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Amazing Spooktacular Predator Arrives

October 24th, 2011

Holy Cow Kids, Sideshow is starting off the Halloween holiday Spooktacular with a new Predator that is…get ready…20″ tall!!  It is beautiful and here is the first photo.

That is the Sideshow Exclusive Edition that comes with the very cool bloody human head – how Halloween of them.  So this is the one we have been waiting for.  The original guy, the one who started it all from the 1987 film.  Check out the helmet view.


And don’t forget the classic close up with and without the bio.

One word of caution.  Don’t let this one pass you by, you don’t want to be paying 3-4 times on eBay in a few months.

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Sideshow Spooktacular 2009 Round Up – Final Thoughts and Feedback!

November 9th, 2009

Another Halloween has passed us, and for Sideshow fans, that means we've recently recovered from the 10 days of Spooktacular festivities.  We've returned to a life of regular meals, bathing, annoyed spouses, children, friends, and of course, something in the way of normal sleep hours.  Yes folks, it's post Spooktacular recovery… we love to have our lives back, but hate that the fun is over.

For anyone living under a rock and don't read my blog very often, Spooktacular is Sideshow's annual Halloween and Horror online extravaganza of rotating discounts, spot giveaways, new product announcements, contests, and community interaction, plus much more!  Basically it's a week and a half of Sideshow Collectibles partying with their customers and fans in a MASSIVE online event that runs 24 hours a day for 10 entire days.  During those 10 days, they give away tens of thousands of dollars worth of prizes, announce awesome new products and we all have a blast.  The highlight of the event for me is the 10 day chat room they open up, where hundreds of fellow collectors and Sideshow enthusiasts can interact each other and compete for chat prizes via trivia contests and scavenger hunts.  It's a time for no sleep, minimal food and very little social interaction outside of the computer.  You eat, sleep and breath Sideshow, and hope that when it's over you're still alive and your wife hasn't filed divorce papers.


This year Sideshow easily gave out $50,000 in prizes, even though their news announcement stated 30k.  The first thing I need to do is thank everyone at Sideshow for putting on such an amazing Spookfest, I had an absolute BLAST!  So my thanks to the following Sideshow staff members that came to hang out in chat, give away prizes, or just kept us going through the long chat hours:

  • SideshowChris
  • SIdeshowDennis
  • SideshowMarc
  • SideshowAlex
  • SideshowCorie

I would also like to thank Mike Tolentino and Jennifer Bigham over at the Customer Support department that helped me with a few issues I was having and a half millions questions I was trying to get answered for my Predstuff coverage or on behalf of other Spooktacular attendees.  And of course I want to thank the Mistress of the Web, that sexy Sideshow mamma who shows up on forums and chat randomly dishing out badass prizes!

And finally, I would like to thank Greg Anzalone, President and CEO of Sideshow Collectibles.  He came out in to chat in front of a couple hundred Sideshow fanatics and allowed us to absolutely DROWN him in questions and he did his best to answer as much as he could.  We was completely inundated, there were so many questions flying that at one time there was a half-hour difference between the question asked and his answer.  But he eventually answered everything and then finished up by tossing out a couple thousand bucks in prizes!  You can check out the entire transcript of the chat I put together by clicking HERE.  I even sent a copy of it to Sideshow, which was later posted right on their site for other Sideshow visitors to check out.  Got a nice thank you letter from Sideshow… you're welcome guys!

Chat was completely awesome this year, with TONS of prizes and lots of friends to laugh and hang out with.  It was great to see some of my old friends from previous SDCC and Spooktacular chat events and of course myself and my friend Ozzy, Madcow and Happyboy teamed up and made sure we were alerting each other via text of new contests and basically trying to keep each other sane.  We had a blast and hauled some great loot, so thanks again to my chat team and hope to see you guys at SDCC chat this summer!  I would also like to give a shout out to all the other friends from chat who made this event so memorable:

  • Shropt
  • Ken
  • Kabu
  • SolidSnake
  • Swabie (This guy needed a TRUCK to haul his prizes home)
  • BuffyGirl
  • Avfin
  • Toast
  • CelticPredator (Remember… take your meds BEFORE chat please!)
  • Anyone else I may have forgotten… thank you so much!

And of course a shoutout to my pal Pitu, who was absolutely hilarious in chat and hooked me up with a sweet Pituvision T-Shirt, which I now have and appears to be designed for extremely short, overweight people, but I'm wearing it anyhow!

So thank you to all you guys and gals and hope to see you next Chat event!  If you haven't seen my wrap up video yet (which is mostly a shout out and thank you to all my Spooktacular chat friends, check that out by clicking the pic below).

In terms of contests, we had website and chat trivia, we had random draws, we had scavenger hunts, we had the Mistress of the Web giving out random goodies and I'm sure there were other ways to win that I am forgetting as I try to recall the whirlwind of an event.  Unfortunately the main scavenger hunt seemed a bit compromised as many folks had all the words way in advance of the last day, but someone hauled away a gorgeous Red Skull PF statue and I know it wasn't me lol!  BUT I did have a pretty awesome haul this year, check this out:

Web Freebies:

  • 'The Dead' 12 inch Figures Subject 2221: The Harbinger – Sideshow Exclusive Edition
  • Sideshow Collectibles Catalog Volume No. 10 – Hard Bound with $10 Gift Card
  • ALIEN Collectibles Alien Warrior VCD
  • R. Lee Ermey 12-inch
  • Hot Toys Resident Evil 4: Biohazard Collectibles Jack Krauser (Transformed)
  • Medicom Toy RAH 1:6th Scale Figure Han Solo
  • ALIEN Collectibles Alien VCD

Chat Contests:

  • Spinning Keychain
  • LOTR Film Frame Collectible
  • Alien Warrior VCD
  • Blockade trooper 12"
  • Black and White Mort
  • Sideshow Hat (Told SideshowDennis to give it to SOLIDSNAKE)

Mystery gift from the mistress!

So there was definitely some haulage to be had, you just had to be patient and keep an eye on the main Spooktacular news page for new contests and promo words.  Thanks for all the awesome prizes Sideshow!

In terms of new product announcements, there was nothing really earth-shattering in the world of Predators and Aliens… all we saw was a set of VCDs, which you can check out by clicking here.  As a Star Wars fan though, I still got to see something pretty damn awesome, and that's the Gamorrean Life-Size Bust.

Can we all say Holy ^&*%& that's awesome?!  I know I can!  This is easily my favorite piece in the entire Spooktacular line-up this year… I mean, who doesn't love a huge drooling pig guard head in their collection?  I know I want one!  You can read more about Mr. Gamor by clicking over here.

The other fun part of Spooktacular was the Help Wanted video series, a mini movie put together by Sideshow productions starring the Sideshow Collectibles staff, including the oh-so-delish Allison (call me *winks*) and our favorite man with no pants, Scott.  This was hilarious…  Pitu zombie was hysterical (you killed EGAD you bastard!) but seriously, wtf was with the Criswell thing?  As I mentioned in my video, was my Sideshow Spooktacular readiness kit missing a few hits of Acid or something because I'm pretty sure the Criswell scenes were meant for tripping.  I didn't understand a damn thing the freaky ass floating head had to say lol!  But it was great fun guys, nicely done.  MMmmm Allison… *starts dreaming*

*Spaces out* Right, where were we…

This was easily the best Spooktacular I've ever experienced and there was definitely more prizes to be had than ever before, it was CRAZY!  My only suggestions would be to tighten up security around contests to make the playing field a bit more level for less saavy folks, and I would suggest ending it a bit earlier on Halloween instead of ending it at 6PM PST, especially on a Saturday!  Many of us in chat were parents and had to take out little ones out trick-or-treating and were forced to miss the big prizes and the final huge giveaways, which sucks.  I think ending it at 6PM EST would make more sense and give everyone a chance at taking part in the final.


Thanks again Sideshow, you put on one hell of a show!  Now back to reviewing and photo taking until the next huge event, which is Comic Con this Summer.  Take care all and I will post a new update once all my prizes arrive so you can see what it all looks like piled on my desk.

Later fellow Spookaholics!

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Sideshow Spooktacular Thank You and Shoutout Video Posted!

November 2nd, 2009

Hey guys!  Just wanted to let you know I've posted a little video with some quick thoughts on Spooktacular, but mostly as a HUGE thank you to the folks at Sideshow and to my friends in the event chat room and forums.  Check it out…

The video is available on YouTube in HD, check it out by clicking HERE!  Please note that this is not my final say on Spook for 2009, I will be putting together a more detailed written review and rundown over the next few days you will be able to check out here on, so stay tuned for that.  I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep and get my system back in sync with my regular schedule so please bear with me as I get caught up.  Enjoy the video and thanks again to Sideshow for an AMAZING Spooktacular!

See you soon,

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The end of Spooktacular 2009 Has Arrived!

October 31st, 2009

Just a quick note… Spooktacular has ended.. time to catch up on sleep and food and make up with my wife and daughter lol!  I will post a final wrap-up in a few days.. see you then!

PS. All my friends in Chat, I will miss you!  See you at SDCC chat!


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New Products from Sideshow – Spooktacular Day 7 Reveals AvP Superdeforms and Star Wars Gamorrean Bust!

October 28th, 2009

Hello Spookfest fans!  Today is day 7 and we've got lots of action today in contests and product… I am especially excited about the AMAZING Star Wars Gamorrean Guard Life-Size Bust, it looks INSANE!  We've also got a very limited set of AvP Superdeform figures from Plastic Arts, so check it all out…

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to bring you Plastic Arts' line of high-quality vinyl collectibles! Designed by Three-B, the 'Aliens VS Predator: Requiem' line of vinyl figures capture each character in a uniquely stylized design and come complete with trademark accessories. There are three limited edition figures, and they are selling out very fast.

The PredAlien Super Deformed Vinyl Figure – Special Version stands over 8 inches high.  Click here for all the photos or to Pre-Order!

The Predator Super Deformed Vinyl Figure – Special Version stands over 8 inches high and includes a switch-out portrait for masked or unmasked display.  Click here for all the photos or to Pre-Order!

The Alien Super Deformed Vinyl Figure – Special Version stands over 8 inches high.  Click here for all the photos or to Pre-Order!

As of right now, there are only a handful of these left (less than 10) so if you want the complete set, get them now or you'll miss out.

From the planet Gamorr, the Gamorrean species consists of brutish, porcine humanoids who maintain a feudal level of technology and tolerate a remarkable amount of violence in their everyday activities. Interstellar procedures programs for visiting Gamorr consist of one line: DO NOT VISIT GAMORR.

While Gamorreans have been introduced to modern blaster and weapon technology, they prefer to hack and slash with axes, swords and maces. They only use modern weaponry when off-planet. Most Gamorreans have green skin, pig-like snouts and yellowed tusks protruding from jowled cheeks. These complement the small, yellow horns the Gamorreans have growing from the top of their heads. Jabba the Hutt was known to use dim-witted Gamorreans as enforcers and bodyguards, outfitting them with leather and metal uniforms.

Sideshow is proud to announce the latest addition to the STAR WARS Life-Size Bust series, the Gamorrean Guard. Capturing every detail of Jabba's porcine enforcers, each Gamorrean Guard bust is individually painted and finished to exacting standards, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. The Gamorrean Guard Life-Size Bust is a truly outstanding addition to any STAR WARS collection

Product Size: 17" H x 11" W x 14" D

Product Weight: 20.00 lbs

This thing is HUGE and looks AMAZING!  Check out all the badass photos or place a pre-order from the Gamorrean product page HERE!

Personally I was sticking to Sith related busts, but I'm thinking this guy needs to join my collection… the price is excellent!  Hard to imagine why this bust with all it's detail and HUGE size is $100 cheaper than the HellBoy bust, weird.  Either way, I think it's safe to say you'll see a review of this guy on some time in the future.

As for the contests, there's been tons on the site and the scavenger Hunt is now at 13 words out of 20.  There is an AWESOME contest still on where you can win a Ringwraith on Steed Statue statue that had been sold out for ages!  Check that out by clicking HERE.  And don't forget to check out the product specials for Spook, there's been some nice ones this week… check that out here.

That's about it for now gang, stay tuned for more Spooktacular action tomorrow!


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Transcript of Open Question Session with Sideshow CEO Greg Anzalone

October 27th, 2009

OK guys, here is the full transcript of the chat with Greg Anzalone, and let me warn you, it's HUGE!  What I've done is taken the full log of the chat and edited out anything that wasn't either a question to Greg or Greg responding.  Once I filtered all that out (90% of the work was taking out all the spam from CelticPredator's ramblings lol!) I then matched up Greg's answers to the original posters.  In the actual chat, people were spewing questions like mad and Greg had Dusty and Alex typing his answers as best they could.  There was about a 20 minute gap between when the question was first posted and when it was answered.

You will also notice that some questions are not answered…  there were a lot of duplicate questions so it was probably already asked or Greg missed it.  There was also a cut off point when Dennis from Sideshow stated no more questions but many asked anyhow just in case, but they weren't answered.  And then just before he leaves, he starts giving out stuff, even a BOSSK BUST!!!  When that happened, the chat went absolutely NUTS!

So here it is… the flaying of Greg Anzalone, President and CEO of Sideshow Collectibles:

<Greg_Anzalone> Hello everybody and I'm ready to give you some Sideshow love!

 <jasonxx> what new premium format can we look forward 2?
<@GregAnzalone> Jasonxx: Our next upcoming Premium Format Figure will be the Darth Talon…shown in episode 5 of 'Help Wanted'!

 <Master> Greg : When shall have we a preview of Obi-Wan Kenobi Revenge of the Sith Premium Format?
<Greg_Anzalone> Master – I'm not really sure about Obi-Wan Episode 3 at this moment, it's not in development

 <its420brother>    Hello, Greg!  Welcome, good sir.   What are the chance of expanding the liscence with The Fifth Element? I know about the couple of bobbleheads that are on the site, but I would really love to see a 12" PF LeeLoo (Milla Jovovich).  I happened to notice that the film still has it's own site, with a newly re-released DVD edition that I imagine they are and will be promoting.  Any potential that The Fifth Element line might be explored by SSC in 12"
<@GregAnzalone> We currently have no plans to do The 5th Element product.  But we'll keep you posted if that changes

 <Kabukiman> Greg – We've heard of certain licenses that Sideshow would love to acquire, but are prevented from due to difficulties with the licensor. Is there anything us Freaks can do help persuade the licensor? Would you encourage or discourage such "help"?
<Greg_Anzalone> kabukiman – we would encourage any help that might be possible.  We'd love to be able to do Blade Runner!

 <creature4000> does SS have plans to do another version of Thor in PF or comiquette?
<@GregAnzalone> Yes we planning another version of Thor.  Likely based on the future film release.

 <mpahlbod> hi greg, are you guys getting close to getting the dc license?
<Greg_Anzalone> DC License – I can neither confirm nor deny how close we are to getting the DC license

 <musthavecolormort> GregAnzalone: May I please have a color mort or be booted?

 <DocHorror> Any Universal Monsters on teh horizon?
<@GregAnzalone> Yes!  We will continue to develop under the Universal Monster license

 <The_Mike> Greg: Will the 1:1 Busts and the 1:2 Maquettes continue with Iron Man 2
<Greg_Anzalone> Ys, we will continue both lines for Iron Man 2

 <Computerfly> Hellraiser license, 2010?
<@GregAnzalone> Yes, we hope to do Hellraiser!

  <Nitro> Will we see a Wlfman 1:1 bust?
<Greg_Anzalone> Nitro – Wolman 1:1 bust – we would like to do one, but at the moment it is not in development, please stay tuned!

 <ma1138> Could it be possible to have a warehouse in Canada for Canadian customers? On one $299.99 order I paid over $135.00 in shipping and customs. Or perhaps send with Fedex Ground instead of Air? I don't require my statue to arrive in two days
<@GregAnzalone> ma1138: Sorry for the Canadain issues, but we don't have plans at the moment to have a Canadian warehouse.  I will look into less expensive ways in getting products to you.

 <SSC794> HI greg, does sideshow plan on getting any license from DC and doing DC Comics statues? Thanks

<TheNAM> Is it fair to assume that Sideshow is pretty much done with the 12" New Line figures?
<Greg_Anzalone> 12-inch New Line figures – can you be more specific?

 <TheCrystalShip> what about FIREFLY?
<@GregAnzalone> TheCrystalShip: We will be distributing the QMX Firefly products

 <The_Mike> Greg: Will Sideshow bring other original Horror characters like Vampires or Werewolves ala THE DEAD?
<Greg_Anzalone> TheMike – yes we will develop beyond the Dead line to include other horror characters

 <SweetPea> Greg: In the Pumpkin and Decoder contests, which entries are your fav?
<Greg_Anzalone> definitely NOT Oswald

 <creature4000> Any plans for movie Ironman in 1/4th
<Greg_Anzalone> Movie iron Man, yes we would also like to do 1/4 scale but we'll have to see where it fits

 <swabie> Greg, lots of peeps here love Venture Bros and are chatting about it.  Would a V Bros license with Cartoon Network be something you would consider looking into?
<@GregAnzalone> Yes we are exploring during Venture Bros.

 <zombieSpyke> @Greg What is Sideshows policies on artists submitting work for consideration for the SSC original products?
<@GregAnzalone> zombieSpyke: Submit them to our Art Director Tom Gilliland. 

<HAPPYBOY> Firefly Greg, can you tell us if you are going to get it finally 🙂

<TheMonster> Greg My first Question is will sideshow fans ever see Boris Karloff as The Monster in Son Of Frankenstein in SSE in other Formats such as a PF Figure, A Dio, A 1:1 Scale Bust, LSB, or  Real Bronze Statues of Karloff?
<Greg_Anzalone> TheMonster – we are longtime Karloff fans and supporters of teh films and the estate and are always evaluating new opportunities. For those that may be unaware, Sara Karloff's husband recently passed away, and we are sharing her mourning.

<Battletroll> Greg, what is your personal favorite license?
<@GregAnzalone> Battletroll: Whatever your favorites are.
<@GregAnzalone> Battletroll: The Godfather

<The_Mike> Greg: Can I please have a Mark 2 1:1 bust. Please.

<Case> Greg will we be seeing any more John Wayne PFs in the future?
<Greg_Anzalone> John Wayne – we hope so!

<Elder> @Greg: Will you plan or consider allowing Paypal as an accepted payment method on Sideshow?
<@GregAnzalone> Elder: At the moment we do not have a PayPal option.   In the future there might be opportunity to use that option at some point.

<zombieSpyke> @Greg What is Sideshows policies on artists submitting work for consideration for the SSC original products?

<bh413> Greg !! Thanks for giving us some time ! Are there any plans to explore the classic X-Men – along the lines of the classic Iron Man Comiquette?
<Greg_Anzalone> bh413 – I'm not aware of anything currently in development for classic X-Men

<LordofAscension> Hi Greg – I was wondering what, if any, further plans Sideshow has with Blizzard to do statues based on StarCraft II (I'm also interested in Diablo and Warcraft)? If you do have plans – what sort of rough timetable are we looking at?
<Greg_Anzalone> LordofAscension – yes, we are continuing our relationship with Blizzard and hope to have more STarcraft.  There MAY be something in 2010, stay tuned!

<MrMidnightDreary> greg – any Bela Lugosi items to look forward to next year?
<@GregAnzalone> Bela Jr is working on a fairly elaborate release of mid-teir wine, and we will be looking at the possibility of distributing that product through out site.  We are looking to revisit Legosi product in the near future.

<Blade3327> If you have communication with Hot Toys, would it be possible to suggest them to make 1/6 figures of King Willy and Danny Glover from Predator 2? Or perhaps continue older Alien/Predator series for those of us who have not been able to get them?
<@GregAnzalone> Yes we are in communication with Hot Toys and we will make your suggestion about Predator 2 to them.

<aliennn> Greg, recently Sideshow has been offering some second party items from the classic RESIDENT EVIL game, is that a license that Sideshow is considering acquiring?
<Greg_Anzalone> Aliennn – yes, we are evvaluating the license adn we will continue handling distributed items for Resident Evil

<zombieSpyke> @Greg What is Sideshows policies on artists submitting work for consideration for the SSC original products?

<Master> When will you show Jedi Luke and C3PO Premium Format?
<@GregAnzalone> Prototypes for Jedi Luke and C-3PO PF's are nearly done and we'll be showing them very soon.

<TheMonster> Greg, Will Sideshow work with Bernie Wrightson again? I would LOVE to see 12 inch and PF Figures of Wrightson's Frankenstein in black and white like Bernie's drawings, in color,  and in Faux Bronze.
<Greg_Anzalone> The Monster – Bernie is an old friend of Sideshow and someone that we respect and love.  And there may be a chance for us in the future to do some work again with him.

<Gaby> @Greg: do you plan having Harry potter licence?
<@GregAnzalone> Gaby: We hope to be announcing some 'Harry Potter' news/products in the near future

<zombieSpyke> @Greg What is Sideshows policies on artists submitting work for consideration for the SSC original products?

<Buffygirl> Why did you start an Angel line but give us only 3/6 major characters? Couldn't you have just made more limited numbers???
<Greg_Anzalone> BUffygirl – some of our plans aren't always able to be realized and we regret dropping some announcements as much as you do.  There may be some point to be able to go back and revisit Angel in the future

<CelticPredator> Any 12 inch plans for Firefly….

<MarkIt0Dude> will you be making any FIrefly Figures?
<@GregAnzalone> No, sorry there are no plans for 'Firefly' 12-inch Figures or products at this time

<SSC562> Greg how many items are planned for the new Transformers line and when can we expect to start seeing them up for order?
<Greg_Anzalone> ssc562 – we have an Optimus Prime product that we'll be showing the prototype for in the near future

<TheNAM> Other versions of Freddy, Jason, etc., including Myers.
<@GregAnzalone> TheNAM: There are some pieces in development for modern horror (Freddy, Jason, Myers, Etc.)

<shirtlesschrissarandon> Greg, I had asked during a previous chat about cult films such as Taxi Driver, The Shining, Clockwork Orange being translated to PF.  You were interested but it was not happening then has there been any change with those plans
<Greg_Anzalone> Shirtless – I'm shirtless as well, which is freaking out the girls who are typing for me
<Greg_Anzalone> if anyone knows DeNiro well enough to get us the Taxi Driver rights, they will receive a trunkload of free product!

<Toast> @Greg: Will there ever bee a Michael Myers PF?

<TheMonster> Greg, my last question, how do I get a job at Sideshow?
<Greg_Anzalone> TheMonster – Submit your resume to

<SweetPea> Greg: Given how popular, Masters of the Universe has become, have you guys considered picking up the license.
<@GregAnzalone> SweetPea: There's no discussion with the licensor at this time for Masters of the Universe

<Faken|Laptop> Thanks for taking the time and working up the courage to jin the chat Greg! Is it safe to assume Sideshow will be looking in to creating collectibles for the upcoming Predators movie coming out in 2010?
<Greg_Anzalone> Faken – yes, we'll be working with the new Predators films and will be making products!

<MrMidnightDreary> greg – what happened to 12" Hot Toys Comedian shown at Comic-Con, can we expect a pre-order soon?
<@GregAnzalone> MrMidnightDreary: Yes!  The Comedian is still happening, and we will be offering the Pre-Order very soon.

<Buffygirl> i also want to add..firefly? I realize it's been asked, but I want you, Greg, to see how important it is to us

<Kabukiman> Greg:  Spooktacular has evolved into an event that many of us look forward to every year. It really is a great event and kind of a "team building" for us fans. I don't if you realize just how much we appreciate every aspect of spook. Given the current economic climate, our we any danger of losing Spooktacular? And I don't really expect you to answer this next question, I feel I need to ask anyway, how do you measure the success of
<Kabukiman> Spooktacular?
<@GregAnzalone> Kabukiman: Spooktacular WILL continue well into the future as we love this event and appreciate your participation in it.

<creature4000> How far will the 12" GIJOE license go?  C, D, E list characters?
<Greg_Anzalone> our Joe license continues for many years and we will continue to release an ever expanding list of characters

<Commtech> Greg: Are you planning on hiring P!tu as permanent staff? (Seriously)
<@GregAnzalone> Commtech: Pitu operates a freelance fan supporting not only Sideshow's product endeavors, but other companies as well and we respect his enthusiasm for our industry.

<its420brother> Will SSC be carying any additions to the High Dream Corporation Mazinger Z line?  Ilove the 12", but I would love to see more, incliding  the huge 32" line!  Can we expect more giant robots?

<Gaby> @Greg: do you plan having Harry potter licence?
<Greg_Anzalone> Gabby – we HOPE to be working with the Harry Potter license in the near future but no solid plans at the moment

<johnnyms> greg thanks for coming i was wondering if there are any plans for sideshow to make new evil dead stuff

 <OscarGungan> Two properties I see on wish lists all the time are Blade Runner and Fifth Element, but I'm understanding that because of rights issues, neither one would ever happen. Is this true?
<Greg_Anzalone> You are correct, the rights issues have prevented us from doing either Blade Runner, but not 5th Element

<Master> When will you show Jedi Luke and C3PO Premium Format?

<mpahlbod> how do we know which one is the real Greg because there are two of them
<@GregAnzalone> mpahlbod: I have 2 people typing for me because my peck and find style will never be able to keep up with your questions.

<TheMonster> My first Question is will sideshow fans ever see Boris Karloff as The Monster in Son Of Frankenstein in SSE in other Formats such as a PF Figure, A Dio, A 1:1 Scale Bust, LSB, or  Real Bronze Statues of Karloff?
<Greg_Anzalone> TheMonster – yes, we believe we will be doing additional Karloff product in the future, whcih may or may not include 1:1 scale busts or real bronze

<BariBigBenG> Can you tell us about any future plans for Buffy?
<@GregAnzalone> BariBigBenG: Internal discussions on how to reveal our future Buffy plans.  Stay tuned!

<pitu> Greg_Anzalone Just wanted to say thanks for everything papo! you rock. its a shame i didnt get to see you @ Sideshow but i know what he circumstances  were. Take Care and thanks for comming to the Chat! woohooo!!! get to da chooooopppaaaaaaa
<Greg_Anzalone> Pitu – I was sorry to have missed you as well, and recently saw your "work" in the Help Wanted video and it looks like you were having more fun than everyone else

<TheMonster> Greg, Will Sideshow work with Bernie Wrightson again? I would LOVE to see 12 inch and PF Figures of Wrightson's Frankenstein in black and white like Bernie's drawings, in color,  and in Faux Bronze.

<Blade3327> @Greg: Thanks very much!!! One last thing… perhaps a 12" fig line based on music? Like…. Nine Inch Nails? It'd be cool to have my own Trent Reznor, lol.

<jasonxx> how far are u going 2 go with the movie legend line? simply awesome so far, thanks.

<swabie> Greg, did you ever think Sideshow would get this big when you started it in 1995?  Did the Star Wras license change everything for you?

<SweetPea> thank you for the zombie question….Greg, the Haz Mad character/zombie was one of thee most requested characters since he was part of the original 'The Dead' viral. Will he ever come into fruition?

<SSC060> Greg, Will Sideshow work with Bernie Wrightson again? I would LOVE to see 12 inch and PF Figures of Wrightson's Frankenstein in black and white like Bernie's drawings, in color,  and in Faux Bronze.

<Master> When will you show Jack Sparrow Premium Format?

<ozzfan84> Greg, many of us SSE collectors were pleased with the edition size increase for the SSE Creature from the Black Lagoon diorama; because it allowed us enough time/statues for everyone who really wanted one to get one. How does Sideshow decide on appropriate edition sizes on lines or certain products that are meant to be ultra rare "special" items?
<@GregAnzalone> ozzfan84: The decision about Edition Sizes  is made by a small group of manager in which suggestions are discussed and ultimately a decision is made by me and the creator director.

<HellsToys> Greg, Do you have any plans ever to get a license to do Snake Plissken,The Crow or even Mad Max?
<Greg_Anzalone> hellstoys – yes we would like to do all of those characters you listed (Mad Max, etc) but we don't currently have the rights, so POSSIBLY some point in the future

<SSC907> Greg, is there any future plans to develop tranformers life size bust?
<@GregAnzalone> SSC907: Yes, we have a big Optimus Bust that will be shown fairly soon.

<SSC562> reg how many items are planned for the new Transformers line and when can we expect to start seeing them up for order?

<ma1138> How about some characters from the TV show Fringe? An Observer or Walter should be cool!

<Toe> Marvel. anything new ?

<djsosharp> Greg, are there currently any plans to develop entirely new types of collectibles, that might potentially span various licenses?  If so are there any details you could share?
<@GregAnzalone> djsosharp: There are always people at Sideshow evauluating new types of collectibles but I am not at liberty to divulge anything that is currently in the design stage.

<vedder> any plans for itesm from the Goonies?

<Buff> Greg how much do you weigh?
<@GregAnzalone> buff: My current weight is 142.7 pounds.

<vstorm> any plans for some Metal Gear Solid stuff
<Greg_Anzalone> vstorm – Stay tuned to the site for any upcoming Metal Gear news

<Battletroll> Greg, a couple of years ago SS had a prime in collectibles by introducing the Premium Format. Are you still exporing new media and techniques, and if so can you tell us what the 'future collectible statue' might be?
<@GregAnzalone> Battletroll: Yes, we are evaluating new formats for figure collectibles and hope to continue to expand what we can produce for all of you.

<zimbo> Hi Greg, I was wondering if there was any chance you could let us know when optimus prime is likely to be released and and roughly what price range (just so i cknow how much to try start saving for) Thank you Greg
<Greg_Anzalone> zimbo: I'm honestly not sure about the Optimus retail price yet, but we'll do our best to make the pricing as attractive as possible considering it's molding

<Master> When will you show Jack Sparrow Premium Format? thank you greg!
<Greg_Anzalone> Master – not sure when we're previewing the Jack Sparrow – it'll be sometime in 2010 most likely

<Deeznutz> Why is the GI JOE line moving soooooooooooo slow?
<@GregAnzalone> Deeznutz: Is this really DZ… There are some limitations for how fast we can go based on all of the other items we have in development as well as the approval process at Hasbro.

<Frankie> Next Monster Diorama…????
<Greg_Anzalone> Frankie- next Monster diorama – I'm not sure we have one in development at this moment

<creature4000> will Serpentor get the SS treatment?

<SSC574> How many more MARVEL items will we see in spooktacular
<@GregAnzalone> SSC574: We may currently be done with Marvel for Spooktacular.  But we will have additional Marvel news/announcements in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned!

<LordofAscension> Thanks for the Blizzard update Greg – can I follow-up? What formats are we looking at for those products? Personally I'd like to see it all stay with polystone! Also will they be available via Blizzard's site like Tychus or through SS like the WoW and Diablo 3 statues?
<Greg_Anzalone> LordofAscension: yes, Blizzard products will be in polystone

<Gaby> Greg, does sideshow plan to do a new endoskeleton statue (like a maquette or 1:2 in battle damaged paint) or a T-600 statue?

<SSC794> Greg thanks for all your hard work and what sideshow does…is it bad that I am getting a Sideshow tattoo?? hehe

<vedder> Greg are there any plans to do some work with the movie the goonies?
<@GregAnzalone> vedder: We have nothing in the works for Goonies at this time.

<SweetPea> Greg- Even though I don't really collect MotU, you should drop by the freaks forum and see how popular it is. I am sure they would buy a Skeletor PF

<Bear> Hi Greg. How come it's taking such a long time to release a 1/4 scale Mark III?

<zombieSpyke> thank you Greg also love to say your products are great and i now have a house full lol
<Greg_Anzalone> zombie-spike – Thank you for dedicating so much of your living space to creating a personal museum. SEnd us pictures, as we'd love to include them on our site and maybe even in a future catalog!

<VASith> greg-thanks for have an AMAZING companyand employees!! You should be proud!!
@GregAnzalone> VASith: I agree.  I love the business and I really appreciate the staff that here at the company.  I really believe we have the best group of people providing the best service in the industry.

<TheMonster> Greg, my last question, how do I get a job at Sideshow?

<Bear> I also would like to know when do you intend to release jack from POTC
<Greg_Anzalone> Bear: Jack Sparrow is in development and check out the Mark III 1/2 scale
<Greg_Anzalone> Bear: sorry, I don't have a lot of Jack Sparrow info for you, but we are working hard to bring you what you want

<Master> When will you show Jack Sparrow Premium Format?

<SSC125> Any Return of the Living Dead figures in the future?

<johnnyms> any plans to make new evildead products
<@GregAnzalone> johnnyms: There are no 'Evil Dead' plans at the moment.

<SSC854> will collocters of the star wars 1/6 th scales ever see SSC release their own yoda, c-3po, and r2-d2? i hope.
<Greg_Anzalone> SSC854: we're going to release the 1/4 scale versions of Yoda, 3PO and R2 first, and then return to the smaller scale versions later

<DocHorror> Any plans for an IG-88 pf?

<Blade3327> More products based on Kit Fisto would be cool… Not a question. Just a simple comment.
<@GregAnzalone> Blade3327: Yup, we are Kit Fisto fans here and appreciate your comment and hope to do additional product down the road.

<SweetPea> Greg-Why is it you cannot use points on convention exclsuives, such as SDCC when Pre-ordering?
<@GregAnzalone> SweetPea: That's a good question,, I will look into it.  We'll post something on the freaks board about the Rewards Points program for everyones reference.

<Obi> Any plans for an Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 4 Life Size Bust?

<DarthRage> I wish you guys would do an EP III Obi Wan PF to go with Anakin.

<Bear> Is there a way on a product like Alien Warrior that costs $800 to have a 6 month flex pay instead of 4????

<TheCrystalShip> are more 12" PFs scheduled for release for the GI Joe line?
<Greg_Anzalone> TheCrystalShip – yes, we have additional 12-inch figures planned for the G.I. Joe license!

<Avfin> anyone ask about a DEAD postal worker?
<@GregAnzalone> Avfin: No one has asked about a dead postal worker but I love the suggestion, and if we end up making one you'll get yours for free.

<Bear> Ow about a T-rex from Jurassic PArk, maybe a 1/6 scale….. I love that T-rex….

<kinqcuonq> you guys think pop culture will release a chun li
<Greg_Anzalone> kinqcuonq: please check with Pop Culture because they may in fact have a Chun Li in development

<RavenCrow> Greg: The Back in Black and Iron Spider Spider-Man Polystone were amazing and great additions to my collection. I was wondering if you planned to make more of the Spidey suits along the same line?
<Greg_Anzalone> RavenCrow: there will be additional spider-man polystone down the line

<DarthRage> Then can I have your shirt (assuming it's a Sideshow T?)
<Greg_Anzalone> DarthRage – yes, we are sending you a sideshow shirt, just PM Dennis with the size you prefer and you contact information (Name, address, email)

<SweetPea> Raven–thank you. comment. Greg- Please make Spider-Man 2099 out of the Iron Spider/Symbiote mold. Thanks

<mike37> will we be seeing any more from jurassic park?
<Greg_Anzalone> mike37 – no more jurrassic park planned at the moment, we are moving forward with Sideshow Dinosauria

<Bear> Greg, any plans to reveala MArk III Maquette, a T-rex JP and a new Rambo?????
<@GregAnzalone> Bear: No new Rambo products are planned.

<Bullseye> Greg any news on the Silver Surfer maquette previewed at SDCC
<Greg_Anzalone> Bullseye: stay tuned for more on Silver Surfer, it really looks saweet

<Obi> Any plans for an Obi-Wan Kenobi Episode 4 Life Size Bust? (thank you greg)
<Greg_Anzalone> Obi – Obi-Wan life-size bust – I sense your desire

<RavenCrow> I don't really have any questions, just here to listen in and tell you guys that you're awesome.
<@GregAnzalone> RavenCrow: Thanks for the kind words.  We appreciate your support

<SSC048> did anyone ask about Underworld?
<@GregAnzalone> SSC048: There may have been an Underworld question., but we don't have the license or plans to pursue it.

<ma1138> thank you greg, us Canadian collectors appreciate Sideshow's work
<Greg_Anzalone> ma1138: we know that the Canadian collectors rock and we appreciate the support from our brothers in the north!

<shirtlesschrissarandon> Thanks greg.  Tell the women tough it out, the shirt stays off you're the president.
<Greg_Anzalone> shirtless – the truth is these women here are a lot tougher than me, and they're the ones that demanded the shirt be off if they were gonna type for me

<Nitro> Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, Greg! You have a great staff out there!! Keep up the great work!!

<TheCrystalShip> great – we are looking forward to more joes for years to come then
<@GregAnzalone> TheCrystalShip: Yes, you can be looking forward to more Joes for years to come.

<OscarGungan> Does the Disney license mean we will see Tron in the future?
<@GregAnzalone> OscarGungan: Yes!  We will be doing something for Tron in the future

<Obi> any plans for indiana jones life size bust?

<joem1k> hey greg are the sold out items going to be back up ?

<@GregAnzalone> Blade3327: School? Ahemmmmm….PM SideshowDennis for a Chainsaw Killer just for taking school so seriously.
<Blade3327>  really?
<@SideshowDennis> yep

<SweetPea> Greg-in which episode do I get freed from the servers 😉
<@GregAnzalone> SweetPea: You won't be released until the 'Help Wanted' sequel.

<TheCrystalShip> how about a soupy sales 0- now that he has passed?
<Greg_Anzalone> TheCrystalShip: no soupy sales but we are sorry to see him go

<TheCrystalShip> Hey Greg – how about a Joe for an Nam Army Vet?
<Greg_Anzalone> TheCrystalShip: we have no Joe product in-stock to give away unfortunately 🙁

<jpfreak> i have 1 questin is ssc going to continue the jurassic park line?
<@GregAnzalone> JPfreak: We to are fans of the films, but are moving forward with our own dinosaur line.

<Buff> Greg what's you Sign?

<SweetPea> In Help Watned, is sweet pea free'd by the power of a free abomination PF. j/k

<DarthSnoopy> Just want to say Thanks to Greg & everyone at SSC for having Spooktacular every year! You guys ROCK!!
<@GregAnzalone> DarthSnoopy: I appreciate your comments and am glad to hear you enjoy the event as much as we enjoy hosting it.

<voodoo_papa> Have the emails been sent out yet for The Butcher offer that was just prior to spooktacular?

<featheredserpent> Since other companies dont, why did you decide to do a spooktacular event and christmas giveaways?  They are really great and I have enjoyed them.  I wanted to say thank you for an X-mas gift last year for my parents that was appreciated more than you'll know!!!  Thanks!!!

<bh413> During spooktacular, how do you guys decide what items to give away? I so desire a obi-wan sabotage and it is in-stock – can it be so?

<DocHorror> Any chance that you can stop the Ghost of Michael Jackson from Harassing me on the Spooktacular page…it's getting traumatic

<frankierock> Thanks Greg for your too Dennis..later guys
<@GregAnzalone> Frankierock: Thanks for checking in with us we hope to do this again sooner than later.
<Kit_Fisto> on the last sideshow Q & A you discussed more scum and villany members to the 12-inch line will be coming soon, will we see a Cantina 12-inch environment as well?
<Greg_Anzalone> Kit_Fisto: we may be able to pull off a 12-inch Cantina environment in the future.  It's been discussed, so stay tuned

<SSC854> I wish to thank everyone at Sideshow for all of their work. yoo guys make a lot of collectors happy
<@GregAnzalone> SSC854: Thanks for the kind words.  We are 100% committed to the collectors.

<@GregAnzalone> CelticPredator: Yes, we answered the Firefly question.  There is nothing planned at the moment.

<zimbo> Greg you and your team should all be very proud you have an amazing business going I hope you guys will be here for ever…. 🙂
<@GregAnzalone> zimbo: Yes!  We plan to continue for as long as possible and appreciate the support we receive from around the globe.  Thanks for being there for us.

<RandyB> A Hellraiser cube would be awesome!

<OscarGungan> Have you guys gotten to see any production art from the Thor and Captain America movies yet?

<voodoo_papa> When will the winner for the Lorne offer be posted?

<Entropy> Sideshow is my favorite company by far! Been a happy fan for over 10 years now.

<superdoug> are the remaining lotr lines going strong for you Greg?
<superdoug> and how is the 12" Indy line doing?

<johnnyms> any plans to release LOST products

<Battletroll> Are you exploring more Marvel Civil War products or was the Iron Spider-Man the only one?

<SweetPea> I heard Gambit looks great.

<Faken> I actually have a very unqiue non-license question…  at one point Sideshow was offering all sorts of products from famous actor and not-so-famous potter Lance Henriksen.  Then sudenly all the products vanished from the site and was never mentioned again.  Was there a serious breakdown in that relationship?  It's a real shame, I loved the AvP Tiles and bowls that were being offered.

<joem1k> greg will thier be a remake version of freddy kruger ?

<superdoug> have you guys ever thought of doing prizes of touring your studio for a day or something like that?

<Punkg42> Hello Greg.  Any plans to reprint old volumes of the SS Catalogs?  If not, do you know where I could get Vol 1-9?  🙂

<Nitro> Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions, Greg! You have a great staff out there!! Keep up the great work!!
<@GregAnzalone> Nitro: Thanks for the kind comment.  I too love our staff and believe that they do an awesome job for the community.

<Computerfly> Kratos – One piece deal or more characters in PF?

<Fritz> Hello Greg, My two favorite companies are Sideshow and Weta, any chance at you guys getting back together or has that bridge been burned?  Thanks!

 <SSC794> What should I get for my Sideshow tattoo?

<Clockwork463> do you have any plans to pursue more video game licences in the future?

<pitu> GregAnzalone have you guys thought of doing PFs on Sports? Like Manning, Jordan, Babe Rooth?

<Kenbenobi> help wanted is AWESOME
<Greg_Anzalone> Kenbenobi-away: thanks for the kind words about Help Wanted we had some fun in making it!

<The_Mike> Ah more Questions! @Greg, have you considered using the Hobbit bodies to incorporate children Zombies? Like a dead Girl Scout with body parts and boxes of cookies in a red wagon?

<zombieSpyke> due to my epilepsy i cant get all of the HELP WANTED words any chance of getting a heads up or a hot toys t600 to make up for my seizures that i had from watching it?

<Elder> Will Sideshow ask Hot Toys about distribuing the AVP Snap Kits?

<SSC730> Hey Greg, do you think Sideshow will EVER pick up anything form the DC universe? (i.e. Dark Knight joker PF)
<@GregAnzalone> SSC730: We hope to be working in the DC universe at some point in the future.  It may be the distant future but we will continue to remain hopeful.

<ma1138> Can we see more of Help Wanted star Allison Volk in the future? She is cute!

<Toast> @Greg will there be anymore Butcher give aways? 🙂

<@GregAnzalone> CelticPredator: We will send you a Hot Toys product!  PM Dennis, so he can get your details.
<CelticPredator> WHAT…
<CelticPredator> WOW
<CelticPredator> Holy crap…

<Buff> I'll buy the Abomination PF if there is a discount
<Greg_Anzalone> Buff: we can activate a discount for your abomination purchase… please contact customer service, as we ran an Abomination discount earlier in spook – they should be able to replicate that for you!

<featheredserpent> Since other companies dont, why did you decide to do a spooktacular event and christmas giveaways?  They are really great and I have enjoyed them.  I wanted to say thank you for an X-mas gift last year for my parents that was appreciated more than you'll know!!!  Thanks!!!
<@GregAnzalone> featheredserpent: Thanks for the kind words.  We're glad to do what we do, and hope to continue to run events around Halloween and Christmas, and to giveaway as much as possible.

* HAPPYBOY just wants a single MORT to keep his HAPPY sanity
<Greg_Anzalone> HAPPYBOY: What color Mort do you want?

 <Greg_Anzalone> Thanks for all the great questions – gotta get outta here pretty quick…

<Shropt> Greg, please. It sounds crazy, but can I have a Bossk Bust. I say go big or go home and Sideshow loves to go big and impress their customers!!!

<Greg_Anzalone> shropt – it's your lucky day…. I'm back on but nor for long… not before making your FREAKIN' DAY..
<Greg_Anzalone> YES, you can have a Bossk Bust…

<Greg_Anzalone> mdim: we're happy to do the best we can for your son and the rest of our fans around the globe and appreciate your comments here.

<Greg_Anzalone> zombieSpyke: Yes, you can  have a Hot Toys T-600 since you can't watch Help Wanted – PM Dennis with your contact info (name, shipping, phone, email)

So, what do you guys think?  Hit the comment button below to share your thoughts!


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Sideshow Spooktacular Day 5 – Meg Mucklebones, Lots of Contests and More!

October 26th, 2009

Good evening everyone, here is tonight's rundown of what's been happening at Sideshow's Spooktacular…  we've had a few new goodies and lots of prizes and coupons since the last update, but let's start off with one ugly Legendary Scale Bust.  Here she is, the nasty and slimey Meg Mucklebones from the movie Legend!

In his quest to recover the last unicorn from the Lord of Darkness and rescue Princess Lili, young Jack must travel a perilous course riddled with unexpected obstacles. Reaching a swamp, Jack faces Meg Mucklebones, the water hag. Meg makes clear her plan to eat Jack, scraping her gnarled fingernails along his mirror-like shield, but his silver-tongued flattery distracts the hag from her meal just long enough for Jack to recover his sword from the swamp, allowing his escape.

Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the Meg Mucklebones Legendary Scale Bust. Each piece is individually painted and finished, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles bust. Cast in highest quality polystone, hand-finished and hand-painted to exacting standards, the Meg Mucklebones Legendary Scale bust is a perfect addition to any display.

Product Size: 14" H x 10" W x 9" D
Product Weight: 9.00 lbs

Pick up the evil swamp witch or check out all the photos on Meg's product page by clicking HERE!

Aside from Meg, there's been lots of updates and contests… for those of you following the Word Scavenger Hunt, we are currently at 9 of 20 words.  If you haven't found the most recent, be sure to check out Mistress of the HR and the Help Wanted movies!  There's also been a TON of coupon codes, so be sure to look out for those.  There's saving all over the place!  There's also the T-800 Exclusive figure contest still open, check that out by clicking here.  Tomorrow should be fun, the CEO of Sideshow will be stopping by to chat with us Sideshow freaks in the IRC chat.  Check it out:

As a reminder, we've managed to persuade Sideshow's President and CEO, Greg Anzalone to join our live chat with collectors during Spooktacular! Greg will be on-hand to chat with all of our chatters tomorrow, Tuesday, October 27th, at around 3:30 PM (Pacific Time)! So, get your questions ready and remember to be on your best behavior so that you don't scare him off! Strict chat etiquette will be enforced, meaning no spamming of questions, no foul language, etc. Read all the information through the following link, and we HIGHLY suggest accessing our chat through a dedicated IRC client! (And please give Greg a little break if he doesn't make it in at EXACTLY 3 – he's a busy man!)

That ought to be interesting, I'll see about posting the log of that conversation so those of you that can't catch the chat session don't miss out on what he had to say.

As for prizes, chat and online prizes have been flowing pretty steadily and with 5 days to go, you know the best is yet to come!  I've already managed to haul a VCD Alien, Medicom Han Solo figure and a Sideshow keychain so I'm definitely a happy camper.  I love contests and trivia, BOOYA!

Several products have been revealed and posted for pre-order (you can check the complete list by clicking here) but one of the pieces I am MOST curious about is the mystery Life-Size Bust.  Could it be a Life-Size Gamorrean Bust from Star Wars?  Check out the trailer from Help Wanted:

I'm thinking yes, and if it, AWESOME!  Will he become an addition to the collection?  We shall see…  if quality is king, price is queen, and we all know the woman is ALWAYS right!


Sideshow JUST posted a new Ask Sideshow post and there's some Predator stuff in there!  Read it by clicking HERE!

A. Would you consider creating another statue of the original Predator? I revisit the PF/maquette version that you created a few years ago, and I am still amazed at how beautiful and detailed it was. No on else has come close the quality that you bring to this subject/character, and I am sure I am not alone in this opinion and request!

Q. Absolutely – the original Predator will reappear in full-bodied form, in some format, at some point.

A. As a follow up to your beautiful Predator 1 life-size bust, is there any chance that fans will get a Predator 2 bust in the near future? If so, I would love to see a closed mandible sculpt that has a more aggressive look!

Q. Yes, we do plan to release a Predator 2 Life-Size Bust. We’ll pass along your facial expression suggestion!

OH SWEET MAMMA!!!!!!!!!!  Bring it!!!!!

That's it for tonight gang, see you tomorrow!

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Sideshow Spooktacular Day 2 Comes to a Close, Here’s the Latest!

October 23rd, 2009

Good evening folks!  Day 2 of Sideshow's Spooktacular is just about closed up as the last of us are hanging around in chat hoping for another contest or giveaway!  Be sure to tune in to chat if you can, you can get all the information on how to join up by clicking HERE!  In terms of new products, the only thing that was cool was the ENORMOUS Hulk Buster Iron Man Comiquette, it's a beauty!  The exclusive sold out in 1 minute and 48 seconds!  You can still check out the regular version though…

The latest to join Sideshow's line of Marvel collectibles is the Hulkbuster Iron Man Comiquette. Each piece is individually painted and finished to exacting standards, each with its own unique quality and detail that is the trademark of a handcrafted Sideshow Collectibles product. Perfectly capturing Tony Stark's most formidable armor in approximately 1:6 scale, the Hulkbuster Iron Man Comiquette is a stunning representation of Old Shell Head as the Hulk fighting hero, and is a perfect complement to your favorite Hulk collectible!

Product Size: 21" H x 18" W x 18" D
Product Weight: 15.00 lbs

This thing is MASSIVE, you have to check out the photos of it next to the Hulk PF, it's insane!  Photos and pre-order can be found by clicking HERE!

In addition to the new products, chat finally opened today and we had a few giveaways… they gave out a 12 inch trooper, an LOTR frame and a Spooktacular hat and keychain.  I actually wasn't around tonight so I missed the contests, but it's all good, we'll make up for it later on in the week!  Please make sure you check the contest page though, there's a few new ones that were posted today.  And for those of you participating in the word scavenger hunt, there are currently 3 words out of the 20 that have been added somewhere on the site, so keep an eye out *cough* new videos *cough*.

Some specials have all been posted if you're interested… they have Executive Officer Kane from Alien at $112.49 instead of $149.99 and The Samaritan from Hellboy II is at $339.99 instead of $399.99.

It's great to see the old familiar faces from other chats and Sideshow events… Ozz, Guru, Fury, Happyboy, Shropt, Snake, binny, avfin, Pitu and all the rest, so good to see you guys again!

See you all tomorrow!

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1:1 Alien Warrior Bust
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Death Warrior
Added on: 04-04-2016
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Superman Statue by Prime 1
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Height: 41"
Price: $1999.99 USD
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Armored Batman Premium Format
Added on: 03-27-2016
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Height: 23"
Price: $524.99 USD
Availability: Pre-Order
Additional Notes: Celebrating the epic release of Batman v Superman: Daw...
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