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NECA Announced the Pending Release of new Predator Figures from the new Predators Film and the Original P1 and P2 Films!

February 24th, 2010

Toy Fair 2010 has come and gone in New York and NECA has the Predator community pretty stoked about some upcoming action figures they have coming down the pipe!  Fellow Pred-head Jason Schwab reports in to with the latest scoop on these new pieces.

Neca is releasing not just toys based on the new Predators film, but figures based on the Original Predator and the Elder Predator from Predator 2 as well! The original predator figure will have 3 different figure poses – masked , unmasked open mouth , unmasked closed mouth.  The details is simply amazing and I have high hopes for these toys to be the ultimate predator toys on the regular market.

Here are 3 links for those of you who want to find out what they look like with pics and a video from the toy fair convention of 2010.  Check them out below:

Take care folks, and keep an eye out for pre-orders for the ECA original Predator toys and the Predator 2 Elder Predator toy figure coming soon… and remember,Predators is in theaters July 7 , 2010!

This is Jason, signing Out!

" Get to da Choppa "

Jason is a fellow Predator fan and I want to thank him for taking the time to send in this scoop!  Check out Jason's blog by clicking HERE and be sure to contact us if YOU have any scoops you want to share with us.  Be sure to click on the comment button below to share your thoughts on these new figures!


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23 Responses to “ NECA Announced the Pending Release of new Predator Figures from the new Predators Film and the Original P1 and P2 Films! ”

  1. Dwayne Says:

    Those are sick looking Im assuming there not the small 6″ figures and there the larger 12″ versions.

  2. Frankie c Says:

    Will the mask have rubber hoses connecting? Also they need to touch up just alittle on the detail of the head and make sure the sculpt is 100 percent right from the movies.

  3. Jason Says:

    These look great. But the question that always lingers with these things is how much the final product will look like these prototypes. If they do, I’m in for sure. But history says that is probably unlikely. I’ll cross my fingers.

  4. Richard Says:

    They look awsome,when will they be released?

  5. Leelou Says:

    Yah, I was wondering that. How big will they be? Like the AVP Scar 12 inch figure. I dont keep track of who makes what, I just collect what I like but that one had good detail. Movie sucked but the figure was great. Wonder if thats what these will be? NECA’s usually pretty good on price too, compared to some others. Cant wait for more details.

  6. Frankie c Says:

    I noticed that the two mandible teeth in the middle need to be shortened. They are alittle to long. I checked at the Predator 1 movie, and they are shorter: this way you can see the mouth better and stay true to the movie with detail. Hopefully NECA will spot this error they made. Hopfully they nail the head sculpt 100 percent from the movie with all the detail, not missing anyhing, aswell as the whole body sculpt with detail. If they can make the blades out of real metal, that would be a wonderfull touch. They need to stay TRUE to the movie in all 100 percent ways. Not miss a SINGLE DETAIL! Mask needs rubber hoses, (ALL 4)with light up strong bright lasers. Bomb denotation needs to be right, make other fisted hands but not thumb out for the others. ARTICULATION and make them BIG, A GOOD 12-18 INCHES! If they can add a few accesories like the red blanket, few more skulls he killed, and open medi-kit with all the tools inside like what Hot Toys did, but do it better! Loose dreads not long, and not too short,all individual. Adding real light up bomb sequence with sound would be amazing and blue light from the gun comming out making the sounds. Also a voice recorder of the predator saying a few lines from the movie (what the hell are you, and growlings-breathings)Real netting, and leather. Interchangeable heads or mandibles all in one package for a decent price. And if they can make a damaged version with blood all over on face and part body- very little, that will be cool. If they can use a rubber life like body with articulation instead of plastic, that will be great. Or if not, then make the plastic body great movability and life like. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT FOLKS, THE ULTIMATE SCAREY ALIEN CREATURE MONSTER THE PREDATOR!!! This babey will sell out hella QUICK!!!

  7. Frankie c Says:

    ANYTHING I MISS, another fully closed mandible head sculpt!

  8. Leelou Says:

    Not sure if NECA will get that detailed. lol. That would be more Hot Toys area and they you would be looking at what? A $200 plus figure. I am guessing it will be a lot like the McFarlane ones. Detailed but not a ton of extra stuff. The switch up heads is a cool add but generally what they model at toyfair is what they will release. With only a few minor changes. Or thats just what I have seen. By the detail of the pics, it looks like they will be bigger figures though. I am just glad they are doing an Elder figure. From P2. He still remains one of my favorites.

  9. Jason Says:

    Sounds like you need to get a figure/kit commissioned to your high standards, Frankie. You are going to be sorely disappointed with these figures if that is what you are expecting.

  10. Marty Says:

    They look very good, but must 12-14″ only
    no small stuff
    They actually look more realistic than the “latest”
    Hot toys Predator 1 model
    Need a little more coloring in the body though
    Your 1st 12″ effort, I had to re-color the body armour
    to more silvering and added right leg wound chartruse
    colored blood

  11. george Says:

    These figures look fantastic.
    Cant wait till they are released.
    The detail is spot on in my opinion.
    Neca have really come up trumps with these figures.

  12. Ricky Says:

    I really like the proto’s. Although, I believe that NECA’s figures are among the best in the 6-8″ scale department, like all fig’s of that scale… they will be accurate, but not to a ‘T’. You can only do so much with this scale, but I’m sure the articulation will be good *crossing fingers*.

    It would be cool to have a 12″er or bigger… but then you would only be getting into HotToys realm and be looking at forking over some high dollars. I am all for that, but not on my budget. Those fig’s only cater to the rich, or kids’ parent’s who are rich. I can’t justify spending $150+ with every PREDATOR HotToys put’s out. Plus… my wife would have my nards on the chopping block (otherwise, I would be broke and eating welfare cheese and powdered milk for b/l/d). Aaaaah… to hit the lotto.

  13. Fab Says:

    Is there a date when NECA will release these 12″ predators??? these predators look awesome!

  14. Faken Says:

    The figures based on the new Predators movie are slated for release at the end of July according to Neca’s website 🙂


  15. Ricky Says:

    Hmm… a lot is pretty wacky with the release dates on these. I pre-ordered mine, and so far received a Stealth Berserker, and my Falconer… but all the other places I have ordered through say “NECA has delayed these figures”… what gives???

  16. Fab Says:

    What site Ricky have you pre-ordered these 12″ Neca Predators cause i’ve been keeping an eye on BBTS for the Pre-orders and nothing yet!!?

  17. Ricky Says:

    12″… there hasn’t been any announcements on the 12″ yet. I am speaking of the regular 7″ scaled figures.

  18. Medardo Barrera Says:

    They are just great… Cannot be more accurate than that, is just the perfection in predator figures of the moment. AWESOME!!

  19. AL Says:

    Hi. I just wanted to point out something. The P1 Pred and the P2 Elder are not going to be 12″, they are going to be in the same scale as the 7″ figues. They are larger in the photos only because they are prototypes. Most toys of this type are first made as a larger proto. They are made from the molds as the Classic Pred from wave 1. The only thing is that the P1 Pred will come with two new heads and the P2 Elder will have a new head and extra armor parts and accesories. At least as far as I know.

  20. Fab Says:

    Not sure if anyone knows but BBTS have up for pre-order Neca 1/4 scale 19″ Classic predator, one with mask on, one with mandibles closed and thirdly mandibles closed, all individually priced or 3 for the one price!
    I pre-ordered the 3! awesome!

  21. Fab Says:

    If you go to BBTS website and click on Neca then Predators, it will be there!

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  23. Blast 4 Fun Says:

    Test bbcce Blasts are Great

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