how huge and awesome this thing is!

Also from Sideshow, you may have seen the AvP Tiles made by Lance Henriksen. Well they have teamed up again for some HUGE and very awesome platters. There is no Predator one as of yet, but you can tons of Alien themed ones in various super sexy finishes. Check them all out here.

As far as kits go, Nightmare Collectibles has just released a new and very kick arse Predator piece that was announced at this year’s Wonderfest. You can scope that out in our listing and if this kit interests you, just leave a comment with your email or drop me a line and I’ll get you hooked up with a piece.

Thanks about it for now everyone! New kits to be added to the listing very soon!


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Review of the Ancient Predator Statue by Fewture Japan

June 8th, 2006

Fewture Ancient Predator

In early 2005, Fewture announced the release of an all-new Predator statue that was sculpted by master Takayuki Takeya called the Ancient Predator, and would be a limited production run of 500 units sold exclusively through their retail location in Japan, the Fewture Store. That meant this would have to be bought locally, or from dealers that went to pick them up themselves before they could sell them off on eBay or on their online shops. I had made arrangements at that time to get at least one of these statues, but to make a long story short, there was a major screw up and I ended up empty handed, the statues were sold out and I was SOL unless I wanted to pay $650 + shipping from Asia. This statue became a serious grail for me, and despite my constant searching on eBay and other sites, I managed to miss a couple that sold for a pretty decent price… I was definitely getting frustrated trying to pick this up.

Well, last week my good friend Dan, owner of The Hive forum, not only scored one of these beautiful pieces for himself but he also picked up a second for yours truly! Is this guy a sweetheart or what?! (Take that comment as you will) On top of that, he didn’t even charge me what he paid for it.. he asked me what I was willing to pay before I knew what was going on and basically charged me that. Dan, you’re my personal hero… a lifetime’s supply of hero biscuits for you sir!

Tonight, the statue arrived, has been photographed and now resides safely behind glass in my office. Here’s my thoughts on this piece:

AMAZING! Seriously, I don’t care if you dig this sculpt or not, the detail and paint application is absolutely insane, especially considering this is a pre-painted production item. Measuring in at just over 14″ tall, the piece has some great size to it and looks to be about 1:6 scale or so and is cast in Polystone. The package includes assembly instructions, a product flyer and a sealed certificate of authenticity, which is important because this thing is getting recast like CRAZY! The base is a clear, green tinted resin and the entire thing sits on a black finished wood pedestal with padding and product information on the underside.

Fewture Ancient Predator

The piece basically depicts an ancient predator warrior, covered in tattoos and tribal marking aboard this skinned looking horse with an obviously Alien influenced head. The armor and weapons all have a samurai style design, which looks absolutely fantastic… the horse’s armor is extremely detailed and has a beautiful paint application that looks 100% metallic. It also appears that our ancient warrior has been hunting rogue Predators, because his spear comes with an awesome blade that has a skewered Predator head attached to it… you have the choice of a fully painted and uncloaked head, or a head that is in full cloak mode. I can hear the fan-boys crying about this one, but all nerd-ism aside, it looks bad-ass.

The paint itself is very well done, and easily beats the other pre-paint statue companies in the detail department with Sideshow being the only real match for this with their premium format statues. Put this piece next to some Palisades products (God rest their souls) and the quality difference is nothing short of a slap upside the head to be honest. In fact, this piece ranks right up there with the custom kits I’ve had built by various artists in the garage kit industry.

So overall, you can’t go wrong with this statue… it’s no wonder the thing sells for double it’s initial retail price now. It’s so detailed, even the horse has a… *cough* unit. I kid you not. If you ar elooking to buy one, know what you are getting into! Read my article about this piece getting recast here!

So, full marks to Fewture on this one! You don’t get much better than this. Click the icon below to visit the full gallery of photos I took of this beautiful piece!


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Sideshow Predator Maquette Almost Here!

June 6th, 2006

Well folks, it’s been almost a year since it was ordered, but it’s FINALLY going to get it’s butt to my door! Just got this in from Sideshow:

Dear Valued Collector,

Thank you for your pre-order of our Predator Maquette – Sideshow Exclusive (item #71431) from our Predator Collection. We appreciate your patience in awaiting the arrival of this Limited Edition, Sold Out collectible.

At this time, we would like to inform you that this item is estimated to arrive into our warehouse within the next 5-7 days. We will BEGIN “pre-authorizing” credit cards for this purchase within the next 24 hours, in the sequence in which all of the pre-orders for this item were placed. A “pre-auth” is not a direct charge, but is a “hold” of funds pending the shipment of your order. Your credit card will be charged once the item is shipped from our warehouse.

*does a little happy dance*


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Wonderfest 2006 Photos! Links to all things Wonderfest!

June 1st, 2006

Were you one of the unfortunate poor souls that was stuck at home like me instead of having a blast at Wonderfest? Well, at least there’s TONS of photos that are starting to pop up from last weekend’s event, so here’s a nice list of photo links I’ve found.

For those of you that don’t know, Wonderfest is America’s largest Garage Kit convention, hosted each year on the Memorial Day long weekend in Kentucky, USA.

On with the photos!

People and exhibits:

Model Contest part 1:

Model contest part 2:

Cool stuff in the dealer room:




Judge’s Room:

“Mature” Room:

Misc Purchases:


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AvP Shower Scene!

May 30th, 2006

Check out this hilarious ad ;)

In other news, looks like the Sideshow Maquette is finally going to ship in the next couple of weeks, and I am finally getting my hands on a Fewture Ancient Predator statue! :) I’ve been very busy working on my other projects, but I do plan to get this listing back under way in the very near future :)


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Just checking in!

April 21st, 2006

Hi all,

Just added a couple of older kits to the database and I have a bunch of new kits that need to be posted into the reference catalog over the next week or so. Creature Shop has been going crazy with new AvP kits and have just launched a new set of kits, plus we’ve got some great new goodies coming up through the garage kit grapevine.

Oh, and being Friday, I just received the Sideshow Toys newsletter, and the Sideshow Maquette is STILL not on the shipping in the 30 days list. Patience is a virtue I suppose… I’m also trying to get an update on the Cinemaquette Predator piece, but so far there has been absolutely no information passed around regarding this piece.

That’s about it for now gang, take care and happy collecting!


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Server Updates and SEED Script!

April 10th, 2006

Hi all!

My apologies for all the bumps and bruises over the last few days… we’ve had a lot of downtime, MySQL errors and dead image links due to some server downtime and upgrades. All of my sites have been moved to a very powerful box to handle the load so we should have some smooth sailing for a good bit (All my sites in total receive about 30,000 visitors a day). So, things should be back to normal now :)

As for the S.E.E.D fanfilm project, you can now download the entire original script for the movie at! It’s a pretty cool read and it’ll show you some of the parts that Pete was unable to put in the final product.

More to come soon as I am finally getting some time to get back in the studio for photoshoots and articles!


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Predator Maquette from Sideshow Toys Officially Delayed

March 30th, 2006


As if waiting for this insanely awesome since last Juky when we all went nuts with pre-orders, the Sideshow Predator Maquette (both the exclusive and standard versions) have been officially delayed until at least second quarter 2006. Looks like we have another month or two until we see any signs of this thing shipping… as of now, the piece is not on the “shipping in 30 days” list.

Stay tuned for more updates, and as soon as I see it on the shipping list, I’ll let you know!

In other news, S.E.E.D has been released and you can download the entire film in high definition DIVX at! I’d like to once again congratulate Pete and his cast and crew on finally bringing this project to the screen and I look forward to your new creations.

On a personal note, I’ve been extremely busy writing new articles for my personal blog site on various graphic and webmaster related topics and some secret projects I’m hoping to launch this summer. I’ll be actively posting on predatorstuff again, but I’ve actually been working on the site’s gallery and catalog system pretty much every week with Jamie. I’ve also added some new props and bios to the gallery and catalog index, so enjoy!

That’s about it for now, more updates coming soon!


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