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Predatorstuff Personal Collection is For Sale!

November 26th, 2009

EDITED AS OF 01-03-2011

Painted Kits

All photos are of the ACTUAL kits for sale… many of these kits have been featured in reviews on, featured in magazines and used to produce product Box art.  These kits are the best of the best.

Billiken Predator 1 Kit with Custom Base
Here is the kit that started it all!  This is an original Predator 1 kit from Billiken and it was painted by Neal Pepper aka Vindicator and it was the kit that got me in to kit collecting!  I was collecing McFarlane/NECA type stuff and I did have a couple of kits in my collection, but when I picked this up from Neal, I was totally blown away and that’s why I dropped the toys and went to the world of Garage Kits!  This is my oldest piece and still one of my best.

Custom Geometric Alien Base
This is a custom made base by Joe Dunaway.  He created this from two generic alien bases from Geometric Designs and then added additional burns and details and then gave the entire thing a kick as paint job!  And as with all Joe Dunaway buildups, this piece is signed and dated on the bottom.

Painted Kit Super Edge Hunter of Darkness Kit 
Painted by Joe Dunaway (please note the photos with “nayuta” in the name are the photos of the kit being sold).

Painted Kit Female Predator with Sword 
Painted by Joe Dunaway and featured in Kitbuilders Magazine.

Painted Kit Geometrics Celtic Predator Bust 
Painted by Joe Dunaway

Painted Kit Geometrics P1 masked Predator Bust 
Painted by Joe Dunaway

Painted Kit Geometrics P1 unmasked Predator Bust 
Painted by Joe Dunaway

Painted Kit SuperDeformed Scar Predator $199.99 (Photos pending)
Painted by Thai Artist

Painted Kit Indiana Jones Bust and Idol by Jeff Camp $399.99
Painted by Jeff Camp, includes COA and Idol.  I also did a small review on this guy, you can check it out by clicking HERE!

Painted Kit SMO Creations Aliens Derelict Crewmember 
Made by SMO Creations – only 10 made.

Prop Replicas

Prop Replica P2 Bio Helmet includes lasers
Here is my custom made P2 Bio Helmet from Art Gonzales.  It’s gorgeous with awesome weathering and working lasers with a cool trigger system to turn them off and on.

Prop Replica Bone Hunter Predator Helmet
Made by Mike Loh, first in the series of 4 bios in his apocolyptic series.

Pre-painted Statues and Figures

Repainted Sandy Collora Predator Bust
Painted by Joe Dunaway – No retail box.

LOTR Battletroll Helm $19.99
Sideshow Collectibles – Includes retail packaging.

Prepaint NECA 18″ Jack Sparrow $59.99   NECA – No retail box.

Prepaint NECA 18″ Hellboy $59.99   NECA – No retail box.

Prepaint NECA 18″ Willy Wonka $59.99   NECA – No retail box.

McFarlane 18″ Edward Scissorhands $69.99
McFarlane – No retail box.

NECA 18″ Crow $69.99
NECA – No retail box.

McFarlane 12″ Terminator $29.99
McFarlane – No retail box.

Prepaint Lance Henrikson AvP Yile Proof 10 of 10 Framed $599.99
Sideshow Collectibles – Includes framed tile and framed COA

Ironman Stealth Version LSB
Sideshow Collectibles – MIB.

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28 Responses to “ Predatorstuff Personal Collection is For Sale! ”

  1. mark caracci Says:

    Dan, I’ll take the pre-painted WOlf and dark hunter kits… let me know.

    sorry bro,,,


  2. Justin Says:

    Are you selling all of the DW kits you own, or just the Number 1 that Joe built for KBM?

    Sorry again, Dan.


  3. Jason aka PredatrHuntr Says:

    Dan you are going to get through this even you have to make some very tough decisions.

    Your collection has always been extensive and its hard for me to look at all of it knowing that you are parting with all of it.

    I’ve been in your shoes and gone through the same thing. All I can tell you is to stay positive and remember that you are a dad first and foremost. Make your little girl your number one priority and shower her with lots of love.

    I’m praying for you Dan…

  4. Adam Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that your selling you collection! We all know how much it means to you but like everyone else says family first! You can always replace some of it, if you should decide to start back up again. I’d have that wolf bio if wasn’t for a previous purchase on another predator piece! My loss…darnit. Lol

  5. Kurt Says:

    Sorry for your problems.Seems all the guys I work
    with are going through same thing. Really sucks.I’ll take the prop replica Carlart P1 shoulder cannon @ $159.00. That’s all I can spend right now. sorry.I’m
    still looking though. Be strong, Kurt

  6. Mike Says:

    I’ll try to find a Buyer for that Bone-Hunter

  7. Swift kinfe Says:

    Not buying anything sorry to hear this.I dont really pray but why not?Hope everything works out for you dan.

  8. kitator Says:

    Dan,you are one of the top people in this whole hobby,and definately THE TOP in Alien and Predator subjects.Your site is also the best kit site on the net.I really hate to hear this happening to such a nice guy.I can`t say enough how much I`ve admired your whole take on the hobby.Absolutely the best!You`ve contributed so much to this hobby.I`t has been amazing.
    If I could afford them all,I`d buy every single item you have if I already have them or not,so when I hit the Lottery,get ready for a big shipment.For now,I`ll take the 2 kits I pm`d you on.Hope that helps some.Keep your head up,and if you need anything,give me a call.I`m actually going through the same thing you are,just was`nt saying anything about it.It sucks.Anyway,call me anytime brother.Anthony

  9. andrew Says:

    sent you a pm on the cinemaqutte yesterday not sure if it was recieved in time. if not it’s all good of luck with the rest of the items

  10. Kyle Kytle Says:

    Why do you not finish my package?

  11. Andrew Says:

    Dan, really sorry on your situation right now, please be strong. May God always be with you and fam.
    Will you ship the items worldwide ?, I’m interesting to purchase Lurtz PF SS and Predator 1 bust. Let me know. Thanks

  12. Rob Says:

    Hi mate,
    I went through this myself. I had a MASSIVE private Sansweet type Star Wars Collection.

    Tips for the road ahead.

    * Pick the best of the best that you love and keep them. ( or you will regret it later )

    * It is not the end. This stuff will go but along the way the $$$$ pressure will begin to reduce. You have a lot tied up in these.

    * ebay will get you in the end. ( if you need to sell it all in a time frame )

    * There will be a lot of losses overall due to global recession.

    * When it is all done grab a nice big ticket item to represent it all. 1:1 Termie Endo was mine.

    All will be well.



  13. Faken Says:

    Thanks so much for all the well wishes guys, I really really really appreciate it. Any of you that have asked me specific questions about my sale, I will be answering you via email direct, so be sure to check your spam folders if you didn’t see an answer from me.

    Thanks again all,

  14. Laurence Says:

    Hello Dan

    Just left you a msg yet,plz check when you free!

    Take great care of yourself & say hi to your little daughter for me!


  15. Heavy Metal Spike Says:

    Danny-boy (CV)

    1) Family is as Family does – we will continue to look after you in tha same way you have always looked after us.
    2) Kitator – as always – I support you observations without exception.

    Spikey – dude !!!!!


  16. chito Says:

    Dan, I’m very sorry to see your collection go, I have watched your reviews on you-tube and they are very informative and entertaining. As with everything in life, family comes first and your collection will be in good hands. Keep the good work and best of luck to you and your family.

  17. Heavy Metal Spike Says:

    In less than a week your sales total over 18k.

    This speaks volumes for the quality of your collection, the friends & contacts you have, and the faith & trust we all have in you.

    Everyone knows this has to hurt, but the people buying these will cherish them as you did.

    Stay strong Danny-boy, everything will work out fine in the end – for everyone.

  18. D3ADSTAR Says:

    Sorry to here about your problem and especially you having to sell your collection..

    I`ve seen the work you do and it`s top class !

    I`m sure all who have bought from you think so too..

    As some have mentioned above too at least a little part of it should be kept, because you`ll end up regretting it later..

    I`ve had so much shit in my life i`ve lost count of how many times things have been sold to make space and cash to get through it..

    I refuse to sell anything now that i`ve bought ! unless it`s naff or usless or out lived it`s purpose but a collection..

    NEVER.. especially if i had one like yours..

    Have you thought about the possibility of a lock up somewhere where you can keep it or a real good friend with space to spare who could look after it for you..

    Or evan.. open up a small museum of all the work you`ve done.. make some more money showing it and not have to sell it,

    you`ve practically made a business out of it anyway !! It could be an investment rather than a burdan right now.. especially the fact that your hobby can keep the cash rolling in and help out you and your daughter..

    I keep telling my brother he could make more money painting figurines than he does at his job but he never listens !

    Anyway you have lots of support out there dan don`t give up !! oh and watch out for a female predator who will apreciate you and your collection I`m sure there`s one out there some where (and not just one who want`s to gold dig or hurt you either) lol..

    It took me god knows how many relationships and 20 years to find me a Lolita sci fi and manga fan so roleplay, cosplay, cartoons and anything else goes now.. so what were geeks.. lol..

    and.. I get me another lightsaber for christmas this year to mess around with my nephews.. lol.. not that it`s just for that.. lol..

    Predator just has a few too many sharp objects for playing with my nephews.. lol.. i`ll keep that for halloween or some other event.. or just for the dirty robbing bastards around our area this year.. lol..

    anyway Best wishes Dan and if all else fails take that predator gaunlet and blow the lot up eh..

    A fitting demise to the prince of power ! lol..

  19. Mike Says:

    Someone Buy that Bone-Hunter Already! CMon

  20. Joseph Says:

    I just wanted to wish you all the best. I am not a model collector and stumbled upon your reviews on youtube while looking for something unrelated, but have thoroughly enjoyed watching all of your work there if for nothing but your articulateness and attention to detail. You certainly have a talent that goes beyond merely collecting.

  21. Mike Says:

    No one buying that Bone-Hunter? Hmm Maybe its meant to be kept as a gift after all 😛

    Good Luck on the sale man

  22. Predator Costumes, Models, Kits and Collectibles – Predator Stuff! » Predatorstuff Shows off Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Painted Piece Available! Says:

    […] sale!  This is just one f the many pieces I still have for sale in my collection divorce sale, which you can check out by clicking HERE!  I am asking $599.99 for this guy, so please contact me if you are […]

  23. kitator Says:

    Hi Dan.I sent you a few pm`s.One about the Hunt for Hunt kit you`re selling.I`m interested in that one.Check your pm`s on the CH when you have time.Cya ,Anthony/kitator

  24. Gerry Wilkie Says:


    I’ll take the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III if it still available.



  25. Sky W Says:

    Hi Dan,

    Let me know if the T800 clear version is still available. I’ll take it.

    Best regards
    Sky W

  26. ian macpherson Says:


    sorry to hear about your problem, and having to sell your collection. I’ve had to do that myself, and it hurts to sell things that mean so much to you.

    I was wondering if the Indiana Jones figure is still up for sale? If so, can I buy it from you.

    Wicked website BTW. Awesome.


  27. Randall Beck Says:

    Great post. I’ve been looking for this exact info for a while now. I’ll bookmark it in the public bookmarking sites to get you more views.

  28. samuel mead Says:

    just wanted to say again i am really intrested in the leo statue please contact me with any information if you do have him i would love to buy it from you
    many thanks sam

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