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Tough Decisions at Predatorstuff… Shop Area Exodus.

July 2nd, 2009

Good evening everyone! Some of you may have noticed that today our shop area has been nearly totally emptied out of all kits and prop replicas and I thought I would take a minute to explain what’s happening. I’ve been collecting and reviewing Predator pieces for several years now, and as my interests grew and this site’s popularity increased, we added more and more content and covered more topics and product types. It’s clear that Predatorstuff has become very popular in the collector community, with thousands of people viewing our articles, photos and videos every day… and with that popularity comes a certain amount of visibility to both collectors, and companies that make the collectibles.

It’s not much of a secret that we sell garage kits and fan-made replicas, which of course are all unlicensed products, which are technically and legally infringements on the intellectual property owned by studios and companies. As I continue to grow the website and it’s outreach, I am also trying to work with licensed product holders like Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys Japan to develop better relationships with them and bring you more than the typical information you can get from many different outlets. It’s always been fun to be able to report inside industry information, and I am always working hard to find out anything I can and work with new people in the industry. However now the site has reached a level of notoriety where even licensed companies and licensors such as Fox are fully aware of this site and it’s influence and importance in the community. With that in mind, the sale of unlicensed product on this website presents a rather significant conflict of interest and makes it difficult to reach out to these companies for their support.

In addition to that aspect of the business, I am also not comfortable with the legal ramifications that I could face should a licensee or licensor decide that further action is required to have this site taken down or expect some form of financial compensation. I am not prepared to deal with either of those two scenarios, and I would seriously rather not have what is essentially my hobby become a nagging legal concern. To be completely honest, I have faced “saber rattling” in the past, however as I mentioned, I do all this for the love of collecting and for my passion in community involvement. Let me say this here and now… anyone who thinks you can get rich being a kit producer or reseller has no idea what they are talking about. Anyone who does this for more than a few months does it for the love of the industry, NOT to make tons of money. In fact if I were to figure out how much I make an hour for all the work I put in to what I do vs how much money it makes me, I probably yield 10 cents an hour.

With all that said, in order to maintain the integrity of the site legally, professionally and personally, and the relationships we are always trying to improve with Fox and license holders, we have made the decision to remove unlicensed items from our sales area effective immediately.

PLEASE NOTE this does NOT mean that I can’t review kits, props and other unlicensed products… I fully intend to talk about them, review them and talk about the artists that make them as I always have, but I can no longer sell them directly in our online store. The only items now available are licensed products or original kits that are not based on any licensed intellectual property.

This is a very big transition for this website as the kits have always been part of our core business and allows me to fund the purchases of collectibles to review on this site, so we will have to look at other ways of monetizing the site and funding the operations. I do realize that this is a fairly significant change in direction, but I am excited about focusing more on the reviews and news aspect of the site rather than the direct sales, which has dropped considerably in the past 6 months due to the economic climate. I hope that everyone can understand and support this decision, but of course I welcome anyone to contact me by clicking here should they have any questions or concerns, or post a comment below by clicking the comment button.

So that’s my say on this guys and gals… I know this is probably shocking to a lot of you, but in the long run this is the only way to go and continue to grow without the problems selling unlicensed product entails.

With that said, I have a TON of goodies coming up next week… I have the promised BIGGEST EVER REVIEW coming up, some cool inside news from Sideshow on the AvP helmets and other production matters and my Celtic Bio Lense fix-up tutorial. Plus with SDCC coming up soon, LOT’S will be happening. Oh, and I have been working VERY hard on a cool intro sequence for all my videos and that will be premiering next week as well… I haven’t been this excited about 18 seconds of action since that one time at band camp!

Thanks again everyone for your support, you’ve all been amazing! Hope you stick with me while the adventures continue…

Have a great weekend!

UPDATE – Just a heads up that it appears a few folks are having the knee-jerk reaction that I am selling out on this. Let me assure you right here and now that 90% of the money I made through this site was through the production of kits, so this is a very big blow to me. Also, I am not in any position to financially get involved with any legal battles, nor would I drag my family through something like that for a hobby. I would sooner close the site and smash my collection if it meant that I would have to spend money fighting a legal battle where I am in the wrong anyhow that should be going towards my daughter’s education fund. And as I said, I will still review and be part of the kit community and I can sell any kits that are original products, such as the Chelonian Warrior that is still available in the shop as I type this. I am receiving NO compensation in the slightest for doing this… it’s the opposite in fact. – Thanks.

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25 Responses to “ Tough Decisions at Predatorstuff… Shop Area Exodus. ”

  1. Jason Says:

    Change is inevitable. Whatever decisions you make will be supported my myself and many others who understand what you are going through to some degree.

    Looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the website in the years to come since I’m a Predfan for life!

  2. Sabres21768 Says:

    WOW!…And OUCH!

    You were one of the main sources of Narin kits dude.

    This is a devastating blow to everyone who looks to you to bring these kits to our shores.

    But, tough decisions must be made and we sure can’t fault you for doing what you have to do.

  3. Heavy Metal Spike Says:

    I am sure this was a difficult decision to make.

    Those who truly appreciate what you have done (and will continue to do) for the fans and community are here for the duration!

    Personally – I ain’t going anywhere ;o)

    If Fox are taking this so seriously – let’s hope they take the script and production of “Predators” equally as seriously. But god-forbid they ask those of us that are passionate about the designs and scripts and have kept the franchise on it’s feet through ALL aspects of the community over ALL these years.

    Ian / Heavy Metal Spike.

  4. Ricky C Says:

    Well… what has to be done, has to be done.

    It really sucks when the “big fish” have to come a biting, and chase all the “little fish” off. You would think they could just let the fans be fans, and respect their love, and loyalty to a character who made them the fanatics they are today.

    Oh well, I will still check out the site… they can’t take that away from me.

  5. Greg/mikala Says:

    Sad day indeed. Understandable though.
    With Licensed Merchandisers pumping out inferior product it was nice to see the garage community stepping up and getting recognition through your site.
    Here’s hoping you can still be resource for those of us that are looking for the finer kits or props.


  6. Bobby Says:

    Your choice is clear. It was a great ride while it lasted but “All good things come to an end”. Thanks for all the great pred kits you helped put in the hands of fans. Will this have any affect on The Lair?


  7. Faken Says:

    Oh no worries guys… I think you’ll still find lots of Garage Kit information even if I don’t have them in the shop, so no worries!

    This doesn’t affect the Lair at all because I am not selling unlicensed kits on it 🙂 We can keep making our goodies for our suits!

  8. Justin Says:

    Thank Christ I ordered the Bad Blood kit before this happened. WHEW!!! I’m anxious to see what else Narin can come up with, even if I can’t get my hands on it.

  9. Adam Says:

    I am not shocked at all by this I was just surprised it took the studios this long to act! But you do what you need to do dan the site is great the way it is! Even though the sales part of it was the icing on the cake! I support you all the way dan in whatever your decision is based on for the betterment of your life and this site!

  10. Matt Says:

    Well if this means you getting inside info on products then im all for it. Im looking forward to hearing the info you have from sideshow regarding their piss poor reprisentations of the AVP bio’s. Talk is cheap of course but an appology might be a good place to start, followed by an offer to produce proper screen accurate lenses for all of those that spent so much on sub par products to pop in our masks…. we can hope hey? 😉

    Keep up the good work Dan.

  11. Predian Says:

    It’s a real shame you have to step down while the ebay recasters thrive- but at least they won’t get any more of your exclusive kits to copy! I doubt it would happen but Sideshow should send you free samples to review, the Pred fan community has never been as big as this an it’s very much down to all your hard efforts.

  12. Richard Says:

    Thats a shame but hey change comes to everybody
    I will stick with this site regardless!

    Keep up the work Mat!

    Predator 4 life

  13. Jason Says:

    Can’t fault you for protecting your family. I sure hope that the independent kit producers find another outlet to get their products to everyone who wants them. Otherwise, the only things that will be available will be the expensive “crap” that the legitimate producers are peddling. Why can’t the studios/retailers just employ the talented artists who are making the items that actually make us feel good about spending hundreds of dollars for a kit? Reviews of “licensed” items these days seem to be a forgone conclusion.

  14. Steven Says:

    That is really sad.

    My Narin Bad Blood kit arrived yesterday (July 2, 2009) and IT IS AWESOME. (Thank you!)

    I have always wanted statues, models, figures, etc that were creative and were different from “movie accurate” licensed products. I certainly purchase many of those also.

    Narin and Dan was one of the best things to happen for Predator collectors.

    Dan, thanks for everything and best of luck to you.

  15. E.T Says:

    They saw it as a threat , because there are better artist in one of those garages that can produce a better quality of there kind!!!! And it goes to all this big enterprise that shows fancy looking prototypes then have it mass produce in china!!! look at what happend to all the ADI bio helmet mask!!! if it was not for YOu Dan i would not have the chance to meet all this remarkable artist you know in your portfolio who does such quality of work compared to this big companys.. but i support you Dan and all the way!!! JUST KEEP THIS WEBSITE from Getting Shut Down…

    I Support You and Therefore Lets keep Moving On….


  16. stelios Dermousis Says:

    Hi Dan!
    We are huge predator fans and we are going to support you!Please keep the site on!
    Thanks for everything,we wish you the best of luck!
    Stelios and Isa

  17. Superfly Says:

    So…If We were to give DONATIONS to support PredatorStuff and you want to give US a thank you TOKEN back…would that be OK???

  18. Destroyer Says:

    It appears that Dan has been a victim of his own success.

    I guess the licensed vendors thought Dan was competing unfairly with them by offering great pricing, superb customer service, excellent quality control and fantastic products.

    I can’t imagine why they’d want him to shut down his store…

  19. Jason Says:

    I think its all been said here – Fox is realizing the potential that movie prop replicas have for being a cash cow. Unfortunately they are releasing some pretty shitty Bios. Which is unthinkable considering that they HAVE the screen used molds – all they need to do is put the effort towards making them accurate which is something we as prop collectors strive for. Too bad Fox themselves doesn’t take that approach. Instead they come across as the el cheapo punk who tried to cut corners every chance they can. Stupid Fox monkey – learn that we don’t like to eat shit – take some lessons from Biohunter76 and maybe THEN you will gain our respect once again…

  20. Dave Daines Says:

    Dan, needs must friend! Do what you have to do to stay out of ‘trouble’ and for your family.

    It’s a sad day that the big boys need to get upset – I would have thought the extra publicity generated through Garage kit interest would have been beneficial, but who knows.

    Having just received Bad Blood, it will be a sad day for the hobby if kits of this standard were to dissapear (I’m sure it won’t come to that) or have to go ‘deep’ underground.

    Anyhow, to one of the best dealers out there, thanks for what you’ve done so far.


  21. Tom Says:

    Hey Dan,

    I’m sorry to hear about this but I’m not surprised. FOX and the rest of them are brainless. Just look at what they have done with the past few movies.
    It was great while it lasted. You’re an asset to this hobby as well as to the predator genre and as long as the site is up and the reviews are there then we will be satisfied. The site is beautiful and the pictures and images are always top.
    Just make sure you keep Narin busy;).


  22. Faken Says:

    Hi all! I just got back from a weekend in Toronto and WOW, the comments and emails I received while I was gone are VERY supportive and piled up to the ceiling lol! So thank you everyone, I really appreciate it. To address a few of the comments posted here since my last comment:

    1. In terms of donations, my grandfather always used to say “all donations gladly received”, but he always said it in jest as I do. So while the gesture it definitely appreciated, please don’t feel obliged in any way to donate anything to me. BUT if you REALLY feel like spending money on me, contact me and I’m happy to help lol!

    2. Yes, it’s a REAL shame that Fox is too shortsighted to realize that the more Predator related items I show off here, the more attention is brought to their licensed products. Many kit buyers discovered Sideshow or Cinemaquette through my site… However Fox is a massive company that adheres strictly to policy with blind obedience, whether it’s good or bad. Policy must be adhered to globally to maintain their standards, so there’s no actual thought involved… it’s against policy? They act immediately.

    3. Just remember guys, the shop has only been here for less than 2 years now… this site was doing very well BEFORE the shop and will do very well WITHOUT the shop stuff, no worries here at all 🙂

    Thanks again everyone!


  23. Neehar Gupta Says:

    Sorry to hear about this latest development Dan. The only good thing to come out of this is that you have to be SERIOUSLY recognized for something like this to happen, so kudos for all the hard work over the last 2 years. This is still the best predator website on the planet.

  24. Jim Says:

    Hay Dan, Im a vivid collector and master modeler,predator just happens to be one of my many niches I support your move all the way. and know right where your comming from. there is alot I dont have and alot I want maybe some day Ill have that cool Wolf mask to set in awl in my collection. Or the sideshow wolf bust seems like Im always dreaming maybe one of these times I wake up it might be real,but some how Im always chasing a ghost.An it just gets away. I love building models,sculpting,and all types of art I have been applying this to my collecting, But anyways GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND YOURS IT WILL GO FAR thanks Jim

  25. Erick Sosa Says:

    Hi Dan,
    I am so sorry to hear this, I wish you the best,and every success a Chelonian is on the way to your place by the way. We are here to support you in every way we can.

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