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Bargain AvP and P1 Costumes up for grabs, Costume Sale Page Update, AvP-R “Making Of” Book, My AvP-R Review and a Shop Pre-Order Update!

January 4th, 2008

Good evening ladies and gents, have I got a TRUCKLOAD to talk about tonight. First off, I would like to wish you all and your families the very best in 2008 and I hope you are all looking forward to an absolute ONSLAUGHT of new goodies for you pred-heads out there. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas (political correctness be damned) and that you had a safe and happy holiday. With the parties over and the worst of the hangovers shaken off, it’s time to get back to business! Shall we dance…?


To start things off, I have two costumes for sale made by Joe Evans. These are NOT the costumes that I sell with Kre8-FX (You can read about those costumes here). These were made by my friend Joe and they are in his shop in the USA. He wants to sell these suits ASAP and there is only 1 of each. These new suits are being sold as is and once they are sold, there are no more available. I’m sorry, but there will be no “setting it aside” or financing or anything… basically the first person to send me the money via Paypal for a suit gets it and the sale is done. Payment is paypal only and buyer will be charged an extra 3% to cover fees.

These are FANTASTIC suits and I can guarantee you will NOT find something like this ever again at these prices. Like I said, Joe wants them out of the shop and his prices are VERY cheap. And again, these suits are new and are sold as is.

First suit is the Predator 1 costume:

Click the icon below for photos of the P1 suit:

(PLEASE NOTE in the photos where someone is posing in the suit, it’s actually a girl with a small build wearing the costume, so the suit is obviously too big for her. I would recommend this suit to anyone around 5’6″ to 6’1″. Also you will see some photos of a full mask and some of a half-mask. This suit actually comes with the half-mask only as per my request. It’s done this way so when you’re at a party, all you have to do is take off your helmet to eat and drink. In a full mask, you have to take off your helmet AND mask in order to eat or drink, PLUS a half-mask is MUCH cooler to wear than a full mask because your face is all open:

The second suit is an AvP costume:

Click the icon below for photos of the AvP suit:

Pricing for these suits are as follows:

Predator 1 Costume: $2000.00 USD
AvP Costume: $2300.00 USD

Shipping in the USA is $50 and $80 to Canada. Overseas destinations need to contact me for a custom quote.

If you would like to purchase one of these suits OR if you have some questions about them and you are considering buying one of them, all you have to do is contact me and let me know. I will respond right away with the payment details and first person to pay gets the suits.

That’s it… good luck and congratulations to anyone lucky enough to grab these bargains!


I have just completely revamped the costume sales page for the Predator costumes sold by us and Kre8-FX Productions. I’ve added new details and pricing as well as a FAQ area at the bottom to answer common questions. One really important note is that we have suspended the production of animatronics until further notice on new orders. They are simply too time consuming to make and locate parts for and it’s KILLING our production schedule, so we put the kibosh on that. So, if you want to check out our gorgeous costumes, check it out:


DesignStudio Press has released another ADI book called Aliens vs Predator: Requiem – Inside the Monster Shop! And while most book companies still don’t even have it listed for order, much less have it in stock, you can actually order it direct from DesignStudio Press. Just click here and have your credit card ready!

For those of you that have seen the first version of this book released for the first AvP movie, you know just how awesome this will be… for you folks that missed out the first time, you definitely want to get this book. It’s LOADED with pics and information guaranteed you missed by watching the film alone. In fact, with AvP-R being so darn dark (see my review further down), you almost need to get this book to check out the detailed work you missed on the creature suits. Definitely a great buy!


OK, so everyone is busting my chops on what I thought of the latest movie… here are my thoughts:

First off, it took me a week to finally get in to a theater to see this… My wife wanted to come with me, and it wasn’t until New year’s Eve that we had someone to watch my daughter so we could go. I literally brought in the new year watching Wolf kick some alien ass.

Now the first thing is, yes, it’s full of plot holes… BUT I didn’t tear the movie apart with them for one reason: the Wolf Predator kicked ass. Seriously. The only reason I tore AvP a new one by finding over 200 plot holes (yes, we actually did this on a forum… we found 200 plot holes) was because 2 Predators were killed within 80 seconds of finally seeing them BY 1 ALIEN!!! i was so disgusted by that, it ruined the entire film. But not in AvP-R my friend, uh uh, nadda… Wolf wipes the floor with them.

So overall I loved the pred, but the movie was WAAAAAAAAAY too dark, constantly. You couldn’t really make out any details on the wolf, much less any clue to coloration. My wife didn’t even pick off the battle damaged face and missing mandible until I told her about it after the movie ended. It was just too dark.. some dark spots in some places is OK, like the sewers, but the scenes in the hospital should have been way brighter, you couldn’t see jack. At one point when they fight in the stairwell, it’s so damn dark you can’t see a single thing. So yeah, my major issue was shit was too dark.

Second thing was I didn’t like the effects used for the aliens… the pred looked kick ass and believable and Ian did a wicked job in the new slimmer suit. But the aliens looked fake and what REALLY stuck out was the parts in the sewer that had the “secreted resin” spots. In Aliens where you see a lot of that resin material dripping with slime, it looks realistic, but the shit they used in this film… it looked like they used white plastic grocery bags with slime smeared on them. Several times you see an alien’s head move in close to a victim… it literally looks like the head is mounted on a trolley and it’s wheeled in, it’s pretty bad. In fact, there isn’t a single frame in the entire movie that shows a complete shot of an alien. You see tails, heads, arms etc… but not a full frame shot of the alien or Hybrid now that I think of it.

But I must say Tom did a GREAT job in the Hybrid… his movement was cool and I liked the concept. The poor guys must have lost 20 lbs of water in that thing!

My last complaint… they revealed to much in the form of trailers, sneak peeks and all the other clips. They really showed pretty much all the cards even though they said there was plenty of surprises left. Well no, there wasn’t actually. I watched most of the movie already knowing exactly what was happening next because it ha already been posted on the web as “teasers”.

But yeah, Wolf owned so I’m happy… too bad it was so f’in dark that you miss out on a lot of detail. I’ll buy the DVD for sure, but hopefully they do a director’s cut edition and add about 25 minutes to the movie.. it’s definitely way too short and rushed. In fact, my good friend Ian, who was onsite during some shooting in BC, confirmed that 2 entire scenes they filmed were never included in the final cut. Overall, ADI did a KILLER job, especially on the Wolf… too bad it was so dark though, so a lot of their hard work in the details was lost on the average Joe.

So yeah, those are my happy thoughts on the movie! Click the comments button below and post your thoughts on the movie!


Just wanted to let everyone know that we have TONS of new stock coming in, so be sure to check out the shop for all kinds of kick-ass new pre-orders coming up!

So that’s it for now gang… I have a ton more to add and many new updates coming up, so stay tuned!


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9 Responses to “ Bargain AvP and P1 Costumes up for grabs, Costume Sale Page Update, AvP-R “Making Of” Book, My AvP-R Review and a Shop Pre-Order Update! ”

  1. Beowulf Says:

    Hey dude, pretty rad stuff up here. Man, if I had the money.
    Anyway! When I heard bout AVP-R being dark, I looked up a digital showing of AVP-R to go see it for the first time. Watching it, I had no complaints whatsoever about the brightness of the movie, it was all very crisp and detailed.
    It’s my opinion that FOX messed up when making the standard projection reels, they probably ought to have lightened it up some. I could definitely see where that movie would be way too dark on standard projectors, especially if the bulbs’re weak.
    Try catching a digital showing somewhere, it might just do the trick.
    Anyway, great site, keep it up man!

  2. atomic punk Says:

    i thought it could have been much better.the aliens move way to slow.a alien would not allow you to think before its already on you.also wolf would have got his gun back very quickly.yes the movie was to dark also the hybrid birth method you remember in the first aliens movie how the alien tried to inpregnate the girl?because there was no queen and no eggs.cgi aliens moved and looked much better.but i still will get the dvd and i hope they do another should sell to a independant.independant films have no boundries.

  3. David Says:

    I agree with you so much! I also liked how they brought in the Predators home planet, but once again they left the ending open for yet another film.

  4. scooch Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, everything you said is exactly how i feel and you are also right that the original AVP was terrible because the predators helped the humans, and 2 died right off the bat by a single alien and they had a row of top teeth instead of 2 fangs and it made them look like a stupid piranha in my opinion, but anyway great synopsis and great site.


  5. B Moody Says:

    can you make a childrens size predator suit

  6. gabriel Says:

    you guys have some really nice costumes but is there a chance where there are costumes under 2000.

  7. gabriel Says:

    is it possible for you to make a costume for a childrens size such as my height which is 4’8.

  8. Danny J Says:

    Are these 2 suits still for sale because im interested in that AvP 1 iv already worked out how much it would cost me in United Kingdom pounds so if the AvP suit is still for sale i wouldnt mind noing the shipping costs to UK i dout i could get the money in time but ill giv it a good go. Thanx 🙂

  9. pascal Says:

    how much is the suit predator and the hemlet… please answer me in my mail because im interested in that Predator 1 my mail is…


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