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Predatorstuff Reviews the Sideshow Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones Premium Format Figure!

July 15th, 2009

Good morning everyone, welcome to another review where we step back from the world of Aliens and Predators and visit the exciting world of Doctor Henry Jones Junior, aka Indiana Jones! Several months ago Sideshow Collectibles began shipping their Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones Premium Format statue, one of their most exciting and highly anticipated Premium Format pieces ever. Today I would like to share my thoughts on the piece, photos, and why a re-paint forced me to put a hold on this review for so long.

Easily one of the most exciting pieces to come from Sideshow in a long time that isn’t Predator related, I could hardly wait to get my hands on this piece, so you can imagine my huge disappointment when he arrived within 2 days of shipping out from the Sideshow warehouse in perfect condition but yet was seriously flawed. All movie-related accuracies aside, the figure’s clothing, pose and sculpt are AMAZING, easily making this one of the best PFs ever issued from Sideshow, yet for some reason mine appears to be Obama dressed up as Indiana Jones! The skin tones of the head (the hands were fine) were clearly too dark, painted a dark brown shade that was almost the same color as his brown hair! So while everything else was PERFECT, the face paint job was a disaster so I contacted Sideshow for a replacement as I felt this was a defective unit.

Now let me just tell you the difference here between returning a DEFECTIVE item vs returning an item you are not satisfied with… When Sideshow is dealing with a defective item, they will either have you destroy it like I did with my defective Scar helmet, or return it AT THEIR COST to their warehouse. If the item you received simply isn’t what you wanted or for some reason no longer want it, you can return it for a full refund, however you must pay the shipping costs to return it to Sideshow. Here’s the official word from Sideshow (read the last paragraph).

So naturally I called in and submitted this as a defective item and requested a replacement, especially when I saw other folks receiving and posting their Indiana Jones PF photos and they were fine. Obviously this was a fluke right? Nope… Sideshow came back saying that due to the fact that these are all hand painted, each piece may be a bit different, and that’s what makes each piece unique blah blabbiddy blah. Umm.. my Indiana Jones has a dark brown head, how is that NOT a defect? So they offered a refund to me if I wanted to return the statue on my dime instead of a replacement, which I declined because A) I felt that was a piss poor response from Sideshow (I sent photos and video footage of the very obviously WRONG paint application) and B) I could get the head repainted for the cost of shipping it back to Sideshow! By the way, I should mention here that I’ve dealt with great folks over at Sideshow in customer service and their returns department like Jaclyn Yudkowsky, Kathy Harter, Mike Hollister and many others who treated me like collector royalty but I feel whoever dealt the decision on this piece totally dropped the ball.

The issue became know as the Obama Indies or too-dark-tanned Indies and it quickly became apparent that for whatever reasons, this only affected a limited number of NON-EXCLUSIVE statues. I only saw a handful of people with Indies as dark as mine, and every single one was the non-exclusive edition. OK so someone in China got his freak on with the dark brown, and somehow that should make me feel unique… thanks but no thanks. So off this near-perfect statue went to my buddy Joe Dunaway for a face repaint and I hunkered down and waited until I could finally review it and make it a well loved part of my collection!

Before I give this guy a quick undressing (ho ho ho), let’s get the specs from Sideshow’s product page:

The Premium Format Indiana Jones figure presents the adventuring archaeologist as he appears in Raiders of the Lost Ark, standing tall with the fertility idol and bullwhip in hand. The figure features a belted holster that houses a removable revolver. (Please note: revolver cannot be held in whip hand.) Down to the tilt of his trademark fedora, each figure is sculpted to Sideshow’s museum-quality standards and dressed in an expertly tailored real fabric costume that captures the essence of Dr. Jones. Each piece is hand-cast of high-quality polystone, hand finished and individually numbered.

PLEASE NOTE: The removable revolver has not been designed to be held in either hand. The whip is a separate piece, designed to fit into the left hand only. The fertility idol is removable for safety during shipping, and is held magnetically in the right hand.

The Sideshow Exclusive version of the Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark Premium Format Figure includes a unique feature available nowhere else: Interchangeable hatless portrait for alternate display!

Product Size: 22″ H x 10″ W x 10″ L
Product Weight: 15.00 lbs


Joe Allard
Greg Mowry of Geppetto Productions
Kevin Ellis
Heath Hammond
Anthony Mestas
Trevor Grove
Jared Chapman
Tim Niver
Bernardo Esquivel
Mike Arbios
Chadwick Andersen
Jesse Lincoln
Seth Rinaldi
Tom Gilliland
Erick Sosa

The development team did a FANTASTIC job on this guy, I absolutely love this statue.. but what’s with the decision of having a no-hat pose as the exclusive?! I guess maybe some collectors will disagree with me, why would you possibly want to display him WITHOUT his Fedora?! Although in all honesty, as I sit here and look at my PF, I can’t think of what would have been a decent exclusive either, so maybe they just decided to go with the hat thing instead of arguing for months over something else lol! Either way, I was perfectly happy getting the regular edition because it came with the hat pose, the only pose acceptable for ol’ Indiana right?


All I can say it WOW! I’m the first guy to say that using real material for clothing instead of sculpted clothes usually ends up looking ridiculous, with giant buttons, zippers the size of hands and shirt and pant pockets big enough to haul watermelons. But Indy’s clothing is AWESOME and fits the statue beautifully and looks like something you would have in a museum or sitting on Steven Spielberg’s desk. The jacket is a tad too short and the wrong color (In Raiders, Indy’s jacket is brown and this PF is some kind of olive/grey color and goes below the belt) but honestly that’s pretty minor to me as the jacket still looks great. There was some mention that his jacket looked too shiny and clean, but that didn’t really bother me… for anyone that is bothered by that, you can scuff and dirty it up with some sand in the palm of your hand a little elbow grease. The pants and shirt are also very nice and fit him perfectly. One thing that really bothers me in real clothing applications is the fit of the pants, where they are pulled up too high or they’re too short as though someone is expecting a flood. Indy’s pants are waisted in the right place and fall nicely over his shoes in a very natural and realistic way. All his accessories look great too, although many people reported problems with their holsters coming unglued. Sideshow was sending out replacements, but you can also glue yours if need be… I used epoxy when I accidentally split mine open. You should also adjust his belt and satchel a bit, and perhaps give the bag a bit of fill by stuffing a couple of little balls of tissue in there so it’s not so flat. Play around a bit with it until you’re happy with the look… things tend to get flattened in shipping, so you need to tweak him a bit to get him looking in top shape!

As for the sculpt, I will be the first to say that this is by far the best likeness of Harrison Ford I have ever seen, it’s pretty much near-perfection… and this is coming from someone who thinks it almost impossible to find a good likeness on human characters. A HUGE hats off to whoever sculpted the head, it’s kickass! There are a few angles where it’s off a little tiny bit, but from so many angles it’s bang-on and leaves no doubt as to who it is even if you cut the head away from the Indy gear and asked strangers who the head looked like. Brilliant job and we can only wish that all head sculpts were as dead-on as this one.

The base is a tall round piece with engravings all over it styled after the ruins and pedestal of the golden idol from the famous scene right at the beginning of the movie that sets the tone for the rest of the movie and remains one of the most famous scenes in movie making history. Some folks thought the base was too tall, but I think it works great and looks perfect with great detailing all around and works to compliment the statue overall. It was a great choice for the base and well executed from where I stand.


As previously mentioned there was a small issue with the color of the jacket, and the rather strange issue with the skin tones of the head. I should also mention that the color of the hat is wrong as well, it also had a greyish olive cast to it instead of the brown rabbit felt coloration. The hands and base were great and I should mention that I saw many factory paint jobs posted on the various forums that looked awesome, so I’m sure had I received a well painted head I would have been very satisfied and given top marks.

From a painting standpoint, there’s very little that is actually painted… the hands, shoes, hat, head, pistol, whip and base and it’s hard to try and say this is well painted considering that out of that list, only the hands, pistol, shoes and base were done properly and accurately. The head was WAY too dark, the hat was the wrong color and the whip’s two-toned color doesn’t match photos of the bullwhip seen in the movie stills. But the over all finish combined with the wonderful and realistic looking clothing, the wicked good head sculpt, awesome classic pose and overall attitude of the statue overshadow pretty much all of these issues and sets itself as one of the best PFs Sideshow has issued to date. In fact the only Premium Format statue I can think of that scores better marks is the Lurtz PF, but there is no question that this is the BEST Indiana Jones statue I have ever seen. I know there are some real die-hard fans of CM out there, but I think they totally bombed on their Indy piece and this PF, which is a fraction of the price, looks far better.

So with all that said, I would have said this statue was near perfect had it not been for that darn failure of a paint job on the head, but with the repaint now back from Joe, I am COMPLETELY happy with this piece and he will remain as the definitive Indiana Jones collectible to represent my love of the movies in my collection unless someone somehow tops this, which I think is very unlikely. Anyone on the fence about this piece should not hesitate to pick it up, I can honestly say that as long as you get a properly painted head (try to get the exclusive version, which seems to be unaffected or have your statue verified for this issue prior to shipping), you will be blown away by this piece. Congratulations Sideshow on putting out one of your BEST Premium Formats to date!

Now, if you could just fix the head sculpt on the Crystal Skull Premium Format Statue that is coming up, I’d be a happy camper!

In addition to this written review and photos, I’ve put together a little video review in full HD on YouTube, which seems to be becoming a fan favorite for those of you that enjoy these reviews. In all honesty, the video reviews take ages to put together, but I absolutely LOVE doing it so I’m really glad that work is paying off and people are enjoying the reviews. Click here to check out the Indiana Jones HD Video Review, or click the YouTube icon below:

Video Available on YouTube!

Ready for photos? I’ve taken a bunch of photos, mostly showing the new painted head done up by Joe Dunaway, but you will definitely see the awesome details in the clothing and overall look of the statue. Bear in mind that in these photos, the hat has been re-colored, the face repainted, and the shoes have some additional detailing added. Other than that, everything else is exactly as you would get from a regular production unit. Click the icon below for the goods:

That’s it for this review guys and gals, hope you enjoyed and as always, please feel free to share your feedback on this review or the Indy PF by clicking the comment button below and using the comment form to share your thoughts, or if you need to send me an email, use the contact form.

Take care!

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7 Responses to “ Predatorstuff Reviews the Sideshow Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones Premium Format Figure! ”

  1. Elbert Says:

    Hello Dan iam not a Idaina jones fan but your figure came out very good your boy joe did a great job awsome painter. I am a predator fan frist but i also like bruce Lee i’ve order the bruce lee cinemaquette i hope they don’t let me down.

  2. Faken Says:

    Did you see the new pics of Lee at SDCC 09? He looks pretty damn kick ass except his hair was a bit off. I think you’ll be very happy with him! I can’t wait to see the final pics of their Superman piece.

  3. Christopher Amos Says:

    Hello. Does anyone know a good artist that I can pay to repaint my 2 premium format Indy figures? Very much in need of a re-painter. I can be reached at THANKS!!!!!

  4. Predator Costumes, Models, Kits and Collectibles – Predator Stuff! » My Custom Indiana Jones PF Re-Painted by Joe Dunaway ends on eBay TONIGHT! Says:

    […] In case you missed it, my custom re-painted Sideshow Indiana Jones PF has been up on eBay all week and ends TONIGHT!  Please click here to check the auction, which ends in 4 hours.  If you have no idea what Indy I am talking about, please check out this full review I wrote back last July. […]

  5. Houston Power Washing Says:

    This is a wonderfull Post can I borrow some information for my own entries if you dont mind?

  6. Indyclctr Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if the revolver has the lanyerd
    hook? There is a molded piece with holes on the end as if the hook should be there.

  7. WhoDat? Says:


    So wait. Obama is the skin tone? “dark brown”?


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