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Our first look at the Super Black Predators in the new Predators Movie!

June 14th, 2010

Here they are folks… thanks to user 007 who just emailed me this tip, here's a look at the Super Black Predators we'll be seeing in the new Predators movie!

Check out all the images by CLICKING HERE!!!  What do you guys think?  By the way, don't forget these are production stills and crew photos, they won't look the same on the big screen with the edited lighting, effects and all that good stuff.  So bear that in mind when forming your opinions. Click the comment button below and share your thoughts!


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30 Responses to “ Our first look at the Super Black Predators in the new Predators Movie! ”

  1. Tom Says:

    these are some cool new looks for the predator but it just doesnt beat the original one and im really glad they included the original predator in the movie looking forward to this.

  2. Jason Says:

    Sometimes when you veer so far from the original, and make it so busy with all of the extra bling and flash, it detracts from it. I don’t like the weird mouth designs, and the super long wrist blades. I think that overly ornate armor looks ridiculous. I know that most people are biased and prefer the original design, but how is it that the creature from the original movie, which is now 23 years old, actually looks more realistic than these new versions? The original AvP creatures were a joke, and the Wolf predator was barely any better. The simpler and more in-line with the original two concepts, the better.

  3. mike Says:

    keep in mind that it is a different predator clan

  4. Greg Says:

    I thinks its awesome. Diffrent clan of preds, new and old school, cant wait for this one. Very excited

  5. THE BENSIN Says:

    The best part about this movie, is the money I’m going to be saving. What’s up with the ‘harlequin baby’ Predator?

    The designs are cool, but overboard – so, no thanks.

    I can’t wait for the ALIEN reboot, where they will give the Alien a pair of eyes and hair.

  6. Faken Says:

    Oh lord Bensin… lol! “What’s up with the ‘harlequin baby’ Predator?” So wrong but to be honest, I kind of thought the same thing at first glance.

  7. THE BENSIN Says:

    😀 haha

    I just feel that, in trying to make new ‘clans’ or ‘types’ they’ve lost grasp on the Predator.

    A good example of presenting a new ‘clan’ is what SWS did to transition the creature from P1 to P2. They look different, but at the same time, they’re clearly the same species. It was done right, subtle and effective.

  8. pagodahell Says:

    Waaay too much ‘overkill’ on the new designs, weaponry, and physical features. Definitely intended as eye candy, but misses the point. Less could have been and always is so much more. Especially with this creature. It’s already been said, the CG images were sadly lacking, the ‘steroid boys’ made you laugh, and the James Bond-like ‘Wolf’ was insulting to real Predators everywhere. Oh, and if these are the ‘Super Black’ Predators, where are the ‘Mediocre Light Brown’, ‘Wonderfully Fuscia’, and ‘Fabulously Paisley’ clans? Do you suppose there are any gay Predators? I mean, don’t we have to embrace diversity? Ridiculous? Yes. About as ridiculous as the corporate driven Hollywood machine that just doesn’t ‘get it’…..and never will.

  9. Faken Says:

    Hahahaha!!! ‘Mediocre Light Brown’… I’m dying over here haha

  10. Ricky Says:

    Hmmmm… I don’t know what to think. I kind of like that they are trying to “re-invent” the look, but like many would say… subtlety is a must. Looks to me as though they were influenced by the ‘Death Warrior’ PREDATOR Narin created.

    I just don’t know about the whole different clan thing. Yeah, they could be diverse and all, but to actually make it as though there were a different sort of race (like we have in our cultures)… just doesn’t seem to be a very wise decision. Like Jason posted… the mouth. What is up with the mouth??? Are they trying to make it look ridiculous? I was really distraught by the AvP ‘Scar’ and his big, over the top, fang ridden mouth. This just looks like an update to that mouth.

    Oh well… Hope the movie is good.

  11. THE BENSIN Says:

    Ricky, after reading your post and looking at the harlequin baby Predator – I think you’re on to something. That does look reminiscent of Narin’s Death Warrior and also of a particular paint job, on the head and especially the eyes, done up by Joe D.

    I wonder what the other handsome fellows look like…I can’t really tell behind those giant masks, the one looks like an overturned jet-ski and makes that particular predator seem like he has no neck.

  12. Predian Says:

    We’ve all seen a Predator before and they want to show us something new. I think the unmasked head looks very ornate and reminds me of something by Steve Wang or Screaming Mad George, either the monster at the end of IT or something from Guyver.
    I’ll be really interested to see the progression of their designs because there were lots of cool unused hunters drawn for AVP.
    I hope we see plenty of size comparisons against the human characters. It’s nice to know the filmakers respect the P1 design but I want to see the P2 creatures again too!

  13. Blade3327 Says:

    At first, I couldn’t believe how these suckers looked. But the more I looked at them, the more appealing they became. If you look at the backstory, it makes even more sense.
    These are a subspecies of Preds that have been banished from normal Pred society due to their sadism and pychosis. Rumor also has it that they’ve messed with their own DNA to mutate themselves (a concept we’ve heard of before, but normally with humans in sci-fi/horror). Why can’t it be done with extraterrestrials? Regular Predators tend to avoid these abominations the same way we tend to avoid severely psychotic and unstable criminals.
    Now these ARE Preds, so they can’t be too savage, but they’re definitely unhinged. And it’s clear that they have truly become abominations of nature, which was Rodriguez’s intent all along.
    Not too bad of a backstory to justify the looks of these guys, IMO. It makes the “look pill” easier to swallow, at least for me. Plus Falconer looks badass!

  14. zippy Says:

    I agree with ricky,
    maybe they should go back to basics showing more of the PREDATORS homeland and how they came to become a race so centred on hunting and maybe eloborate more on the selection and tests of the young ones a bit like the spartan egoge I think.And weaponary should be kept to basics.please guys be kind as I’ve been a fan of the PREDATOR for years but only been a fan of this site for a few months.
    Dan,love your work and sorry to hear about your situation,you have my support.hope all works out.

  15. zippy Says:

    hi guys just found this link for loads pics from PREDATORS,go and have a butchers.

  16. Jason Says:

    I’m all for new species and clans of predators. I don’t want to see the P1 and P2 reused in every movie. I love varieties of helmets, armor, and skin patterns. But the problem is that no one doing these new movies has any good ideas for new designs. The AVP creatures were all identical except for the helmets. The armor was downright hideous. The face of Scar was a disappointment, but it was better than the Wolf’s face. The Wolf’s armor was cool, especially the dual cannons, but the body was out of proportion. Each new movie learns nothing from the mistakes of the last, and they aren’t really changing the creatures all that much. They keep using similar design concepts like the awkward faces and 4-foot wrist blades. It’s more about flair than anything else. If they were automobiles, they would be Hummers. If you put the P1 or P2 suit in a side-by-side comparison with these new designs, the P1/P2 look like something that could actually step out of an alien ship. These new ones look like something that was mass produced for a Halloween store shelf.

  17. Rowsdower Says:

    You know a spoiler alert would have been nice so that the pic isn’t on the main page. Kinda ruined the whole “surprise” of the movie, thanks….

  18. THE BENSIN Says:

    SWS did it right, they’re the only ones that ever did it right.

    …and I agree with Jason. Honestly if it’s not broken, don’t fix it, and they’ve been doing a lot of fixing for no reason.

    I want Predator, not drug-addict, cocaine sniffing creatures, they want to call Predator and have them resemble the true Predator design.

    The background story sucks, it’s a weak excuse to justify the newest B.S. movie. Like Jason said, it’s all about the flair – it’s not about making a character for a movie, it’s about the ‘wow’ factor. In this case, the ‘wow’ is followed by ‘these designs are terrible.’

    What about in the next movie if they give the Predators beaks instead of teeth like an octopus? What if they get plastic surgery and get wings? What if they do drugs to grow hair and sport a stylish beard? Come on, where are they going to draw the line? I just can’t support it, where are the body nets? Maybe next time we won’t even see armor – these movies get more and more ridiculous. LAMMMMME.

  19. Leelou Says:

    The movie trailer looked interesting once I saw it but seeing the new Preds? Kinda wary. I hate to say it but I just dont like them. I know they are supposed to be an offshoot breed or something but they look, well, fake. The original Pred was made to look realistic, paint job done well, eyes looked almost human but alien. These just look like a latex mask you can buy. I will still see it though. Maybe once it’s all put together it will look better but I dont get why all these companies “reboot” movies. The original Pred movies did well, why mess with the original formula?? I may be alone there but reboots are tricky and very few live up to the originals. To me its just like these last few movies have been a black mark on the Predator itself. I just hope its better then what I am seeing in pics.

  20. barry Says:

    Erm i’m such a loser but i can’t see Any of the pics Help!!!

  21. barry Says:

    it says removed due to violation :/ dang

  22. Kyle Kylte Says:

    Wow it big one predator super black foe other else predator. I like face look different like nightmare predator.

  23. Marcel Manthey Says:

    This Movie is a kick in the face for every fan on this Plante !!!!

  24. dylan grant Says:

    the new predator look shit they just killed it

  25. Ricky Says:

    Okay… I’ve seen the film, and thought it was mediocre, but as soon as I seen the PRED’s in action… well, I kind of had a change of mind on their appearance. Although I think they should have shown the Tracker and the Falconer faces, I became a little more content with the way they made the ‘Super Black’ look. He was pretty damned cool. I guess the stills just didn’t do it justice.

  26. HakatRe Says:

    Why can’t people appreciate the ideas conveyed and brought to life by the writers, directors, producers and makeup artists? The more I hear you so-called Predator fans whine like little spoiled brats, the more I appreciate how these creatures have evolved over the last 23 years. The fact is, they’ve evolved nicely and progressively over the years and screw all the monotony of keeping the same friggin design forever, that’s boring as hell. You whiners are a joke… if P1’s design never changed then you’d be whining about why it didn’t. And when it does change (P2 and AVP’s Celtic Pred design rocked, btw) then you’re whining that they should’ve kept the original. When does the crybaby whining stop?? You brats are never satisfied. Now, the fifth film in the franchise is here and opens up a new era in Pred-flicks with a bigger, badder and more technologically advanced race of these guys who look menacing as hell and here come the brats a’whining again. Give me a f@#kin break! If you guys would stop whining about the changes and comment on the cool things about them, you might just see that Classic Preds are here to stay and the movie Predators (like AVP did) gives us clues or at least hints that a Classic Predator/Human alliance is coming. But, the whiners won’t see that either.

  27. Faken Says:

    I had no problems with the Predators at all… my problem is that we barely saw them? How do you know they’re bigger, badder and more technologically advanced??? We barely saw them long enough to get beyond the fact that they were Predators, let alone what skills or technology they brought to the plate.

    And hey I’m a die-hard fan, but my fave Pred to date is the Wolf 🙂

    Oh and FYI we pay loads of money for the movies and collectibles, we have every right to like or dislike whatever we damn well please, stop taking it so personally.

  28. Ricky Says:

    Well said Faken!

  29. Hakatre Says:

    @ Faken… nothing personal, just tired of seeing so many negative comments. We do have the right to like or dislike whatever we please, that includes comments on forums like this. I just happen to dislike all the flaming of the main characters in the movie Predators. I like the look of the advanced Preds in this new flick and what they bought to the table for the franchise. Most folks in this thread don’t. Whatever… Everyone’s got their opinions and that’s everyone’s right. Peace

  30. RonBier Says:

    Honestly, I like ever pred design. if you wanna look at it, it shows how diverse the species could be. My only pet peeve is, well, is it me, or in every new movie there mandibles getting ridiculous long. I’m looking at the pic up top. i like the head style orientation, but those mandibles, they throw me off.

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