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2007 Article Archive

December 2007

Icon NARIN EXCLUSIVE - All New Death Warrior Predator!

December 26th, 2007


December 23rd, 2007

Icon Pre-Orders! AMAZING Predator Wall Clock, NEW S.Hayes Predator 2, Alien Relief Plaque and more!

December 20th, 2007

Icon Brand NEW Photos of our Predator 1 Costume and the HT Battle Damaged Predator 2 Announced!

December 14th, 2007

Icon Shop Update - New Celtic and Chopper Kits Are IN!

December 14th, 2007

Icon HCG Presents Official 25th Anniversary Predator Machete!

December 11th, 2007

Icon Hot Toys AvP-R Figures are UP FOR PRE-ORDER! Wolf Predator, Alien and Hybrid All Posted!

December 1st, 2007

November 2007

Icon MEGA AUCTION UPDATE! Complete line of all Hot Toys 14 Inch Figures Released to Date!

November 30th, 2007

Icon MEGA AUCTION UPDATE: Kre8-FX Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface Mask!

November 25th, 2007

Icon ANOTHER KIT ADDED! HUGE Ringo So Predator 1 Bust Kit Painted by Joe Evans!

November 25th, 2007

Icon THE MEGA AUCTION SALE CONTINUES: Argonauts Predator 2 Kit Painted by Joe Dunaway On the Block!

November 25th, 2007

Icon MEGA AUCTION UPDATE: Scoop up a 1:6 Scale Billiken AvP Predator Kit Built and Painted by Joe Dunaway!

November 25th, 2007

Icon MORE MEGA AUCTIONS! Brand New Kre8-FX AvP Celtic Predator Bio Helmet!

November 25th, 2007

Icon THE MEGA AUCTION SALE CONTINUES: HUGE Pex Designs P2 Professionally Painted Kit!

November 25th, 2007

Icon THE MEGA AUCTION SALE CONTINUES: 2 Kotobukiya Predator 2 Vinyl Kits Up For Grabs!

November 25th, 2007

Icon THE MEGA AUCTION SALE CONTINUES: COMPLETE McFarlane Alien and Predator Collection!

November 25th, 2007

Icon The auctions have started! First up is a 12" Mandarin Spawn Toys R' Us Exclusive!

November 25th, 2007

Icon Presents our FIRST Super Auction Sale on eBay!

November 24th, 2007

Icon Sideshow 1:1 AvP-R Wolf Predator Bust is UP FOR PRE-ORDER and NECA Shows Off New Pics of their Figures!

November 16th, 2007

Icon Artist Watch: Al's Gun Predator and Upcoming Kits from Monster in the Machine!

November 11th, 2007

Icon Predatorstuff Reviews the Narin Axertor Kit, Built by Joe Dunaway!

November 9th, 2007

Icon Sideshow Reveals More Photos of the Predalien Maquette and Announces Wolf Predator Bust!

November 8th, 2007

Icon Time to Get Eradicated! Reviews Narin's Eradicate Predator Kit

November 5th, 2007

Icon First Photos of the NECA AvP-R "Wolf" Predator Masked Edition Starting to Trickle In!

November 2nd, 2007

Icon AvP 2 PredAlien News - New Products from Sideshow and NECA!

November 1st, 2007

October 2007

Icon Predatorstuff Reviews the Hot Toys Predator 2 14" Figure

October 29th, 2007

Icon NECA Posts Some Official News on Their Upcoming AvP-R Figures!

October 28th, 2007

Icon Predatorstuff Reviews the Super Edge Predator 1 Invisible Hunter Kit Painted by Joe Dunaway (and a bit by me)!

October 26th, 2007


October 25th, 2007

Icon Hot Toys BOMBS on Elder on Throne 'Statue' - Here's a Video Review!

October 23rd, 2007

Icon Sneak Peek at the Upcoming AvP-R NECA Figures Featured in ToyFare Magazine

October 16th, 2007

Icon All New Narin AvP Kits are Coming! New Celtic and Chopper and They are UP FOR PRE-ORDER!

October 11th, 2007

Icon Sneak Peek at the Upcoming AvP-R 2008 Calendar Shows a Bit More Pred Face!

October 11th, 2007

September 2007

Icon Alien Experience AvP-R Poster Contest and Sideshow Collectibles General Update!

September 28th, 2007

Icon New AvP-R Official Poster Released and New Sideshow Aliens Diorama Up for Pre-Order!

September 25th, 2007

Icon More Aliens Invading Predatorstuff! Alien 4 Kits Have Arrived In-Stock!

September 20th, 2007

Icon Batman: Dead End... Predatorstuff looks at this cult classic short film and we've got the screen-used Big Red bio up for grabs!

September 19th, 2007

Icon Birthday Suprise! Custom Machiko Kitbash Birthday Present from Al!

September 18th, 2007

Icon NEW ITEMS IN STOCK! Hunt for Hunt, Axertor, Long Spear and barbarian Narin Kits Have Arrived!

September 14th, 2007

Icon Our First Round of AvP Costumes are Almost Done! Here's Some Sneak Peeks!

September 11th, 2007

Icon And the winner is.....

September 10th, 2007

Icon JUST ARRIVED! Fully painted Urban Hunter P2 Kit sample has arrived and it's for sale! Also have a fully built P2 and AvP Celtic Helmet from my Collection for Sale!

September 6th, 2007

Icon PredatorStuff Reviews the Sideshow Toys 1:1 T2 Endo Bust - Combat Edition!

September 5th, 2007

August 2007

Icon Ask Ian Whyte Your AvP Questions and Sideshow Posts the AvP-R Prop Replica Quicktime VR Tours!

August 31st, 2007

Icon and Sideshow Collectibles Presents the Predator Trivia Contest!

August 27th, 2007

Icon AvP 2 Trailer is OUT!

August 24th, 2007

Icon Hot Toys P2 Elder is UP FOR PRE-ORDER!

August 23rd, 2007

Icon New Arrival! I have 1 Fewture Ancient Bust Kit Available (ONLY 1)!

August 17th, 2007

Icon Hot Toys P2 Elder Preview Posted on Sideshow and New Photos Released!

August 17th, 2007

Icon New Arrival! Model in the House Presents the Charging Predator Kit!

August 14th, 2007

Icon Final Painted Sample Photos of the Urban Hunter Kit are In!

August 12th, 2007

Icon The P2 Has Sold!

August 12th, 2007

Icon P2 Suit Still Available and Bio Pic Update!

August 6th, 2007

Icon New Urban Hunter Detail Shots, Ringo So Bust Review, HCG Predator Reminder, more Cinemaquette Photos AND NECA is Doing AvP2 Figs

August 1st, 2007

July 2007

Icon PREORDER INFO - Predatorstuff 1:4 Scale P2 Kit!

July 31st, 2007

Icon AvP and AvP2 Props from Sideshow NOW UP FOR PRE-ORDER!

July 29th, 2007

Icon Another Teaser Shot of the Urban Hunter P2 Kit!

July 29th, 2007

Icon Announces Our First Produced Kit: The Ultimate P2 Predator Kit! Also, new stock for the shop!

July 27th, 2007

Icon ONE TIME OFFER! A Fully Built and Painted Predator 2 Costume Ready to Ship NOW!

July 26th, 2007

Icon STOP THE PRESSES! The First Full Look at the Cinemaquette Predator and Hot Toys P2 Elder!

July 26th, 2007

Icon Spawn Full Size Collector Bust! Latex Mounted & Painted and Ready to Display!

July 25th, 2007

Icon Sideshow Toys Announces AvP and AvP 2 Prop Replicas!

July 25th, 2007

Icon Predator 1 Mothership by Dan and Latest Goodies from Sideshow and More!

July 23rd, 2007

Icon New Shop Items - Just received EXTREMELY rare Doll and Hobby Pred kits!

July 18th, 2007

Icon Inventory has started to arrive! Shipping Starts Monday!

July 14th, 2007

Icon It's Back! The Biggunns Wall Mount is now available for order and shipping!

July 11th, 2007

Icon New Cinemaquette Photos Out of the Predator 1 Maquette!

July 8th, 2007

Icon Aliens Invade PredatorStuff! 1:2 Scale Alien Egg and Facehugger Kit in the Shop!

July 5th, 2007

Icon Says Goodbye to the Spawn Forums

July 3rd, 2007

Icon Predatorstuff Reviews the Fewture Ancient Bust and Update on the New Narin Exclusives!

July 2nd, 2007

June 2007

Icon New Arrivals in the Shop! Narin Exclusives Axertor Seated and Spearaizer are In-Stock!

June 28th, 2007

Icon Update on Cinemaquette Predator 1 Piece!

June 27th, 2007


June 20th, 2007

Icon Cinemaquette Predator 1 Maquette Sneak Peek Photo Released!

June 11th, 2007

Icon Hot Toys Predator 2 Figure Now Available for Pre-Order at Sideshow!

June 8th, 2007

Icon Narin Female Samurai Predator Now In Stock and Ready to Ship!

June 6th, 2007

May 2007

Icon Pre-Order the Narin Hunt for Hunt Kit now on!

May 31st, 2007

Icon The shop is open! We're ready for business and taking orders!

May 28th, 2007

Icon Monsterz Exclusive P2 is IN-STOCK and Shipping Now!

May 24th, 2007

Icon Hot Toys Officially Announces 14" Predator 2 Figure!

May 22nd, 2007

Icon Predatorstuff reviews the Ancient Flashback Bio by Biohunter!

May 18th, 2007

Icon Sideshow Elder on Throne Statue - You Pre-Order Yours?

May 16th, 2007

Icon Temporary Sales Area Now Open!

May 9th, 2007

Icon Big update on all things Predatorstuff! Shop stock and more!

May 8th, 2007

April 2007

Icon Releases All New Predator 2 Kit Exclusive!

April 25th, 2007

Icon Raptor Arts Releases their Alienated II Bio!

April 19th, 2007

Icon More Hot Toys Predators on the way for Predator 2!

April 12th, 2007

Icon General Update on the Shop!

April 3rd, 2007

March 2007

Icon Why are some Narin Kits Hollow Cast and others are Solid?

March 21st, 2007

Icon The Store is Coming!

March 16th, 2007

Icon Killer Kits Kong and Howard's Yoda Have Arrived!

March 13th, 2007

Icon Reference Area Corrections and the Original Super Edge kit Added!

March 13th, 2007

Icon PredatorStuff's First Official Sell: TheBiggunns Predator Wall Mount has Arrived!

March 3rd, 2007

Icon Daniel Wagner - The ILM Professional Specials Effects Guy Bit by the Predator Bug!

March 1st, 2007

February 2007

Icon SPECIAL REPORT: Ian Brings Us Up to Speed on All Things Narin!

February 28th, 2007

Icon back up and running!

February 19th, 2007

Icon The SuperEdge 2007 Edition Predator 1 Kit is Out!

February 16th, 2007

Icon We've got kits, kits and MORE kits! New goodies for 2007!

February 15th, 2007

Icon Cinemaquette Give Us a Taste of Predator Statue Goodness at Toyfair 2007!

February 11th, 2007

Icon Fewture Ancient Predator Repaint Has Arrived! Here's the Review!

February 9th, 2007

Icon Joe Dunaway Goes All Out on a Narin Female 2 Kit!

February 7th, 2007

Icon Flamed Porsche - Paul Francis is Back with his Exciting Porsche Helmet Designs!

February 6th, 2007

Icon Jensen/Pirkle Release the Highly Anticipated UBBER AvP Cannon!

February 5th, 2007

Icon Kevin's Predator Project - The True Spirit of Costume Building from Scratch!

February 2nd, 2007

January 2007

Icon Mel 'Thebiggunns' is Back with the Ultimate Elder Predator Mask!

January 26th, 2007

Icon Sideshow Announces 100 Hot Toys Blister Exclusive Ancient Predator Pre-Orders! GO!

January 26th, 2007

Icon New Fewture Predator Bust and Presenting the All-New Hunters Lair!

January 10th, 2007

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1:1 Newborn Alien Bust
Added on: 06-08-2016
Company: CoolProps
Height: 20.5
Price: $1199.99 USD
Availability: Affiliate Sale
Additional Notes: Sideshow and CoolProps are pleased to present the Alie...
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1:1 Alien Warrior Bust Blue Edition
Added on: 06-07-2016
Company: CoolProps
Height: 18"
Price: $1299.99 USD
Availability: Affiliate Sale
Additional Notes: Sideshow and CoolProps are pleased to present the Alie...
(Read More)

1:1 Alien Warrior Bust
Added on: 06-07-2016
Company: CoolProps
Height: 18"
Price: $1199.99 USD
Availability: Affiliate Sale
Additional Notes: Sideshow and CoolProps are pleased to present the Alie...
(Read More)

Darth Maul Premium Format SSX
Added on: 06-07-2016
Company: Sideshow Collectibles
Height: 19.5
Price: $519.99 USD
Availability: Affiliate Sale
Additional Notes: Darth Maul may be one of the greatest villains to emer...
(Read More)

Hot Toys Rocket Figure
Added on: 03-14-2016
Company: Sideshow Collectibles
Height: 6.3"
Price: $189.99 USD
Availability: Affiliate Sale
Additional Notes: Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to introd...
(Read More)

King Alien Maquette
Added on: 05-12-2016
Company: Sideshow Collectibles
Height: 20
Price: $999.99 USD
Availability: Affiliate Sale
Additional Notes: Working in direct partnership with Legacy Effects, the...
(Read More)

Ellen Ripley Aliens Figure
Added on: 05-10-2016
Company: Hot Toys
Height: 12"
Price: $229.99 USD
Availability: Affiliate Sale
Additional Notes: 2016 is a special year for Alien fans as this year mar...
(Read More)

Death Warrior
Added on: 04-04-2016
Company: Narin
Height: 1:6 - 17 Inches
Price: $369.99 USD
Availability: Special Order
Stock: 5
Additional Notes: Absolutely INCREDIBLE piece sculpted, produced and dis...
(Read More)

Superman Statue by Prime 1
Added on: 03-27-2016
Company: Sideshow Collectibles
Height: 41"
Price: $1999.99 USD
Availability: Pre-Order
Additional Notes: "Stay down! If I wanted it, you'd be dead already!"(Read More)

Armored Batman Premium Format
Added on: 03-27-2016
Company: Sideshow Collectibles
Height: 23"
Price: $524.99 USD
Availability: Pre-Order
Additional Notes: Celebrating the epic release of Batman v Superman: Daw...
(Read More)

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