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Sideshow Spooktacular 2009 Round Up – Final Thoughts and Feedback!

November 9th, 2009

Another Halloween has passed us, and for Sideshow fans, that means we've recently recovered from the 10 days of Spooktacular festivities.  We've returned to a life of regular meals, bathing, annoyed spouses, children, friends, and of course, something in the way of normal sleep hours.  Yes folks, it's post Spooktacular recovery… we love to have our lives back, but hate that the fun is over.

For anyone living under a rock and don't read my blog very often, Spooktacular is Sideshow's annual Halloween and Horror online extravaganza of rotating discounts, spot giveaways, new product announcements, contests, and community interaction, plus much more!  Basically it's a week and a half of Sideshow Collectibles partying with their customers and fans in a MASSIVE online event that runs 24 hours a day for 10 entire days.  During those 10 days, they give away tens of thousands of dollars worth of prizes, announce awesome new products and we all have a blast.  The highlight of the event for me is the 10 day chat room they open up, where hundreds of fellow collectors and Sideshow enthusiasts can interact each other and compete for chat prizes via trivia contests and scavenger hunts.  It's a time for no sleep, minimal food and very little social interaction outside of the computer.  You eat, sleep and breath Sideshow, and hope that when it's over you're still alive and your wife hasn't filed divorce papers.


This year Sideshow easily gave out $50,000 in prizes, even though their news announcement stated 30k.  The first thing I need to do is thank everyone at Sideshow for putting on such an amazing Spookfest, I had an absolute BLAST!  So my thanks to the following Sideshow staff members that came to hang out in chat, give away prizes, or just kept us going through the long chat hours:

  • SideshowChris
  • SIdeshowDennis
  • SideshowMarc
  • SideshowAlex
  • SideshowCorie

I would also like to thank Mike Tolentino and Jennifer Bigham over at the Customer Support department that helped me with a few issues I was having and a half millions questions I was trying to get answered for my Predstuff coverage or on behalf of other Spooktacular attendees.  And of course I want to thank the Mistress of the Web, that sexy Sideshow mamma who shows up on forums and chat randomly dishing out badass prizes!

And finally, I would like to thank Greg Anzalone, President and CEO of Sideshow Collectibles.  He came out in to chat in front of a couple hundred Sideshow fanatics and allowed us to absolutely DROWN him in questions and he did his best to answer as much as he could.  We was completely inundated, there were so many questions flying that at one time there was a half-hour difference between the question asked and his answer.  But he eventually answered everything and then finished up by tossing out a couple thousand bucks in prizes!  You can check out the entire transcript of the chat I put together by clicking HERE.  I even sent a copy of it to Sideshow, which was later posted right on their site for other Sideshow visitors to check out.  Got a nice thank you letter from Sideshow… you're welcome guys!

Chat was completely awesome this year, with TONS of prizes and lots of friends to laugh and hang out with.  It was great to see some of my old friends from previous SDCC and Spooktacular chat events and of course myself and my friend Ozzy, Madcow and Happyboy teamed up and made sure we were alerting each other via text of new contests and basically trying to keep each other sane.  We had a blast and hauled some great loot, so thanks again to my chat team and hope to see you guys at SDCC chat this summer!  I would also like to give a shout out to all the other friends from chat who made this event so memorable:

  • Shropt
  • Ken
  • Kabu
  • SolidSnake
  • Swabie (This guy needed a TRUCK to haul his prizes home)
  • BuffyGirl
  • Avfin
  • Toast
  • CelticPredator (Remember… take your meds BEFORE chat please!)
  • Anyone else I may have forgotten… thank you so much!

And of course a shoutout to my pal Pitu, who was absolutely hilarious in chat and hooked me up with a sweet Pituvision T-Shirt, which I now have and appears to be designed for extremely short, overweight people, but I'm wearing it anyhow!

So thank you to all you guys and gals and hope to see you next Chat event!  If you haven't seen my wrap up video yet (which is mostly a shout out and thank you to all my Spooktacular chat friends, check that out by clicking the pic below).

In terms of contests, we had website and chat trivia, we had random draws, we had scavenger hunts, we had the Mistress of the Web giving out random goodies and I'm sure there were other ways to win that I am forgetting as I try to recall the whirlwind of an event.  Unfortunately the main scavenger hunt seemed a bit compromised as many folks had all the words way in advance of the last day, but someone hauled away a gorgeous Red Skull PF statue and I know it wasn't me lol!  BUT I did have a pretty awesome haul this year, check this out:

Web Freebies:

  • 'The Dead' 12 inch Figures Subject 2221: The Harbinger – Sideshow Exclusive Edition
  • Sideshow Collectibles Catalog Volume No. 10 – Hard Bound with $10 Gift Card
  • ALIEN Collectibles Alien Warrior VCD
  • R. Lee Ermey 12-inch
  • Hot Toys Resident Evil 4: Biohazard Collectibles Jack Krauser (Transformed)
  • Medicom Toy RAH 1:6th Scale Figure Han Solo
  • ALIEN Collectibles Alien VCD

Chat Contests:

  • Spinning Keychain
  • LOTR Film Frame Collectible
  • Alien Warrior VCD
  • Blockade trooper 12"
  • Black and White Mort
  • Sideshow Hat (Told SideshowDennis to give it to SOLIDSNAKE)

Mystery gift from the mistress!

So there was definitely some haulage to be had, you just had to be patient and keep an eye on the main Spooktacular news page for new contests and promo words.  Thanks for all the awesome prizes Sideshow!

In terms of new product announcements, there was nothing really earth-shattering in the world of Predators and Aliens… all we saw was a set of VCDs, which you can check out by clicking here.  As a Star Wars fan though, I still got to see something pretty damn awesome, and that's the Gamorrean Life-Size Bust.

Can we all say Holy ^&*%& that's awesome?!  I know I can!  This is easily my favorite piece in the entire Spooktacular line-up this year… I mean, who doesn't love a huge drooling pig guard head in their collection?  I know I want one!  You can read more about Mr. Gamor by clicking over here.

The other fun part of Spooktacular was the Help Wanted video series, a mini movie put together by Sideshow productions starring the Sideshow Collectibles staff, including the oh-so-delish Allison (call me *winks*) and our favorite man with no pants, Scott.  This was hilarious…  Pitu zombie was hysterical (you killed EGAD you bastard!) but seriously, wtf was with the Criswell thing?  As I mentioned in my video, was my Sideshow Spooktacular readiness kit missing a few hits of Acid or something because I'm pretty sure the Criswell scenes were meant for tripping.  I didn't understand a damn thing the freaky ass floating head had to say lol!  But it was great fun guys, nicely done.  MMmmm Allison… *starts dreaming*

*Spaces out* Right, where were we…

This was easily the best Spooktacular I've ever experienced and there was definitely more prizes to be had than ever before, it was CRAZY!  My only suggestions would be to tighten up security around contests to make the playing field a bit more level for less saavy folks, and I would suggest ending it a bit earlier on Halloween instead of ending it at 6PM PST, especially on a Saturday!  Many of us in chat were parents and had to take out little ones out trick-or-treating and were forced to miss the big prizes and the final huge giveaways, which sucks.  I think ending it at 6PM EST would make more sense and give everyone a chance at taking part in the final.


Thanks again Sideshow, you put on one hell of a show!  Now back to reviewing and photo taking until the next huge event, which is Comic Con this Summer.  Take care all and I will post a new update once all my prizes arrive so you can see what it all looks like piled on my desk.

Later fellow Spookaholics!

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  2. Richard Says:

    Cmon Dan no new updates in a long time! 🙁

  3. craig garves Says:

    preditor rules

  4. anthony Says:

    hi i was wondering why is the bad blood predator killing his own kind is it because he turned against his own kind or is he a crazy killer towards the aliens and the predators,and one last thing ive seen a queen predator, yet never a king why is that?

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