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Predatorstuff Reviews the New Sideshow & ADI AVP-R Shuriken and Plasma Cannon!

February 27th, 2008

Good morning gang! This morning I would like to share with you a couple of new arrivals that dropped by on Monday and that I am quite pleased about. I’m actually sick as a dog, but as always, the collecting world doesn’t care about illness! Through blood, sweat and tears (and a VERY runny nose), we must continue to battle through the hordes of crapola to bring you the truth about what’s hot and what’s not. OK maybe it’s not THAT dramatic, but the Oscar’s just finished up, so I’m allowed a tiny bit of theatrics… if anything, humor me, I’m sick.

Let’s start the fun with the very impressive Plasma Cannon piece… weighing in at around 10lbs and measuring 20 inches long, you’ve got a kick-ass replica that can double as a security device used to bash in the head of a home invader. It’s extremely solid and heavy and feels like a good quality piece. This is a limited edition piece, set at 500 castings and is currently sold out at Sideshow, although they do have a wait list going you can join if you want to try your luck.

Here is the official description from Sideshow:

Sideshow is proud to partner with Amalgamated Dynamics Inc (ADI) to bring you the Aliens VS Predator Prop Replica line, featuring some of the most advanced weaponry and armor ever conceived for the Predator arsenal. Each prop replica is an exact 1:1 reproduction of the original screen used prop, as created by ADI.

The Plasma Cannon Prop Replica is cast in high quality polystone, and features a light-up display feature. The piece is complete with a display stand that can be displayed on your desktop, or mounted on your wall. Each piece is hand-cast, hand-finished, and hand-painted to exacting standards, then individually hand-numbered.

Artist(s): Amalgamated Dynamics Inc (ADI), Farzad Varahramyan, Nick Seldon, Yuri Everson, Chris Ayers

Product Size: Product Size: Approx. 20″ L (508mm) x 3.25″ W (83mm) x 7″ H (178mm)
Display Base Size: Approx. 16.5″ L (419mm) x 5.25″ W (133mm) x 6.75″ D (171mm)*
Est. Box Size: Approx. 22″ L (559mm) x 12.5″ W (318mm) x 6.5″ D (165mm)*
Product Weight: 10.00 lbs (4.32 Kg)

The overall piece has wonderful detailing all over, with glyphs and other symbols and the smooth metal with hammered textured areas looks awesome. No fingerprints in the paint and no brushhairs or lint clinging to anything, so I’m happy about that. In an amusing after-thought, I can’t help but notice that this thing looks like a space-age cordless drill from behind, with the big ol’ 14.4 volt batter pack and all. The base is also very heavy and looks great! Beautifully sculpted with great details and they had the intelligence to pad the cradle arms with rubber so the cannon doesn’t slide around or get scratched up. The base is also numbered on the bottom and like all the other prop pieces in this series, it can be wall mounted.

Ah but wait, the cool stuff doesn’t end there… We’ve got some light-up action with a cocking barrel for some backyard AVPR fun!

Before you keep on reading, I recorded a little video for you guys… it’s a quick mini-review I recorded but the main part is to show you how the cannon power-up sequence works. So if you want to check that out, click here to download the video.

The cannon features a light up sequence just like in the movie when the cannon is charging before use. There are no sounds (you can make you’re own like I do) but it’s still cool to show the LADIES! On one side of the rounded plasma generator section is a magnetized lid that just pops off, and your batteries are in there (remember you have to open the battery housing up and pull out the plastic tab when you first get this). The other side has a round switch disguised as part of the sculpt details that you push in to activate the lights. You then cock the barrel back and the light-up sequence starts. Hours of fun to be had here! Once you’re done, push the barrel slide back to the front and hit the switch again to shut it off.

So what’s my overall opinion? Fantastic piece and worth every nickel… $250 for a film accurate cannon with this kind of quality AND lights AND a base is a bargain, especially considering this is a licensed release. So a huge congratulations to ADI (Producer) and to Sideshow (Distributor) on this piece, it’s a FANTASTIC replica and a welcomed addition to my collection. Oh and yes, I pay for all this just like everyone else… I don’t get special treatment from Sideshow or anything, despite my constant complaining to them about it 😉

Click on the photo icon below for more photos of this AWESOME cannon!

Next is the Shuriken!

I have wanted an AVP style Shuriken for AGES, but for whatever reasons, I was never able to get one despite several replicas made by fans of the movies. They were either too expensive or didn’t look right etc… Well, looks like all those delays had a reason, because now I have an AWESOME film accurate one and it only cost $250! At just over 20 inches long, this is a HUGE piece and it’s another sweet addition to the AVPR prop series being released by Sideshow and ADI. The Shuriken also comes with two really nice bases… one for shelf mount and another one for wall mounting. Here’s the official specs from Sideshow:

Sideshow is proud to partner with Amalgamated Dynamics Inc (ADI) to bring you the Aliens VS Predator Prop Replica line, featuring some of the most advanced weaponry and armor ever conceived for the Predator arsenal. Each prop replica is an exact 1:1 reproduction of the original screen used prop, as created by ADI.

The Shuriken Prop Replica is cast in high quality polystone and dense flexible PU. The piece is complete with two display stands: one that can be displayed on your desktop, and one that can be mounted on your wall. Each piece is hand-cast, hand-finished, and hand-painted to exacting standards, then individually hand-numbered.

Artist(s): Amalgamated Dynamics Inc (ADI), Nick Seldon, Matt Killen, Chris Ayers

Product Size: Product Size: Approx. 20″ W (508mm) x 1″ D (25mm)
Display Base Size: Approx. 10.5″ H (267mm) x 6.5″ W (165mm) x 6.75″ D (171mm) *

Est. Box Size: Approx. 23″ L (584mm) x 17″ W (432mm) x 9″ D (229mm)*

Est. Product Ship Weight: 10.00 lbs (4.32 Kg)

Despite this piece being REALLY nice and seems like a good quality production run like the cannon, I do have 2 little issues… one is kind of significant, the other is my personal taste.

Problem 1: This has been mentioned by pretty much everyone that gets this piece… the ends of the blades to not fit snugly in to the Shuriken handle and fall out. No idea why, but someone pooched something in the design house. I don’t know if this is because of shrinkage from the molding process (It probably is exactly that now that I think of it) but the blade ends are definitely too thin. When you first get the prop in the box, the round Shuriken housing is separate from the blades. You have to insert the end of each blade in to slots along the top of the Shuriken housing. There is no difference between the blades and they do not appear to have a specific placement. You will notice that when you insert the ends in to the slots, they simply loosely slide in for the most part, and when you tilt or move the Shuriken around, they simply fall out of the slots. This could be a REAL disaster if one falls out and hits your ceramic floor… your Shuriken will be one blade short of a full deck.

You have a couple of options to fix this… you can either use a little drop of super glue to hold them in place, or you can use a little piece of paper and fold it over the ends a bit and it will add just enough width to the blade so that it slides in tight enough to stay put, but will still come out again when you pull on the blades.

So this isn’t exactly the armageddon, but it’s still a pain when you don’t like assembling your props *raises hand*

Problem 2: Again, this is personal taste, but the weathering seems to be too harsh for me. Call me crazy, but when I see the Shurikens on-screen, they seem to be a dirty chrome, especially in AVP. AVPR is so dark it’s hard to see anything, but in AVP you clearly see the Shuriken and it’s a shiny chrome with some aging. For those of you that own the Sideshow Combat Edition Endo Bust, this is exactly the finish I mean. But this piece has some CRAZY weathering, and to me it’s overdone… it looks like the thing was dropped in mud, was left out in the sun to dry and VOILA, it’s aged. It still looks nice, but I personally think a lighter, less splotchy aged finish would have looked better.

So other than these two items, it’s a bad-ass piece and another beauty in my collection.

As I mentioned earlier, this particular prop comes with two bases… the main stand used to show it on a flat surface (shown above) and a smaller wall-mount stand should you want this baby hanging from your wall. The base is again quite heavy and beautifully sculpted and painted.

Overall, this piece warrants another round of applause for Sideshow and ADI, but they definitely should have addressed the fact that the blades do not slide in place securely. I assume they only discovered it once the production run had begun, and that was more or less the point of no return. I’m just guessing mind you… All the same though, definitely a great piece and the price is EXTREMELY reasonable.

Ready for the pics? Click the icon below for more shots of this beauty:

So that’s if for this review guys! Please click the comment icon below and use the form to share your thoughts on this review or on these items, I would love to hear from you. Thanks again for reading and I look forward to bringing you my next article, featuring what I think is one of the most underrated Predator kits ever made!

Peace and love (and more Kleenex),

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Predator Stuff Presents the Ancient Predator

July 16th, 2014

Here is yet another very cool statue manufactured by the good folks at Hot Toys and presented here by Predator Stuff.  This movie accurate statue is from the Aliens v. Predator movie featured in the “Predators teach humans to build pyramids” scene.  Normally these statues have a long lead time but not here.  This statue will be available in AUGUST.   So, do not delay, order yours today or you will end up paying twice the price on ebay six months from now.

Some of the statue features are:

  • 1/6 scale, 14″ tall (349.76mm)
  • 22 Points of articulation
  • Net on body, arms and legs
  • Two detachable bio helmets – one embossed – both with LED light-up functions
  • Shoulder canon, extendable spear, dagger with sheath, extended blades and shuriken

Sharper Image

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Predatorstuff Reviews the new Predators Movie!

July 12th, 2010

Good morning boys and girls, welcome to my soap box, my pile of pennies, my verbalicious review of the new Predators movie that was released in theaters on Friday, July 9th 2010. I had my daughter over this weekend so I was unable to catch the film on opening night but I finally made it out last night and I am ready to spew forth my thoughts on the movie, just in case you were wondering what I thought.

Predators is currently rated at 65% on the tomatometer over at, which is a hell of a lot better than Alien vs Predator (21%) and Alien vs Predator Requiem (12%) and reviews posted so far range almost evenly from god awful to glorious. Over at the Lair, we’ve got a thread going where Predators fanatics from around the world are sharing their reviews and opinions, you can check that out by clicking HERE!

So, want to see what I had to say? You’ll need to click on the link below to read the review due to massive spoilers…

Read the rest of this entry »

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Predatorstuff Introduces the new Nightmare Collectibles Alpha Hunter Kit!

May 27th, 2009

Hi all! My good friend Mark of Nightmare Collectibles has just announced a brand new AWESOME kit based off the Wolf in AVPR and it’s called the Alpha Hunter. Finally, we get to see a Wolf kit with that cool whip of his!

Alpha Hunter

Unveiled at this year’s Wonderfest, Mark was able to bring in 5 brand new castings of this exciting new kit featuring both a Shuriken action pose or you can change it up and have him holding the alien tail whip, ready to rip apart the next xenomorph that happens to get in his way. Sculpted by Kent Kidwell in 1:6 scale, this kit includes the full figure with an open mouth head, base, the shuriken, the full whip as well as a coiled whip you can attach for the Shuriken pose, twin cannons and the AvP style Combi Stick. In addition to the work by Kent, the base was sculpted by Ian Dickson and additional detailing on the kit performed by Joe Dunaway Anthony Veilleux, with casting services provided by Cellar Cast and G-Force.

Mister Joe Dunaway was able to get his hands on the first casting and put together a KILLER build-up that was on display at Wonderfest and it really shows off the amazing details put in the scarring on the head and armored areas on the body.

Alpha Hunter

Alpha Hunter is now available for sale right in our shop and ships directly from Mark in the USA, click here for all the pics and/or to place an order!

Enjoy and congrats to Mark on this cool new release!

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Coming Soon from Hot Toys… Machiko Noguchi!

July 11th, 2008

I’m a bit behind the ball on this, but fear not, it’s not available for order yet so you haven’t missed out on anything yet! It appears Hot Toys is doing some AvP Alternative Universe goodies, because they are releasing a BADASS Machiko Noguchi figure.

Here’s the official scoop from Hot Toys:

Hot Toys – Hot Angel x Movie Masterpiece Series – MMS 74
AVP – SHE PREDATOR – MACHIKO collectible model kit

Hot Toys is proud to announce a brand new product line – HOT ANGEL, featuring sexy female characters in highly detailed outfit.
The debut of the line is SHE PREDATOR – MACHIKO.

SHE PREDATOR – MACHIKO is an original character designed by Hot Toys, inspired by the female character from the AVP comics.

Story behind SHE PREDATOR – MACHIKO project:

With the impact of the first AVP movie, Hot Toys continues the mission of the character- LEX and developed SHE PREDATOR – MACHIKO. MACHIKO is configured as a Human Warrior, recognized by the Scar Predator, who giving her the scars on her face, mask and ALIEN head featured shield. Given the Predator’s strengths and weapons and follow the mission of Predators, SHE PREDATOR- MAHIKO guards and fights against ALIENS………. THE STORY- TO BE CONTINUE …..

This full geared SHE PREDATOR – MACHIKO stands approximate 30 cm tall, features a NEWLY developed Hot Toys female body and over 20 points of articulation, a fabric net body suit with detailed armor. It also features:

+ Weapons:
– one articulated shoulder cannons
– Extendable spear
– Closed Shuriken
– Wrist blades

+ Accessories:
– Predator mask features with warrior scar
– Sword with sheath
– Skull necklace
– Neck Wrap
– Alien head featured shield
– Each model comes with Predator skull featured display base

NOTE: Simple assembly required

Release date: Q3, 2008

Character Concept by Howard Chan
Character Design by JOSEPH TSANG
Armor and Accessories Sculpt by JOSEPH TSANG
Head Sculpt by YULLI
Head Art Directed by JC HONG

Alien vs. Predator TM & © 2008
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved.

You can’t officially order this yet, but magazines and forums have been spreading around a ton of images from recent conventions and previews. I’ll be sure to announce when you can pre-order these from Sideshow, but in the meantime you can checkout all the photos I’ve been able to scavenge by clicking the icon below:

Be sure to click the comment icon and share your thoughts on this latest Hot Toys figure! Enjoy!


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PredatorStuff Reviews The Wolf Exclusive Kit Painted by Joe Dunaway!

February 18th, 2008

Alright folks… strap yourself in and get ready to drool over the latest build-up that arrived TODAY from Joe Dunaway! It’s the amazing build-up of the exclusive Wolf kit we are selling here on and this is honestly one of the best pieces I own from Joe, it’s absolutely SICK!

First off, if you haven’t seen this kit yet, it was announced last week in this post and it is a gorgeous 1:5 scale kit of the Wolf Predator from AVP-R sculpted by Narin and released exclusively here on for a run of 100 kits. Pre-orders were posted last week as well and stock is expected to start arriving in 3 weeks in batches of 15 kits per week until the run is out of production. This piece was sent directly from the manufacturer to Joe Dunaway to build up for the cover-art and general advertising of this piece, so this is actually the first time I see a casting of this in person!

Before unwrapping, it was obvious this is a bigger kit than you would normally expect to get from Narin. The box Joe used to ship was huge and fairly heavy, so I could already tell the size was going to be awesome. While I know some of you were asking if we would be making a Wolf kit in scale with the recent Hybrid we released with an interlocking base, and I did think that was a cool idea, I wanted the Wolf to be a bit bigger and more impressive size wise. Once I got it unwrapped, it was obvious that my wishes were fulfilled, because the solid cast piece definitely has some great size and looks 100% kick-ass!

The kit is over 14″ tall, including the base and it’s very heavy. With this bad-boy in my display case, it’s clear that the kit is a bigger scale than the usual Narin kits… in fact the only kits close to this size are the Eradicate and Barbarian kits, which are both fairly huge kits.

The second thing you notice is the insane detail put in to this sculpt… I know when this was being sculpted and I have absolutely no idea how narin was able to get this level of detail and accuracy in the kit when there was barely a single screenshot of the Predator posted online. Everything from the whip to the claymores to the spikes on the back of the calves are crisp and accurately detailed and the effect is amplified by Joe’s painting skills. I honestly have no idea how Joe paints like this, it’s simply beyond words just how gorgeous his work is and quite frankly, worth every penny. I’ve been working on a new photo technique using backlit backdrops, which you can see in the two photos posted above, and people are telling me they look like high resolution movie stills! Granted I know what I’m doing with the camera, but the photos are only as good as the piece I’m photographing. If you’ve ever had any doubts, toss them out now… Joe is the king of Predator buildups.

Going back to the kit, the detailing on the weapons are awesome and are really impressive once combined and added to the kit. You get the dual cannons, 6 claymores (you can attach as many or as little as you like because the Bandolier has all the sculpted details underneath so you see the clips where the claymore was attached), the whip, the spear, 3 collapsed shurikens and even the vial of dissolving liquid nestled in a pouch on his belt. What I really like is how sturdy the spear is… it’s not flimsy at all and stays straight once assembled. I can’t stand kits and figures with shitty spears that are all bent and warped once attached to the kit. The spear is actually 3 parts… you have the hand and handle as one piece, then the two halves. Once assembled, the spear measures just over 15″ in length!

The kit also includes a simple but well sculpted forest style base, representing the beginning of the movie when the Predator destroys the crashed ship and tracking down the escaped facehuggers and PredAlien.

Now, I haven’t seen a raw, unpainted casting in person, so I asked Joe what he thought about the casting quality and clean-up of the kit… here’s what he had to say:

The castings for the wolf kit are amazing….the seamlines are faint and easy to remove and there were only a couple of little air holes that needed putty filling. Assembly was also a snap! All the pieces fit together nice and snug, however, some light putty work was needed to connect the legs to the body.

So once again, Narin absolutely blows me away with his sculpting abilities and there’s just not enough good things I can say about my good friend Joe Dunaway. I had a lot of fun photographing this piece with the backdrops, so if you want to check out all the new pics, please click on the photo icon below:

Thanks again to Joe who pretty much dropped everything to paint this for me in under a week and sent it out right away so I could have my way with it! To check out Joe’s portfolio or to hire him for a build-up, check out his site at If you would like to buy this kit, you can order it from our shop by clicking HERE!

That’s it for this review guys, thanks for reading and please be sure to click the comment button below to leave me your feedback!


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The Wolf is HERE! Announces the Exclusive New AvP-R Wolf Predator Kit!

February 8th, 2008

OK I admit I am being a naughty bot and I’m announcing this a few days earlier than expected. The painted sample was done quicker than expected by by good friend Joe Dunaway and the photos were just too kick-ass, so it’s time to roll out the red carpet for the WOLF!

Sculpted by Narin with the obsessive attention to detail, this MASSIVE kit was set in 1:5 scale, making this piece 14.5″ tall even though the Wolf is in a slightly crouched attack position. Cast in solid semi-coldcast resin, this sculpt is dead on the movie and includes all the trademark weapons from the film, including 6 claymores, the dual plasma cannons, whip, dissolving liquid, closed Shurikens and of course the trademark spear and wrist blades. The kit also includes a forest base in a thick hollow casting.

You just have to see this kit to appreciate the extreme detail Narin has put in to the sculpt, it’s nothing short of mind boggling how good this guy is.

You can also count on easy assembly, with tiny seamlines you can remove with a finger nail and minimal putty work. As Joe Dunaway put it “This is the kind of castings kit junkies dream of!” and he also noted that this kit is much bigger than the usual scale Narin works in. Narin typically works in large 1:6 scale format, but I specifically requested something a bit bigger for this piece as I knew it would be an iconic character that many would want. I know many folks bashed the new AVP-R movie, but I don’t think there’s much doubt that the Wolf was absolutely kick-ass in every way. Now you can make him part of your kit collection by ordering him in our shop HERE!

Please note we are accepting pre-orders as of today and stock is expected to start arriving in batches of 12 per week starting the first week of March. All orders will processed in the order they are received and I am expecting a total of 100 units.

Ready to order? You can buy it by clicking here in our shop or you can click the icon below to check out all the photos from Joe:

Thanks guys for being so patient with this release… I’ve been so excited to get this done and I really hope that the extra efforts we took in accuracy and casting quality show in the final piece you get. Enjoy and please feel free to post a comment by clicking the comment button below.


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Predatorstuff Reviews the Sideshow AVP-R Wolf Predator Bio Helmet!

January 22nd, 2008

After a lot of anticipation and waiting for the FedEx delivery guy, the Wolf helmet has FINALLY arrived fresh from the Sideshow warehouse today and was quickly ushered in to the photo studio for some candid shots and intimate interview. Here’s the shots and thoughts on the latest Predator prop replica from ADI and Sideshow…

I have been very anxious to finally get my hands on these props that ADI is producing for Sideshow, especially the helmet, so I’m rather pleased that the helmet is what shipped out first. One thing I found rather interesting as I unpacked it is that this is the first time I get a Sideshow piece that is not in a retail box. Normally Sideshow pieces are packaged in a retail box with some printed graphics, then that box is bagged and packed in a shipping box. But in this case, both the shipping box and retail box are just plain brown boxes… Not that I care though. Maybe Sideshow realized most folks don’t care and toss these huge boxes, so they’re saving a few bucks by not bothering with a flashy retail box.

Anyhow, the first thing I noticed is how AWESOME the base is! Now this may sound weird, but I want to talk about the base first… the entire piece weighs about 20lbs, and 17lbs of that is the base. It weighs a TON! If you’re thinking of wall mounting this, you’d better be using dry wall plugs or find a wall stud, because this base will need some serious support. So obviously the base is super sturdy and could potentially kill someone if it fell off the wall, but it’s also BEAUTIFULLY sculpted. The styling and refined lines of the sculpt have a gorgeous overall smooth look to it… it’s a wonderful merge of hammered textures and a soft brushed metal finish. The base gets top marks in every way.

Oh but wait, there’s more to the base to talk about! The helmet connects to it with MAGNETS, so you can easily pop the helmet on and off, and because the base has two connection points, the magnet system works both with the base sitting on your desk OR if it’s wall mounted! If you wall mount it, it pulls off just like in the movie! The other nice point is that the base isn’t enormous… it’s the perfect size and doesn’t require any additional display space for nothing. Whoever designed the base definitely had their thinking cap! So in summary, the base is brilliant… top marks in terms of build, sculpt, paint and overall aesthetics. Just a big ol’ WOW.

Next up is the helmet itself, and it is no less impressive. The first thing to hit me is the overall detailing of the helmet, which is magnificent. The helmet is covered in scratches, cracks and all kinds of physical battle damage and the effect is completely kick ass. Combine that with some engraved ruins on the crown and you know that someone over at ADI spent a hell of a lot of time on this sculpt. The casting is very clean and crisp and the details pop out beautifully. I was also impressed that the back of the helmet is also finished in a black hammered texture even though you’ll never see that part of the prop. ADI used the original molds to create this helmet, so you’re getting dead-on accuracy and the sculpt is stunning.

Before I received this helmet, I was reading some reviews from other folks that received the helmet a day or two ago and I was starting to get worried as a few people complained about the paint application of the helmet and that it was sloppy. Well as someone who is used to Joe Dunaway style paint jobs, I expect very clean and professional paint jobs, so I was prepared for the worse. I’m happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised that the paint application is very well done and looks fantastic! Let’s face it, it’s hard to screw up black and silvers… So the paint is also spot on and I’m lovin it!

The LEDs are also a wonderful touch and they are activated via a tiny little switch on the underside of the nose piece of the helmet. You can reach under the nose piece and just push the switch to activate the LEDs without having to pull it off the base, then just push it again to shut them off. It’s a simple detail, but the fact that they made it accessible without having to pull it off the base or feel around the helmet is another example of proper design.

The final detail I’d like to mention is that I love the way the lenses are done… a stainless steel mesh over black lexan plastic backings that looks killer. For you costume folks, no, the lenses are not see through so you would have to customize this bad-boy if you plan on wearing it. I should also mention that while the helmet’s casting is thick and sturdy, the helmet is light and easy to hold. It would make a good wearable piece if you’re brave enough to tear it apart.

So that’s it guys! Top marks in every way on this piece… let’s hope the Shuriken and the Cannon are just as kick-ass! I took a TON of photos, so check them all out by clicking on the icon below:

Thank you for reading and I invite you to click the comment button below and share your thoughts on this piece!


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